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Here's hoping it's like riding a bicycle.


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Hi, folks. I'm Alonzo (stolen from a character in "Midnight Run" who frequently had his name stolen) and it's been a solid twenty years since I've run an RPG. Back in the day, I mostly did Shadowrun and Gurps with a little bit of D&D thrown in.

Right now, I'm a stay-at-home dad who homeschools my daughter. We also attend a weekly Co-op, and for this Spring semester, i decided to run a Roman Empire RPG for the kids (using FATE accelerated, since I wanted it as uncomplicated as possible for the newbies). We had our first class this past Tuesday where they made their characters and got the lay of the land. Next week, they get to do some honest-to-god role playing and I get to GM for the first time in two decades.

Anyway, I'm glad to be a part of the group here and hope I can get some advice when I need it. Thanks so much.


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Hello, and welcome!

I find the "narrative" style RPG's particularly apt in school because of the potential to teach not only the Played content (in your case, Rome) but also the Gamed content -- teaching those narrative tropes & structures. Thinking about Fate's Aspects & analyzing the game structures, even implicitly by playing/using them, leads naturally to all sorts of literary-analysis & deconstruction.


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Welcome, I too returned to RPGs after a long absence. It is worthwhile reading some of the better book on the subject, particularly ones that help to minimise prep.


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Welcome! I'd like to do the same one day, I still remember playing D&D for the first time after school when I was 11!
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