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I am Jane, and I'm here to create something.


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so hey, I'm new, and sort of long since traumatized by online communication. so while I know your guidelines for this forum already include being gentle, please be extra gentle with me. I don't really understand humor and joking and generally get defensive when presented with it by strangers.

so what am I doing here if I'm basically socially broken and don't want the normal things people want out of socialization? I'm looking for insight into making a detailed setting for an existing game system to explore themes of loss and acceptance of endings, including one's own inevitable death. the setting would be based off of an original setting I created and believed in as a schizophrenic delusion for several years in my 20's. recently medicated and with a more solid grip on reality I am coming to terms with these delusions being simply that, and attempting to channel the highly structured world I believed in into a creative project as a coping method.

I'm unsure where to begin on the forum. I'm wondering whether seeking help in choosing a base system to make this setting in, and further inquiries that may follow, are best directed to Tabletop Roleplaying Open or Tabletop Roleplaying Game Design. (the latter of which I notice had some specially focused rules that made the general public there sound extra intimidating as a starting point.)

as for who I am as a table top gamer, I've played mainly D20 based games, D&D 3 and 3.5 and later Pathfinder make up the bulk of my table top gameplay, having played in a number of prebuilt settings, as well as improvised settings made by friends. I've also played Mutants and Masterminds, and briefly ran a self fashioned campaign in D20 Modern.

and to close, a random fact about me: I've disappeared into bethesda games over the last 5 years, having more than 9000 hours of combined play between Fallout 4 and Skyrim since 2014

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Setting design typically goes in open, though you usually get more attention with an open riff than looking for input on more solid ideas.

Mechanics likewise typically goes in Design, but it is slightly more biassed towards creation of your own system than altering systems to fit.

And also hi there, welcome.


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Hello, Jane, and welcome!

I'd guess that TRO would do well for you; I don't actually have much experience of TRGD, but get the impression they are more about mechanical expression than the texture or "feel" of a setting.

I admit to some concern for you, though: I don't think this "Starting Gate" forum gets enough eyeballs, so your self-intro, caveats and cautions may not be seen by the majority of posters on those other subforae. I hope you can take any joking-around / etc as just "folks being odd online" and not feel too defensive... in the end, we're all gamers here!

As to the specifics of what you want... I'd actually suggest you expand your search a bit, beyond the "d20 family" of games. The d20 system is reasonably strong for mechanical issues, physics-of-the-game sorts of things. But it sounds like that isn't your primary interest for exploring your setting.

I might recommend you look at:
  • Fate (Evil Hat, PDFs available pay-what-you-want)
  • HeroQuest 2.0 (Chaosium, who is working on an SRD (aka free) revision at this time)
  • Cortex (version "Prime" is coming soon after a successful kickstarter; for now, Cortex Plus looks like the rules).
They are all robust, interesting games, that go beyond the +3's and the 20% bonuses and so forth...


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thank you for the warm welcome, and also for the directional pointers and preparing me for potentially sparse responses with such a preformed idea.


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sorry for the double post, I know it's typically not cool. however it took me more than five minutes to edit in my response to g33k who posted while I was responding to Eled. it seems like an unusually short edit window. anyway,

thanks for the system suggestions I'll look into those.

also I can handle people joking with eachother or toward me and don't get like aggressive or angry in my defensiveness. the worst I do is either withdraw or attempt to over explain my perspective. I don't have any expectation of special treatment, and will adapt to an unfamiliar social environment. I just meant it more as an explanation for any awkwardness on my part.


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Welcome to the forums!
You might want to skip the Tangency forums at least to begin with. It's got folks like me, who have difficulty not making a joke of everything, for example.


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it seems like an unusually short edit window. anyway,
I believe that's part of the new member restrictions. Once you've made ten posts and the server has done its thing (which usually takes about 24 hours), your edit window should be quite a bit longer.


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thanks for the welcome AndrewTBP, everyone has been kind and welcoming so far and once I've lurked a bit and learned who people are I think I'll get along well.

also thank you Snoof for the info about the edit restrictions. I often revise my phrasing or fix my poor punctuation. knowing I'll be able to do so relieves anxiety about possible larger posts in the future.


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I Jane, welcome. In regards to the editing window it's 2 weeks long now, but as a spam control measure new users have restricted functionalities until they make a number of posts (10 IIRC)

For setting brainstorming I think TRO is generally a better fit (possibly with the Creative tag) as your setting pitch has shades of some White Wolf and Indie titles, although TRGD might be better if you feel you need to create a specific mechanic (honestly, I'm not very knowledgeable about TRGD).

I hope you find what you need and have fun.
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