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🎨 Creative I just gave in my dissertation! To celebrate, how about 101 (more) locations in an inter-dimensional city


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I loved the last inter-dimensional city thread, and still love the comics of Grimjack and the concept of inter-dimensional cities in general!

I'll start with three (apologises if these were already brought up):

1) Mr Fenwick's Doom Emporium - managed by the charismatic and former warmonger Mr Fenwick (whose face no one can ever remember despite being in store at all times), the Emporium is where someone can purchase a brand new fate (i.e. doom) by trading in their own (or someone else's)

2) The Clutchhome - Clutchhome is a rough translation of the name a neighbourhood inhabited by the Kestarakala, race of sentient raptors (whether they evolved or were uplifted by an advanced civilization has never been made clear). The neighbourhood is famous for its Festival of Faces, a week long celebration of their art and performances where in they were masks made from carefully crafted fruit, in order to demonstrate the emotions to their non-reptilian audiences (Kestarakala are notoriously hard to read, even for reptilians). Outside of the festival, the Clutchhome is very difficult to get into, though worth it if one desires to see their famous dancing art, bizarre 'breathing farms' and mysterious 'Egg of the First Ancestor'.

3) Iphor Cartographers - many citizens recognise the sight of Iphor a squat blue skinned individual, sitting outside his shop, one arm holding onto the hookah pipe, the other three organising the many for sale maps, each charting to a world within the multiverse. Be it, Nirn, Caelereth, Bas-Lag or Earthsea, Iphor either has the map, or knows where to get it. His prices are usually fair, though for more hard to get to, esoteric places, such as Mag Mell, the Dreamlands or the Dark Tower will usually require exchanging some of great value.


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And the Universe Provides....

4) District 840 - Annabath
This is a relative newcomer to The City (well it was here once before several tens of thousands of years ago, but not much was there). When it returned, it colocated with the City.

Annabath is an early bronze age society with magic ways (Bardic and Runes). Balkanized still. The locals are basic humanoids, with very pale skin, pointed ears, and mostly hemotic eyes. For a low social octave, the peoples are quite reasonable. Though it took them a few generations to adapt, originally walling off the district.

The people of Annabath are skilled musicians (and have a genetic musical aptitude). While many of their folks eventually ventured out into The City to perform on stages and streetcorners, The Throne decided that they should bring that gold directly to their kingdom.

Thus they have created a large performance venue - The Askala - where their musicians play and the occasional Outlander or Outworlder musicians will play. Think colosseum but better acoustics (they started with the plans from other great locations, including the Roman Colesseum). There are dozens of small venues/ clubs in the district which brings in money nightly.

It is a bit different from many "nightlife oriented" districts as its ways are lower tech (maxes out at late bronze, without all the cool clockworks that become possible). Still, there are things to make it more comfortable for guests who bring their gold here.

If it wasn't so far out of the way, it would be doing better. Still big venue performers who can deal with the low tech/magic ways, are bringing in the money for The Kingdom.

Note: There is currently a way on this world. It will spill over to this district soon enough. That will kill the nightlife in the district pretty quick. Though maybe the King wants the money to buy weapons and armsmen that would be the maximum of the ways. With some superior technology (like bronze armor sets or crossbows), he might just take over all the kingdoms in the region... and his descendants might do the world.
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5) District 11920 - A new development

The Patrol and survey team has cleared this world. It is a large lake and some surrounding primordial "fern forest". The wildlife is mock feathered saurians, but not much larger than most spheres' wild animals. It is one of the few districts or sphere without sentient life. The ways seem to be open, but limited to moderate octaves (technology no better than 1880, magic no better than classic, psi is of a personal level, and so on. And yes, Meta Ways are possible.)

The Council has begun to parcel out sections of the sphere for development, (over Rex objections of unfair early contact stopping the evolution of Saurian intelligences.)

It seems each Clan (except The Winds, Crystals, and Comets) and about five AAAA corporations are installing transport terminals. LE Truite/ The Troutmen and Ratt Clanners were here long before it was legal, causing headaches for The Dolphines. (The fines in EUs are pretty steep.) However, they have mapped out most of the local waterways and parts of the oceans.

The Ratts are being blamed for various acts of sabotage against these new developments, that are almost all against the lake water. (Non-Clan Labor! Environmental Issues! Saurian Nests!) They are being brought up on charges (jurisdiction between Council/ Patrol courts and Corporate Courts is slowing the process down). The real saboteurs are Rexs, trying to spike the developments.

Some of the local omnivorous saurians are being domesticated as riding beasts, but those efforts (by the corps and the wolves) have just started. The Rex are upset because those riding beasts are the ones mostly like to evolve into a saurian intelligence

Some of the saurians from this district are starting to venture out into other adjacent districts. The Special Patrol has managed to herd them back, but it is only a matter of time before deaths and injuries occur (saurian or local).

Note: This district has yet to manifest other gate points or gate zones. It is just a matter of time that they appear in the collocated district zone.

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6) The Unfinished Gallery
The greatest collection of art known to various parallels. Visitors will be provided with guides to access works that were nearly made in their home universe, so a tourist from our world might find an exhibition of Michelangelo's Ganymede, a screening of Universal's Dracula starring Lon Chaney, and a recording of Beethoven's Tenth Symphony. Security at the Gallery is tight due to thieves seeking to bring pieces back to their parallels and present them as lost works.


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7) Hog's Barrow - a colourful district of dome shaped buildings, gardens and gentle parks, this district is home to halflings - and by that meaning, every iteration of 'halflings' throughout the Multiverse. These include shire dwelling hobbits, mischievous kender, the kithkin of Lorwyn and even families of homo floresiensis.

8) 'Iyr - the ancestors of this district were one of the Twelve Lost Tribes of Israel. It is home to the largest and oldest synagogue in the City, as well as the heart of Kabbalah mysticism. It is also a good place to purchase a quality golem, which is particularly useful in districts where complex automatons simply cannot function.


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9) The Zoo- aka The Otherwhen Special Patrol Bioform Containment and Control Center with Residence.

First: The Extraspecial Special Patrol

They like to call themselves the extraspecial Special Patrol. The Patrol protects all of Society "territory" across the *Verse. The Special Patrols are large groups of patrolmen, under a sheriff, that are assigned to a given area/ location/ purpose. The City is protected by The Special Patrol. (It has a river and ocean unit, The Road unit, and the undertalked about but very important extraspecial unit.)

The Biopatrol are a special unit inside the Special Unit of The City. It has its own Deputy Sheriff. Their duty is to deal with flora and fauna. Many people would shrug and go "oh dog catchers or oh yah... animal patrol". These are places that do not have dinosaurs, kaiju, dai kaiju, gelatinous life, stampedes of various animals, giant spiders and ants, places where various riding animals are used, and escaped or waundering animals from an near infinite number (a VLN) of dimensions slices.... many of which are changed by simply crossing the street into a new dimension.

You have people who are good at capturing bioforms, rescuing bioforms, caring for bioforms, and rescuing Basics from bioforms. They are pretty good at crowd control and gigabeast issues (kaijus, daikaiju, some dinoforms, and that giant ape that keeps coming back here). They are part vet, part handler, and part green beret. They are the extraspecial special patrol.

(Note they have some science investigators, volunteers for animal care, and some inspectors (detectives) as well.)

They have six substations around The City, with a main control in The Special Patrol Headquarters. There is "The Zoo", the special animal compound not too far from the Special Patrol's Vehicle Corral. That is where all the animals waiting for owners, legal cases, and pending relocation to other spheres, are kept and cared for. The King (the giant meta gorillaform) finds his way back to The City so often, he actually has his own prepared paddock.

This Zoo is not a Zoo. It looks like an animal shelter and wild animal rescue center rather than a fancy zoo where people go to gawk at animals. So there are a lot of chain linked fences (some with magical runes), ad hoc enclosures, and gravel paths. The number of electric minijeeps carrying stuff around makes walking on said gravel paths dangerous. The Admin Building and the Vet centers are the only real buildings that don't look like they will blow over at any time.

One last thing: The Extraspecial Special Patrol are also assigned to the several biologic museums (zoos/ aquariums/ aviaries), many "natural parks", and at every Build a Bear (where the damn things keep animating spontaneously! Stop giving them a heart and a wish damn it!).

Note: Many Patrol Member of the Griffon Flight Team are from The Biopatrol. The Griffons are the symbol of The Special Patrol in The City. They were used as mounts in the early days, able to fly most places. Now the Giffons only come on when the SP has parade duty or times when the patrol members are doing light crowd control and want to do "good PR" at the same time. The Biopatrol will sometimes actually patrol on the Griffons still in their care.

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Public Service - The Last Thread and what was done....

Page 1
-0) Hell's Kitchens
-1) Aquarium Feature
-2) Emotion's Stall
-3) KiTS-GO (Game Players)
-4) Ernst's Battery Exchange
-5) Linguistics, Inc.
-6) Sunless City
-7) Lantern Park
-8) Reality Quarantine Zones
-9) - see 0
10) Generator Zero

Page 2
11) The Mountain Clouds of Thought
12) The Infinite Library
13) Interdimensional Explorer's Club
14) The Polyps
15) The Lost Property Office
16) Starbucks
17) Mr. E's Legitimately Lost Sock Store
18) Ms. Squint's 24-7 While-U-Wait Dry-Cleaning
19) Little Innsmouth
20) The Toxic Rainbow

Page 3
21) The Cosmos Preservation Foundation
22) The Clock Shop
23) Wolverson Asylum for the Fictionally Insane
24) The Dimensional Orientation Centre Of Black Arkos
25) The Pan Dimentional Bar and Grill
26) Garbag's Lot
27) *Ace of Blades
28) *Tim Horton's and A&Ws and Ayana
29) Channel X
30) St. Lamia's Memorial Hospital

Page 4
-- Callahan's Crosstime Saloon
31) *Institute for Historical and Temporal Studies
32) *The Second Life Outlet
33) *New Encounters
34) *Walker Rentals and Sales
35) The Little Shop That Wasn't There Yesterday.
--) Munden's Bar
36) The Infinity Zone Arcade
37) The Hudson's Bay Company
38). Central Sewer
38b) *aka Pipelands, Underlands, Pipe-verse, The Deep Flow.
39) *The Marconi Astroport

Page 5
40) *District Monitoring Command
41) *Vehicle Corral
42) The Godpound
43) *The Lyceum
44) *West Markin
45C) *District 294-LvC Arkon
45A) The neighborhood of Davros

Page 6
55) *A downtown full of Arcology Skyscrapers that are Interdimensional MegaCorp HQs and Homes for their workers.
56) The Peripatetic Academy
57) *The Balatan Bazaar
58) *Pull Taxis
59) the Lost Valley Park
60) *Railway Arms Pub
61) The Topless Bar
62) The Botanical Gardens
63) Criers Hall

Page 7
63) The Bottomless Pit
64) *Spectro-Force
65) *Stone Underground Temple
66) The Temple of the Needy residential complex.
67) City Planning and Services (CP&S)
68) Protein Recycler
69) *Companion's Temple
70) *Emperor of Gold Medical Center
71) *Cold Town
72) *Hall of Calm Mind

Page 8
73) *Harrendale
74) *Ocean Point Harbor and the Sea of Buoys.
75) *Lake Point and Lakepoint
76) *Ring River
77) *Runegate Prison
78) *The Grand Stones
79) *Steelman Stockyard
80) *Olympia Resort and Casino
81) *Geer Worx Pronounced Gear Works
82) *Infinity Track
83) *Misar

Page 9
84) *Fountain Salon and Spa
85) *The Special Patrol and The New Special Patrol Yard
86) *Peite Gris or Small Nulls
87) *District 43 The Gran Gris aka The Greys.
88) *Soul Rememberance Wall aka The Demon War Monument
89) *Cobalt Club
--) Some other Spots (The Dance Sequence)
90) *Hudson in The City
91) *Kellshan or "Carver Town"

Page 10
92) *PS 320
93) The Lattice
94) *EMRES Proposed
95) *Blue Moon Tea
96) *Magtube Station
97) *Bard's Dome Theatre
98) *Information Kiosks
99) *Caution Do Not Step Here/ Microverse
100) *Spire
101) *Posts Trading Post, or sometimes have just HBC above the door.

Page 11
102) *New Amsterdam (robos and death district)
103) *Norwalk (Albion Zombies)
*Museum exhibits.
104) *Abeline Building (Flooded world)
105) Zeroth (1/0) Square

Page 12
106) *Museum of Vanished Things

Before you ask, yes the * are ones I wrote.

If you need some context for my posts, please check out Waunderer's Way Setting and 101 Transdimensional Society Spheres and Realms.
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10) Jahn's

This is a semi-famous place just outside of Rivertown, clockwise on the Ring River.

It is in District 84. It is a warm agrarian district that gets it ways from the main gatezone (through a passage in the rocks ) It takes primitive electrics, but is mostly a steam world. They grow coconuts, klah (in very small amounts), avocados, and some other fruits. It is a very laid back area (practically a Way). (Power Ways are power requirements thus little powers are simple power cost, moderate effect require three times the mana cost, and notable effects require five times the cost... and it goes up from there. Only technologic meta powers will work here).

Jahn's is a tropical beach bar, sitting on the water where the rocky beachline is. It is the kind of place Jimmy Buffett, Alan Jackson,Kenny Chesney, and some 70s singer/songwriters would sing about. It is a little chunk of paradise straddled between a couple of docks. It looks like a shack with a huge back patio, with a corrugated steel roof. It has tacky holiday lights, palm and wood furniture, a permanent beer and fruity alcohol smell (The River Rock is the local drink and it is basically a NOLA Hurricane sold in large, very large, and stupid sizes), and some low key live music in the back (though sometimes the music gets jumping). You can get fish or crawdad tacos from the food cart that bring them in out front.

River Patrol and Ocean Patrol call this HQ2 ... where they go off duty. Roaders and biopatrol will sometimes hang here. This does keep the violence/ mischief down to a minimum. However, when you are off duty here... you are really off duty so some occasionally low key shady activities happen here. And some Power Criminals (who do not have active warrants) spend some time here... making this place "Neutral Ground". Strangely enough, this place is insanely popular with Dragons of all stripes (but usually of higher technological octaves). It all started with Venandi and Custode, who came here after they take down zombies and other undead up the river. Pull a few Armsmen, a couple Gatemasters, and a ton of people looking for love in a wrong place (with all these good looking patrol types), and you have a typical crowd in here.

Note: The darts competitions here get pretty intense. Like to the point of dueling. It is very out of place given the laid back beachy vibe of the world. Still, the crowd here is quite sharp with the darts... even the civilians. The reigning champion is a Alisa Keay, a clerk from a corp a district over, Universal Exports.

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11) River Helix Floating Market of the Worlds

Reaching up a mile and a half above the city, the River Helix twists and floats upwards from a large stone garden, against all common-sense ideas of gravity and some pretty firm ideas of geometry, before descending in a spiralling central rapid cascade that continues into another ascending strand of the river, eventually looping around to its nominal source. The number of strands varies, and thus the overall length of the waterway, with the season, with the weather, with special significant festival dates and with the mood of its resident naga. The river is almost like a giant silvery lava lamp, glowing with pinpoints of light from thousands of stalls and boats that line its surface.

Plying the suspended river are a plethora of watercraft from across nineteen score water-blessed river worlds, canal cities and harbours of the Continuum. Simple wooden long boats laden with fruit, spices, grasses and fresh produce, brightly lit restaurant junks, garish cabaret club paddle steamers, cormorant fishing grilleries, candy-striped gondolas, coconut-shell rafts heaped with snow crabs or Formault singing fish and elegant crystalline nautilus-shell punts all mingle together on the river, pausing alongside each other for traders and customers to rapidly negotiate sales using an elaborate sign language and ring abacuses. Wooden or stone wharfs and platforms abut the river at various points, also suspended in the air, for market-goers to haggle with vendors or board boats, and are interlinked by a haphazard three-dimensional lattice of bridges, stairways, passageways, gangways and chairlifts connecting across different strands of the helix.

Every boat on the river has a portal lantern suspended from its prow or mast, a magical gating item that allows the boat to get to and from its home waters each night. Thus the River Helix is a popular way for cross-world travellers to get around unnoticed, by haggling passage aboard one of the inter-world water taxis or even stowing away on a market boat. The flash of light as boats port in and out from their homeworlds adds an extra sparkle to the spectacle of the river as seen from a distance, and knowledgeable buyers can tell when a dawn fishing fleet has arrived by the bright cascade of light that sweeps up the river.

Because the River Helix Floating Market is almost an economy, culture and world unto itself, casual visitors and tourists are recommended to hire a guide for their trip, just to navigate about the ever-shifting lattice of walkways or to bargain smoothly on their behalf with the market stallholders. Without a trusted guide or local, the merely unwary may find themselves overcharged for a bucket of tropical ruby apples, but the severely misfortunate might end up as slaves on a deep-sea prawner on the ringworld of Gamellan-Stanov that never docks in port.


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12) Dargon Street Market

Dargon is the main cobblestoned street that runs the full length of The Old Town District 34 eponymously called Dargon. It is an Albion District appropriately with a Traditional Way ((very 1550-1650) everything must look and seem the traditional way), even though the district and The Sphere have an Any Way. Thus to avoid d-stress one tends to look the part, thus you get the occasional cyberware or a distinct alien or all wearing appropriate garb that conceals their oddness, with keeping swords and powerswords without guns or blasters.

Dargon is just a farmers market on steroids... dawn to sundown ... with farmers from across the districts and their linked spheres will come here to sell fresh wares once a week. There are tinkers and your normal "side market" vendors as well. This does spill over into the cross streets (where the prepared food vendors and ale vendors tend to be).

This market has been occurring since the day after first Dargon walked into the next districts. Dargon by the Water is on their Earth, you reach Dargon by The City by The Eight (the side streets that link their world to their District). The buildings "colonization" of the district from this realm within the week of the first market. The market has continued since then, more out of pride than any true need for the economics at this point. (Popularity has waxed and waned over time, but now it is hip and fun to hit The Market every now and again.)

(To our view, it looks like a Ren Faire that is holding to the forms of the past, while hosting a sci-fi con and an outdoor market.)

The rest of the district is your traditional mid-era Albion, small stores and offices on the ground floor, homes on the upper floors. There are pubs, restaurants, legal offices, and skilled professionals (architects, designers, prototypers, clerks, and such), and some general stores. Many people who do work in Hanvoc (108) or work for people who do, have offices here as it is just a few blocks over. There are a few dozen archways and doorways that lead to other places marked with DNC warning tape and blinky lights.

Note: There are Gryphon riding Special Patrol members that roam the market helping keep the order (and showing the Gryphons off to the kids). This world has native gryphons (In fact the world Gryphon in The Words (transD language) came from Dargon/ This Earth.) They are matched with a small order of lesser Gryphon Knights from Dargon by the River.

This sphere has actual Dragons. The district has the Nargen Towers (eleven semi-open towers) which function as The Rex Clan's main holding. The Dracomorphs are still the dominant bioform in The Rex Clan, even though they are only 10% of the Clan. The King of "the River Side of Dargon" is dragon blooded (shapeshifting romance three generations back). His Albion runs most of Europa and Africas, bossing around everyone else except the Dragon Emperors.

(Note: The Lantern Clan is very active in the appropriate areas of this sphere).

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