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How does weapons of the gods corruption work?

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I haven't had a chance to actually read the book.
Howdy, Supercredit!

I presume you're talking about Corrupt Chi - there's generally two main ways you can get it... it gets offered to you (via the Wulin Sage) by a Demon in a moment of great extremis (A Critical Failure), and your character chooses it, OR your character gets unlucky in discovering a Kung Fu Book of Knowledge and you learn it... and it turns out to be a corrupt technique and gives you Demon Chi.

Then there's Void Chi - which is very powerful but very bad for well, everybody else.

Once you've read a bit more of the book and have the basics of the system in your head, turn to page 367, where all the bits of Demon and Void Chi are explained.

Hope this helps!


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I also think becoming a baneful human works like that (essentially you turning your back on all aspects of the divine view of the world, including demons; you become a phenomenally powerful warrior who learns at a superhuman pace, but everybody is afraid of you). But my memory may be tricking me.
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