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Hispanic Hip-Hop Recommendations


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So, I just came back from Dora the Explorer movie (don't judge me!). It has some interesting music in it of a variety of genres. But, during the credits (after the song-and-dance number) there is a Hispanic Hip-Hop (HHH) song. Now, I am not trying to find that one specifically - I assume I will be able to look up the soundtrack to the movie and find - though I would very much like it if people could toss out some recommendations to other HHH. I find I tend to like it better than "regular" hip-hop, it tends to have just a really enjoyable flow to it.

Even though I don't speak any Spanish and don't understand it, I don't care and don't need to understand. I dig the music, its beats and flow. So, any and all suggestions are welcome (provided they don't break the site's rules, of course). Thank you.


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I'm a big fan of Nomadic Massive, who's multilingual - English, French, Creole, Arabic and yes, Spanish.



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I am very gringo, which is why the best I can give you is a song you may recognize as the theme to Broad City (or from FIFA '12):


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I am also muy gringo, but

was well done imo, and features Residente and Snow tha product who are both Hispanic.


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I am not really supr knowleageable about the subject but I do enjoy Controlo Machete and Residente, his original band Calle 13 is also well known


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I'm a fan of Bang Data, though they tend to shift styles around as it suits them. They have some free stuff up on their Bandcamp page if you want to take a look.


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I cannot tell what is under HipHop or any of the musical tags at 1 km radius from it, but the only similar stuff that can be heard in my home is La Furia, or as my daughter says "the angry woman".




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Im not a big fan of Hip Hop, and this is also old stuff (but well... as old as Control Machete), but one of my favorite bands is Plastilina Mosh, and one of the things they put into their weird mix is Hip Hop, some songs more than others.

No youtube as i am on the phone, but check Niño Bomba for an example of one of the ones with a highet % of it
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