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I need a list of books in which the protagonist is a Dwarf


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I've been reading a book series by Markus Heitz which has 4 books in it (The Dwarfs, War of the Dwarfs, Revenge of the Dwarfs, and Fate of the Dwarfs).

The first book was amazing, Heitz created an entire dwarven culture which is divided into 5 official kingdoms and each had it's own customs and history.

The second book was very good too. It introduced dark elves and a few other interesting races.

I just started reading the third book and it feels like Heitz lost it, the story is very different than the previous two books and I can't say I really like where it's headed. It's kinda dark and depressing and it just feels like it flew off the rails from the previous books.

I'm going to finish it and read the fourth book, but I'm feeling like the series died at the end of the second book. The main character (Tungdil) basically went from this super heroic let's save the world no matter what type character to a horribly depressed alcoholic who treats people like garbage. It's a really bad transition and it's ruining the series for me. Maybe he changes back to his former glory later in the book I don't know (only about 20% of the way through book 3), but it's really putting me off.

So my question is this - can anybody recommend another book (or series preferably) in which the main protagonist is a dwarf and it has a lot of dwarf culture and customs and stuff in it? I'm really hooked on the idea right now and want to see what else is out there.
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