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Houston, TX - Looking for places to play


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I have a gaming group, and we have a place where we can play, but I'd like to explore other venues in Houston. (This is a Meetup.com group and opening our homes to new players usually means opening those homes to strangers, so we usually have our events at public spaces.) Currently, our main meeting space is Jax Grill on Shepherd, which isn't all that great because of the noise level and the fact that we usually have to play out on the patio. Also, if we drop a piece of a board game under the floorboards of said patio--such as a policy card for Secret Hitler--we can't get it back.

So lately, I've been looking for alternative venues. They would need to fit the following criteria:
  1. Easy to find. This is important for new players.
  2. Reliably has parking available.
  3. Affordable menu items.
  4. Management doesn't mind people sitting at a table for a few hours.
  5. Noise level is low enough that people sitting at the same table can easily hear each other without raising their voices.
Any ideas would be appreciated.
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