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 Horror Movie Recommendations


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Recent stuff:

Mandy is a phantasmorgoric romp. It's so pretty, like its criminal how pretty this movie is. Stop hogging all the pretty, Mandy, other movies need all the Technicolor you're using.

Halloween (2018) is a tour de force and a stellar performance from Jamie Lee Curtis


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If you're up for foreign horror films, Let the Right One In is not just my favorite (romantic) horror movie, but my favorite movie period.


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Er, 2 from 2018 I liked.

Hereditary - sort of a spiritual successor to Rosemary's Baby, but weird and scary enough on it's own. I found this to be the real horror deal; I thought about this movie for days after seeing it. It gets in your head, and not in an altogether good way. Powerful as they come.

A Quiet Place - An alien invasion apocalypse with a twist-the creatures are completely blind but have super effective hearing....a muffled mild thump miles away is the dinner bell for them. Traces a family's attempt to stay one step ahead of them.

Removed The Haunting (1963) after seeing your no vintage clause. If you change your mind it is great-the quintessential ghost story.

Z-Nation (TV series) is zombie apocalypse fun, and funny to boot. Takes it self much less seriously than the Walking Dead- if you are looking for equal intensity look away.

Yellow Brick Road - weird, unsettling lost in the wilderness story with some of the most creative use of sound you will find in a movie.

The Ritual - 4 British pals go backpacking in the Scandinavian wilderness and boy do things go badly for them.

Oh yes, The Wicker Man (1973) - if you consider vintage I guess ignore, but you'll be missing something. A devoutly conservative Christian British policeman is sent to investigate a murder on a remote Scottish isle whose inhabitants practice a very pagan and very sexually charged worship of the old gods. Plus, it's a musical! There's a 2006 remake; don't waste your time there.

Oh hell...one more. Hannibal (TV series) - melds events from Red Dragon and Hannibal, and skips the events of Silence of the Lambs. Focuses on Lecter's relationship with Will Graham, the FBI's most gifted profiler. The FBI is not yet aware of Lecter's private pastimes and enlist his aid as a forensic psychiatrist and consultant on serial killers. This is the best and most interesting take on Lecter, movie or otherwise, since Silence of the Lambs. Weird, surreal, and truly disturbing in a way most horror TV is not. No Clarice Starling present, but otherwise includes all the principals.
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