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How to pronounce Nyarlathotep


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with the nyar part pronounced as ni-yar, but with that "ny" mushed together to make it all come off as one syllable (like how Germans deal with the "pf" part in "pferd")

and with the "t" in "tho" as a very soft "t", so that the last bit sounds more like "hotep"

so to the casual listener, it sounds more like nar-la-ho-tep

At least that's how I always do it, and the dozens of Lovecraft Geeks who make the rainy Pacific Northwest their home have yet to sacrifice me to their dark jibbering gods because of it.


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The best thing I can do is to just add marks to show how I break the word up into syllables: Nyar'lat'ho'tep.

The emphasis is on the fourth syllable, so the resulting rhythm is much like that of the word "bananarama".

Oddly enough, a friend of mine (not as close I'd like ;) ) uses your pronunciation of the tentacled fellow to describe the pain he's been suffering after contracting a venereal disease.


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Or, more accurately,

Nyar (nigh-are) lath (rhymes with laugh) ho (almost silent h) tep (as in tepid).

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I generally say "NIGH are LATH a-tep," which is almost certainly wrong, but what can you do? It probably should be more like "n'YAR lat HO tep."
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