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 Horror Movie Recommendations


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it's kind of a victim of marketing. Everyone is conditioned to seeing Arnie do action movies, not slow burn drama.

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It was slow burn indeed. I've been an Arnold fan since I was a kid, so I had to keep it real when it came down to it, regardless of the negative reviews. I started Late Phases last night but didn't finish, will knock it out tonight. Are there any horror based RPGs that you recommend?

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I’ve got two suggestions, both of them are Folk Horror stories.

The first one, Final Prayer(US)/The Borderlands(UK) is a nifty little found footage film. After reports of strange phenomena in a rural English church, a team is sent by the Vatican to see if what is happening qualifies as a miracle. At first sceptical, and mistrusted by the locals, they soon learn that they may have found something far darker and more potent than they could possibly have imagined. A slow burn, but the last three minutes is very Lovecraft, and very intense.

The second one is an Iranian film called Under the Shadow. Set during the Iran-Iraq war. A young mother who has been prevented from pursuing her medical education by the revolutionary council, is raising her young daughter while her husband has been called up to the War. After Shideh's building is hit by a missile, a superstitious neighbor suggests that the missile was cursed and might be carrying malevolent Middle-Eastern spirits. She becomes convinced a supernatural force within the building is attempting to possess her daughter Dorsa, and she has no choice but to confront these forces if she is to save her daughter and herself.


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For horror roleplaying I recommend Chill (2nd edition is the best, unless you prefer more narrative systems, then 3rd edition), as it has some of the coolest creatures. The Mean Old Neighbor Lady and her Gamin (child creatures) are awesome, especially if you want kid PCs.
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