Homebrew Supernatural Campaign - Help me build the Witch/Warlock Class


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Hey All! Some of you may have seen my other post about building my first homebrew campaign, which is a Supernatural Campaign!

I have been hard at work building the classes and I have the majority of them finished! However, I am having some trouble customizing the Witch/Warlock Class.
For reference, I am building my campaign based off of Dungeon World and its rules, classes and mechanics.

I have decided to turn the Wizard Class into the Witch/Warlock. Looking through the moves list and spell list, there is not a lot of room for changing things. Most of the moves make sense for a Witch/Warlock. However, I feel like I need to customize the spells and moves to make it fit the fiction of Supernatural better. I've done this with all the other classes so it feels like a cop-out to just copy and paste this class and not do anything else to it!

My first thought is to add a move where you must choose your belief system; Wicca, Hoodoo and Voodoo (all from the Supernatural fiction).
Then I would re-name a number of the types of spells (I.e turn summon type spells in Hoodoo spells) and giving the character a +1 forward on casting those types of spells.

I was also thinking of adding something to do with the classification of witch you are, which would help build backstory. There are 3 types of witches in Supernatural, Borrowers (Demon magic by making a deal), Naturals (born that way!) and Students (they study magic to wield it). Though I'm at a loss for what type of move to create for this.

Does anyone have any other ideas how to customize the spells or moves to fit the class into the fiction a bit better?
Any tips are appreciated! THANKS!


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