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🎨 Creative I can do Character Design buffs for you! $45-$50


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my name is Lisa ^.^ if you get more than one character, I can give a discount to the price so instead of $50 for two for example I can do it for $85 for both
here is my website
my reviews
The process is... You give me all the information on what you would like ( references, ideas, etc)
you send me half of the payment, I start doing the sketch for you and will continue to work with you %100 until you are completely satisfied on the sketch-- after that, you send the other half of the payment, I finish the drawing and send it to you in high resolution.
time frame: 1-4 days ( if for whatever reasons if it takes longer I would let you know. communication is the most important thing to me.)
i'll love to hear from you soon!
Contact me at Lisa.Lecorchick@gmail.com thank you! :)
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