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Been scanning this forum for an hour or so and I see a lot of mention of house rules to overcome some perceived flaw in various games. It's made me curious which house rules are the most common, since I don't game with multiple groups. I know a lot of the house rules everyone uses end up working into the system (like death's door in 3e, did anybody NOT use that forever ago?).

So what remarkable or consistent house rules does everyone use, and I guess maybe mention which system you're talking about, since I might get lost if it's a game I don't play and I don't realize it.

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Karma dice.

If the players start ranting on about somthing that has nothing to do with the game, disrupting flow, arguing about trivial things, I slip a single die onto part of the table away from the other dice.

and wait.

If they don't notice, I put another one over there. By now someone usually notices and informs the others.
What i use the dice for, is to basically make the charecters fail at some point during the adventure. Sometimes when they really need to disarm that bomb that's going to level the warehouse, or make that check to stay on the ricketty bridge, Whoops. You fail.
Guess you'll pay attention next time.

After they got used to it, they RARELY slow the game up anymore.

I'm such a bastard.

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I mentioned this once today.

When I was some sort of rabid, debilitated Storyteller fanboy, I came up with a better split die pool mechanic, that was eventually incorportated into the revised edition printings.
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