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Hi All! I wrote a spark for Burning Wheel called Hot Circle RPG.

Hot Circle is a spark (fan hack) flung from the Burning Wheel by Luke Crane. It attempts to miniaturise and abstract the intricate technology that powers the Burning Wheel to a minimum derivative game.​
It's a self contained hack that replaces things that involve long lists in Burning Wheel (traits, skills, lifepaths) with freeform descriptors in the style of Over the Edge, Fate, etc.

From this base the framework is extended with compromises (replacing scripted conflicts), conditions (voluntary and as consequences), ability tests (using lifepaths to generate circles, wises, resources, and deeds aka flashbacks), and a modified artha cycle (coupled to advancement and compel interactions).

Hot Circle RPG v0.1 is an alpha playtest document. The framework should be sound but the numbers may be off. It is designed in a zine format and is free to use.

Hot Circle RPG v0.1 - Screen Readable
Hot Circle RPG v0.1 - Booklet Printable

If you read the game and want to give feedback, it is all welcome! Please let me know any sections that are confusing, and any example characters or campaign plans you created.
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