I accidentally made a fun little Attribute/Skill list.

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How about...

Don't Let Them Catch You (Running, evading, and so on)
Don't Let Them Stop You (Pushing things out of the way, bend bars, lift gates)
Don't Let Them Beat You (Racing, driving, piloting)
Don't Let Them Kill You (Endurance)

Not sure what throwing would fall under, but I sort of want that under Fight.


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Not bad. I'm finding the real issue is that this really needs a specific game to help solidify some of these though.


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working on it...

Interesting list. I'm currently making something that falls between Ghostbusters and Mini Six and your list could be of use...
Well, it's there on the first page :) You could wait for me to introduce an awesome balanced mechanic and game system, but honestly it might take me till the heat death of the universe to get that out. Feel free to use anything you want, just shoot me a PDF of the game when you're done. :D


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All right--new forum, same old stuff.

My biggest issue at this point is my mechanics have too many fiddly bits. I'm not really happy that I have some things boosting the number of dice you roll, and some things boosting the target number you're aiming for. I dunno--is this something I need to really worry about? I mean, it's kludgy, but it still works...

I'm specifically working on a cyberpunk boilerplate for this, grabbing some old notes. If I get them cleaned up enough, I'll put them up for a review. For this, I think the traits objects might not be really needed now--I feel like the cybernetics work enough to differentiate the characters. perhaps I could keep them in for a bit of "optional fun"?


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Allright, let's look at this:

Attributes: the SABER bit, though I've got a few more and changed some names. How your character deals with Trouble.
Skills: The four things under the Attribute. What you're good at.
Elements: The more free-form open part of your character. This is mainly Cultures (ie, Slums, Corps, Syndicates) or Career (ie, Street Sam, Hacker, Drone Jockey, Pizza Guy, Courier, etc), with the option for other Elements as well (ie, Played by an angry Keanu Reeves).
Now, since I'm looking at Cyberpunk, I've got a lot of Cybernetics. These are:
Boosts: Additional dice that are specifically tied to an attribute. Probably.
Upgrades: things like smart guns or that kick-ass "I explode my fingers into a keyboard to make typing easy" guy in GitS. These probably boost Skill elements. Maybe.
Enhancements: Guns in arms, extra organs--things that aren't "normal" cybernetics.

So, if I look at this, the standard roll is Skill + Element + Boost [TN=Attribute+Upgrade], Difficulty 1-5

When I type it out that way, it's...not great, but it's doable. If everything except Upgrades and Enhancemens are ranked 1-5, that means that the best you could be would be rolling 15 D10's with a TN of 6 or less. It's just...not elegant, you know? Plus I also am wondering if the fun lightweight element will still shine through in this.
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