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[Humble Bundle] Warhammer 40k Dark Heresy bundle


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A Warhammer 40k Dark Heresy RPG bundle just went up. My only experience with the 40k world is the video games, but they are interesting enough to make me eye these as reading material.

There are first and second edition core rulebooks, and a fair few adventures and sourcebooks.

For anyone who knows, is there much material on the nonhuman races in there? I'd be keen to see material on the Tau and the Eldar.


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Dark Heresy is incredibly human-centric. All of the FFG 40k RPGs are, but Dark Heresy is about the Inquisition, who are some of the least likely to have to deal with Xenos out of the possible FFG 40k RPG protagonists.

There is at least one 1st ed monster manual in there, that should have some Xenos information in it, but it won't super in depth and it will be from the perspective of the Inquisition. There are three 2nd ed monster manuals, but it looks like only one of them focuses on Xenos, with the other two being Chaos of different sorts. And again, it's from the perspective of the Inquisition, who are often stupid and wrong. You won't learn how the Tau think, just how the Inquisition thinks that the Tau think.

I've had a lot of fun with Dark Heresy (1st ed). I would play it again in a heartbeat and the books are nice, but it's a crunchy system that is not quite scaled correctly since it was first designed to run Medieval Peasants in the Old World instead of semi-competent combatants in the 41st Millennium.. The adventures tend to be acceptable but not incredible and everything is from the perspective of the Inquisition so you're not getting an unbiased view of anything. The bundle does have The Radical's Handbook, which is my favorite splat of the game line, so there's that.

I haven't played 2nd ed, can't say anything about it but I think they tightened the rules up so the scaling was better.


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That's an enormous number of books for the 18$ top tier. Is it worth getting for the fluff, since I'm getting too cranky to keep learning systems like a whippersnapper?


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The $18 dollar bundle is a steal. Not only are you getting the entire 2nd edition set but you'll also get a ton (though not all) of the background material from 1st edition. DH 1st edition background material is great. The Tau were detailed in a 43-page supplement for Rogue Trader called The Tau Character Guide. That's not part of the Bundle but it might be in the future if they do another one of these for RT. The material in the supplement would take a bit (not a lot) of conversion to make it work with DH or DH2e.

The Eldar get write-ups in DH2 as antagonists with a good start in the base rulebook and an expanded writeup in Enemies Without (which also includes a bit on Dark Eldar and Kroot).


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I have about half of those 1E books but that's still a great price for the rest, and 2E.


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The main supplements for alien races are the 1st edition Creatures Anathema and the 2nd edition Enemies Without, as well as some material in the 2nd edition Core Rulebook.

Creatures Anathema includes mutants, weird things specific to the Calixis Sector (i.e stuff made up for this book), 30 pages of aliens including Eldar Rangers and Dire Avengers, Orks, Genestealers and Enslavers, 20 pages about Chaos and then some stuff on how to use these assorted monsters in a campaign. No Tau, though, because the Calixis Sector is about as far from Tau space as it's possible to get, on the other side of Earth and the Eye of Terror.

The 2nd editrion Core Rulebook has brief entries about the Eldar of Craftworld Miandrothe, and that's all the xenos content.

Enemies Without has a rather nifty picture of a Reaver Titan fighting a monstrous wyrm reptile monster (not particularly relevant, but it's cool), has rules for using Eldar (craftworld and dark), ork, kroot and tau weapons (and necron and a few odds and ends from dead races, too), gives rules for Orks, what might be Tyranids, more about the Eldar of Craftworld Miandrothe, Dark Eldar and Harlequins. In all these cases, the background is specifically on these aliens in the Askellon Sector, not how they appear to the galaxy in general.


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With the obvious caveat that the material is from the Inquisition's biased point of view, how good is this stuff at explaining the Warhammer 40K world to somebody like me who only knows some of the basics and a few of the internet memes?


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How compatible are the 1rst and 2nd editions?
I'd say about 60% to 70%. It's difficult to quantify. Put it to you this way, I'd buy 2nd ed for the crunch and 1ed for the fluff. That's probably not helpful, is it?
With the obvious caveat that the material is from the Inquisition's biased point of view, how good is this stuff at explaining the Warhammer 40K world to somebody like me who only knows some of the basics and a few of the internet memes?
I'd say it's a great place to become acquainted with the setting. 40K is known for its space marines but in many ways, they are difficult to relate to (did you know that Space Marines are incapable of fear?). The inquisition is staffed by normal humans (for the most part) so it's much better to place to start. With the supplements presented in the bundle, there is enough there to learn about all the other stuff as well. The Lathe Worlds talks about the Mechanicum for example. Daemon Hunter includes info on the Grey Knights, arguably the most powerful Space Marines there are. There's a lot here to chew on. If I didn't already own all of it I'd buy this in a heartbeat and make sure to keep an eye out for similar deals with Rogue Trader, Only War, Black Crusade and Deathwatch. With any luck, you might see the rest of the DH 1e line at some point.


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The Lathe Worlds book was noticibly hambstrung in that they had very little modern lore to work with as it predates the Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus codex's which is where the modern incarnation of the Adeptus Mechanicus took shape.

This is why the Lathe Worlds doesn't have Skitarii but rather Crimson Guardsmen, and none of the weapons match up to the current fluff.
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