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IC Hero Wars


Hail Tzeentch!
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OOC: The champion has the least HP, so the centipede will have to roll to disengage with the shaman. And 11 does not beat the shaman's MD
We're waiting on Surrak's turn, S stinkyfool


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Surrak looks about him at the remains of his fallen enemies, and a grim look of certainty shows on his face. Surrak centers himself, feeling Humakt working through him and his companions to clear away these minions of Chaos. He moves up and swings his greatsword at the scorpion broo, but the motion throws off his swing and he misses.

Attack Roll
1d20+6: 9 [1d20=3]
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Hail Tzeentch!
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The scorpion broo ducked under the Humati's blow as the shaman's defensive magic threw of Serzeen's spell. It brayed and pointed at her and the Hell Mother found her body wracked with internal pain, as the power of Malia flowed through her joints and limbs.

The sickly red-black power of uncreation floated over the battlefield, the touch of Chaos at war with the powers of health and good luck that the Heroes carried with them.

OOC: Which defense?: 1d3 2 This is vs PD and vs. Serzeen.
Attack vs PD: 1d20+8 15 That hits and a natural odd attack roll means she takes 5 damage and is dazed until the end of her next turn.

Turn three! Ghareen & Kauri --> Scorpion broo -- Varanis & Serzeen & Surrak --> Shaman broo

Chaos Die: 1d6 2 The dice are not with you folks! Escalation die is at 2 but Chaos still has the die!



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The scorpion creature caught the first blow on its chitinous arm and dodged the second, nimbly moving between the combatants. It held onto Kauri's weapon for a moment before using the leverage and its greater bulk to shove the hero back a step, then turned and delivered a nasty chop to Ghareen's arm.
Kauri steps forward again, swinging at the scorpion broo.

OOC: Freakity frackin' chaotic escalation dice stealers!
1d20+5: 17 [1d20=12]
1d6+3: 9 [1d6=6]
I'm hoping a 17 will hit, and do 9 damage.
Shield of Arran is still active on Kauri.
With a natural even roll (12) and the escalation die at 2, Kauri will use his feat to take another Deep Breath.

Striking at the creature, Kauri grins, and hisses as he swings.
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