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[Horror, probable spoilers] Midsommar


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This was an odd movie.

I thought the buildup was fine, but after that it seemed all the horror happened mostly off-screen, and no one became aware they were in danger before they were either dead or drugged up beyond the capacity to experience terror.

Hard movie to recommend, honestly.

Rose Embolism

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Well, there's really no veneer in this one. Something horrifying happens quite openly almost right away. It's just that of our five main players, one is from there, and three are incredibly callous assholes (with two of them being anthropology grad students who are just drooling at putting these charming little pagans under a microscope), with the last being the girlfriend of one of the grad students who is pretty much gaslighted by her boyfriend and the cult into sticking around.
Seriously, we lose more grad students this way. Just this spring we lost half a class because they thought they could get a cheap paper out of interning at a golf course in Montecito. Geez dummies, what did you THINK they meant when they said "The greens must be fed more than water?"

Anyway, we really should set up an introductory course on proper procedure, but I don't have time. Busy packing because I've been invited to attend the Marin Wine, Cheese and Black Goat of the Woods" Festival. I think its an SCA thing, and I should get some good stories and pics out of it...
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