Holy White Wolf Ripoff Batman!

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Some choice quotes:

Dark Phoenix Online site said:
As you devle into the world of the vampire (Huntru, as they call themselves) you will make harrowing discoveries and experience Conspiratorial Horror/Survival as never before!
Dark Phoenix Online site said:
Vampire: Undeath is not a storytelling game. It's not for the faint of heart. It's a darker look at vampires. Stepping into the shoes of an undead predator you must vie for power within a territory, gain Prestige and defend that status from others both within vampiric society and without. Manipulate mortals to get what you want but beware, enemies hunt you -some worse than you could ever imagine.
Dark Phoenix Online site said:
One of the more popular legends tells the story of the Biblical Kaiyne. Cursed to be immortal he sets up the first city, Enoch and raises his family.
Or pretty much everything else really. It's a hoot!

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We have designed a game (interestingly enough called G.A.M.E. itself) in which the world of the game is our own world down to the last detail. Unlike our own world, the world of G.A.M.E. is a darker, more dangerous and deadly place than our home would ever be. There are supernatural creatures and things we just can't comprehend lurking around every corner. Vampires meet and mingle, plotting against each other and other creatures that lurk in the night while Werewolves and other Shapeshifters battle it out in their own, secret war. Mages and other magic users exist and do what they can to further their studies in protecting mankind from the onslaught of other supernatural creatures.
So, it's our own world down to the last detail but it's utterly unlike our own world because it's full of vampires and weregoblins and what-have-you? Got it.


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Oh, and the fact that the animated gif on their front page cycles too fast to read is extra hilarious.

EDIT: Oh, and under "popular topics": "How do I model for you?"

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Those poor kids...

Part of me feels sorry for them, part of me wants to help them improve, and part of me just want to send them a set of like exalted, Apocalypse World, or Unknown Armies and see what happens.
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