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🎨 Creative I just gave in my dissertation! To celebrate, how about 101 (more) locations in an inter-dimensional city


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Second Post for the day

26) Mounticule District 32A

There are very few districts completely surrounded by another district. This is one of them.

District 32 is Lake Point, with The Lakepoint (or Lakepointe depending on if they are feeling fancy or not). . Lake Point is one large lake and a varying degree of lakeside around it. Some of the shore is still natural and parklike, while other parts have "buildings" right up against it. The Park is along the western shore. It is a narrow park with a walking path (kinda paved), some ambient solar lights, and trees. Lakepoint is in this zone. The park is important to Mounticule.

Jutting into the lake on the Park side is Lakepoint. This is a good size peninsula into the lake. It is lightly wooded with Autumnwood trees. The end of this spit of land, on a rocky cliff side is Lakepoint (proper). It is a somewhat organic appearing stone/wood/plaster "castle", originally built by some protoinsect "orphans" that found The City after their homeline began to fade. The building proper is five tall tapering towers, which grow taller as they rotate around the original bump/ hub building. This is the main hub of the Panther Clan - the TransD clan made up of orphans (entire peoples whos worlds have "ended" and their descendants). Their leadership and "offices" inherited the iconic building as the last Ch'ktin died and charged the Panthers to gather all the lost.

Some consider Mounticule an echo of Ch'ktin. While the Ch'ktin were taller than most Basics, the K'tven are 5 CMs tall.

Mounticule is a colocated district, where the Second Queens Hive is "The Fortress with Two Sides" (Their side and The City side). The Fortress Mound is 2 meters tall and roughly 10 meters around (in a rough ovoid). The district extends about 2 meters beyond that boundary. The ways of Mounticule are actually no tech except true biotech and meta. This protects Mounticule.

There are barrier poles around the district and standard DMC markers for district change. There is a small hanger holding aircraft the K'tven use to "get around The City".

K'tven are six limbed anthropomorphic ants whom share their sphere with Anthropomorphic Bees and Anthropomorphic Wasps, and a few other lesser species. It seems like they are the dominant species, but they might just control The Gateway to another World.

The K'tven work with the Panther Clan (given their connection to Ch'ktin and proximity). They are also represented on The City Council and with The Council of Ones (where most of the species with eusociality (strong social structure instincts) and swarm intelligences).

Mounticule means a small mountain, mound, or hill. An entire post inspired by a word of the day.

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A Sartrean Hell where all you do all day, every day, is defend your dissertation against a panel of dead philosophers.
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The Alleys in District 390

District 390 is pretty much like most Any Way districts in The City. It's look is Mid 21st Century Green Glass, Living Walls, and White, construction, with most tall buildings being around six stories tall. Monorails and cars move everyone around. There are some beautiful sculpture gateways marked here. There are seven gates and a few gate zones (p or periodic zone).

It is the alleys and side stalls that make it a place to stop. You see, Gate 390-4G, has an interesting twist to its Hypertech. It is mostly biologic, chemo-memetic, and pharmaceutical. While the big companies of 390-4G sell some products in Society, there are some small entrepreneurs that skate around Society's Laws and Rules.

They are off in the alleys - selling from things like food trucks- or little sidewalk vendors. They like the truck format, so they can keep their goods cool and make a speedy exit should a special patrol unit be seen in the area.

You can buy memories or feelings, usually in stimpatch form (but a few are capsules). They will give you a few hours of bliss or calm, or happiness, or fear, or anger. The price is based on intensity of feeling and duration. You can buy memories that last for a while (so you could remember skydiving from the edge of space, or a session of sex with someone famous, or some historical moment. (Some Black Memories like snuffing people, gladiatorial combat, or other things are available on the streets.) These are all generated by memory scanning and such... big heavy industrial/ room sized equipment... with complex pharma production units to help them. Simple feelings are "easy" by comparison and do not take a recording at this point.

They also sell xechnáme (Forgetful). It has the the street name of Black Silk. It allows the taker to forget the last few hours. If the subject is "intense" or focused on a feeling or moment of the subject's life, a dose will eliminate that intense moment (or about 4 hours of it). You could forget the break up, but remember the relationship. BUt it might take a few dozen doses to forget a bad relationship.

Editor and Statue are the street name for Kenó or ágalma. It takes away the feelings for the next few hours or for an intense/ focused memory.

These drugs work in most districts and worlds, sometimes they do have to be modified to an appropriate format (a powder, injection or smoked (smoke is less effective for all but xechname)) to work.

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28) Tarq's

A Pitt Bar is what people of The City call "Dive Bars". It is based on The Pitt, the poorest and most dangerous slum in The City.

Tarq's is a Pitt Bar in district 62 (moderate tech, limited power, limited Metaway, and nothing much to recommend it.) It is a fairly boring urban district with a moderate population living there. It is along the Ring River.

Tarq's is the corner bar in one of those squat square buildings with fills this neighborhood. It is between various small business (motor shops, chrome, die cast shops, janitorial supply, etc) and small warehouses. It is a worn section of town that most people try to avoid. Tarq's has various cycles and automotives parked in front and around the corner.

Tarq's is you basic ale swilling place. Dark. Dank. Sawdust on the floor. Neon Signs, bar, benches, and big long tables nobody can use as a weapon fill out the place. The staff is small. Jericho the nighttime bartender is the only one stands out and that is because he is effectively immortal and able to regenerate quickly from most wounds. The Bar Girls most nights are both Bemoids (squid beings); few people bother to grope or harass them.

The "patrons"? People who should be armsmen but either are unlicensed (for various reasons) or are just a thug, those on the edge of the criminal life (either side of that razor thin line), and those who live in the shadows, fill the place most days and nights. There are some generally poor here as well, working in the area but not making much.

It is a place to see and be seen for certain circles, even if everyone there would deny that they had ever seen you before.

If you are a Mr. Black (a Corporate who is trying to find some "ad hoc assets" to do an operation of questionable legality, Tarq's is one of the places where you would find Third Men (Fixers/ Arrangers) and usually where those assets would get their mission from. Usually the Third Man actually talks to the cut outs for deniability but sometimes Mr Black talks to the operatives for compartmental security.

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29) Claridge's in The City

District 72 is a district that easily colocates with The City (go down the right streets at the right times). It is in a London in an Anglolique/Albion dominated space (though some scholars think it might be more correctly listed differently as it has strong Zhonghua elements and uncategorically defined elements.). It is the same district as Hudsons in The City, the premier retail stop in The City. The Sphere and District has a 20s era feel and a way that keeps Appearances and Politeness a forefront ideal (it is an Any district). The district is less rigid about this than The Earth Sphere it emerges from.

Claridge's in The City is an extension of the Bragmore Family Group of Hotels. They planted their flag in The District 200 cycles ago with a duplicate of their updated Claridge.

Claridge’s in The City is an art deco icon and a byword for timeless elegance. Since 200 cycles ago, Claridge’s has excelled at the finer things in life: glamorous design, inspiring dining, impeccable service. Today we draw on this history but also look to the future, blending innovation with the traditions of the past. Above all, we are here to ensure your visit is an experience you will never forget. There are many 5-star hotels in and around The City but nowhere quite like Claridge’s.

Butlers for every suite. Housestaff available at all time. There is a lift guardian running the anti-gravity lift. The Footmen are there for any need. The Concierge is a master arranger. Medical staff for most basics is on call for any discrete need.

It is known for its fine afternoon Teas, exquisite fine dining, salons, open and private libraries for small events, and a ballroom that hosts several Important Events of The Season (Both for The City and for its London). The Hudson Family Three Crown Charity Ball is hosted here. It is a place for The Noble, The Rich, and the Famous (that happen to be very well to do). It is proper living, properly done.

Thus we know it is a place players will have to go to do things and often be thrown out of.

The Earth of District 72 has atomic future technology, but it is always kept "tasteful". It has magic and fey, but they also are discrete. Magic and tech do not mix directly well, but they do not interfere with each other. Foci or rituals are usually needed for magic.

There actually is a strong synthetic population here, from another sphere (beyond the native atomic future way). (It is an Any Sphere so there is no D-stress). They are very "realistic looking" so most can not spot that they are synthetic. They form a solid base of the servant class (most of these still have strong "to serve" memetics). There are natives from their own spacial slice of membrane and alien species intermixed with the world. Some of the low fey native to the world have a problem with the cold ones, but so far that racial rivalry is nothing but a cool reception.
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30) Club Pytolomi
Tech-bronze simple, magic full (and just short of hypermagic), mind magics, and no metaforms.

District 82 is a five block area where "the ground" falls away, making a cliff edge that goes down sixty meters. There is a cloud shrouded bottom that is very difficult to get out of down there. Things here float on islands, with cloud lines and small rocklings linking all of them. The district seems to go up sixty meters or so as well. Many a stone or clay building has been built upon the various islands here. One of the more interesting ones is Club Pytolomi.

It is a night club (though it never closes). It is known for playing very upbeat music focusing on Anabells (magic theremins) and the dancing. It is in a tall building for the district, a three story affair. It is lit by both mage spheres and lots of trinkling fairy lights. The tables on each of the floors ring the dance floor. The Dance Floor is enchanted to provide lift/ negate the effect of the island (i.e. most of gravity). The bar which serves a variety of concoctions is on the first floor. (Will empowered magic i.e. magic anyone can do.. can help move you around at a walking pace on the dance floor.)

The dress code here varies from TsI, to local fantasy styles, with a long stop between at the Stellar Wars membranes (sort of a hybrid between TsI and Local Styles). Thus it is much more casual and less stylish than most clubs (while not very elegant, a floating dance floor means looking up could lead to complications.)

There is often a contingent of aquatic morphs that come up the Ring River and come here to "dance". Since they are often from magical spheres, they are quite at home here.

A few more notes:
There are 8 gates here that share locations with some periodic gate points. All are marked with Trilithon. They all lead to Ditkolands of the low area sectors of the *Verse. Ditkolands, where everything is floating and magical.

The local sheep-esk fluffy balloon like creatures occasionally graze on the islands, but usually they are off in their "own spaces" eating the floating grass spores over there. Some people like to steal the sheep and take them into the nearby district... in which they soon pop in a goopy mess as the D-stress builds up.

There is an undertown in district 81. It provides a second set of "ways in" to district 82, all about forty meters from "ground level". There are islands down here to walk up into the rest of the territory. Note: they were in the poorer sections of the district, but have had a gentrification since the undertown balconies were opened up.

Note: If you are worried about falling, you can always pick up an Aga stone. These local enchantments will float/return you to open island spaces below where you are. Some magical flight items are available as well.

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You know folks, I am not going to write another seventy of these by myself. You can enter some in.
I will probably do a total of 45, or 25 more, so I can do an even 100 just by myself between the two threads.

He wrote a dissertation. You can write about a cool place for 200-600 words.

One thing. There is no tangible coordinate system for the district numbering system other than Old City (under 40), New City, and Outer City (usually things with four digit district numbers). So don't think you are messing anything up.

If you want to use my TransD vocabulary, read the posts or read here or here
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31) The Blue Roofed Posts Trading Post out on the R99.

The "lands" around The City are created by Isonic Friction and Vibration fractally as The City itself disrupts the membranes. Thus it seems to go off to the hazy horizon or the obscured mountains. It is technically infinite/ VLN, but eventually pathways curve or distort. There are many roads that emerge from The City, taking you to the outer districts of The City and the Districts Beyond (not part of The City, but part of the same membrane deformation that The City is built in. Most of these roads are very large and appropriate, then they begin to taper off into paved 2 lane affairs, if they go somewhere. A few eventually becoming packed paths. Many of the roads eventually loop around to The Road or an offshoot.

Not The R99

No, it heads the opposite direction of The Road, away from The City. This should not be a worry, as something simple as 3D directions interfering with actually getting somewhere. The R80 goes in the same direction, though a bit to the south and eventually connects to The Road after you pass the Swampland Bridgeway.

Not long after the turn to Runegate (The R6), there is "The Last Bit of Civilization". It is a Blue Roofed Convenience Store/ Fuel Station. (It takes roughly nine hours with moderate traffic to get there from City Center). The Store is run by SWTC now, as they bought it off the previous owner. The Blue Roofed Store fell here from elsewhere a long time ago. It was one of the first times some one beat a HBC trader to an area. For some, it is the last marker of the Districts Beyond.

From this point on, Isonic fractals continue because it is not part of a reality (membrane, realm, or district)

The R99 simply heads towards the hazy mountains in a nearly straight line. (Note: Some people call them The Edge Mountains, as they are on The Edge of the dimensional divot that the City is in.). It stays a rustic 2 lane blacktop paved road. It passes through gently rolling hills, grassy flat lands, with the occasional grove of trees off the roadway. You might pass a Wind hitchhiking on the side of the road or the occasional critter. Still it is a whole lot of nothing.

It can't be an infinite road, as nothing is truly infinite. Still a VLN distance can be quite long.

(For a sense of scale, Arth, the largest single realm membrane ever discovered is roughly one light year across on a side. So not infinite, just vln.)

One person drove an atomic vehicle for 10 years out (and 10 years back) and never reached The end of the R99 (or any other landmark of Society.)

Legend has it that if you keep going you can reach The Gate to The Prime Celestial Realm - The First Realm. Just a legend.

There other legends about what is there.... and some of the conditions to reach there... but again, just legends.

Oh you can't fly the distance if you get too high... you just dissolve. If you get too far from the R99, you either loop back to the other side of the blacktop or just seem to dissolve. Stick to the R99. And stick to something that respects the speed limit, as the occasional bump, veer, and dip prevents safe hyperspeed land transport.

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32) New Ashton - this part of the City exists as both a district and a colony of the United Dominions of Gilead (an interstellar steampunk civilisation). Oddly, magic functions, yet anyone born in New Ashton, and indeed the Dominions, is incapable of performing it. Be warned on its strict rules against magic and deism, laid out by the Church of the God Machine, and enforced by the Machinia Custos.


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Just so I can keep is straight in my head.... (And if I am having trouble, I can't imagine about the rest of you.)

Remember, that new districts can pop up between existing districts. They were originally numbered in a spiral out from district 3 (1 and 2 were counted first because of the comma like shape of district 3. But a new district will fill in. Between District 114 and 115, district 290 emerged. Since there is little "real space" in the city, the city reality just expanded and isonic wave fractals filled in the space between... forming district 290. District 290 was then colonized by some City Folk, many people from the various gates inside the district (as they have affinity for the ways of the district usually).

District 1-40 is Old Town, the original city nucleus.
District 12 used to be Old City Center - given its "any way, but in moderation" Ways. The City Buildings quickly became too small and without government annexing and demolitions, there was just no space. Divination was used to determine the next City Center Location and Lord Hanvoc gracious sold it to The City at a near donation price.

There are currently 200 districts inside the Ring River. There originally was only 103 (Rivertown, even though it is on the outside edge of The Ring River, is considered Old Town.)

Some people use The City Proper for locations inside the Ring River and just City for those outside the Ring River. A more common way is New City for everything beyond the Old City or the Ring River. Is there one nominclature that makes sense? It seldom does in the real world (America's West, MidWest, and East which confuses anyone not aware of American History), so I am not sweating it here.

District 108 is the Hanvoc City Center, the center of City and Society Governance. The Ministry Offices are here.
District 108 has a small local river that flows through here to a lake in district 109. Across that bridge is The Tub where the DMC operates out of. To the north of the City Center complex is The New Special Patrol Yard.

There are currently 500 open districts in Outer City (or New City) (An arbitrary number at this point). Most districts continue to exist, but there has been a number of districts that have closed. Not just converted to grey (showing that they are still in existence and linked), but evaporated.

Outer Districts are the few thousand less developed districts. These have four or five or even six digit district numbers. They are also unstable and sometimes only periodic.

Districts Beyond are any of the outer edge of Outer District Band. Technically, there should be an infinite number of districts, but really it will only be a VLN.

The "lands" around The City are created by Isonic Friction and Vibration fractally as The City itself disrupts the membranes. Thus it seems to go off to the hazy horizon or the obscured mountains. It is technically infinite/ Vln (alternate spelling of VLN), but eventually pathways curve or distort. There are many roads that emerge from The City, taking you to the outer districts of The City and the Districts Beyond (not part of The City, but part of the same membrane deformation that The City is built in. Most of these roads are very large and appropriate, then they begin to taper off into paved 2 lane affairs, if they go somewhere. A few eventually becoming packed paths. Many of the roads eventually loop around to The Road or an offshoot.

Note: Roads
The Road system spokes out from Old City. A goes North. The naming goes clockwise. Roads F and G towards The Road (which is heading "East"), L is heading "South", and R is heading West from the City. So given that these roads curve, bend, and go around various districts, the E16 and E14 are often the easiest and fastest way to The Road. Many of the roads will have local names and a city designation (D'Anza Blvd is a section of the G9). Letter Roads tend more freeway like, or highway like at the very least.

So like The Spelling of things, it is just a guideline. I (and some others) use faux French, faux Italian, and Faux Manderin, and English with foreign influences. So... if it seems right, just run with it.
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