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I was reincarnated as a Manga & Written Japanese discussion thread (Part 3!)

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Thinking about the final chapters of The Last Saiyuki.

If you didn't read the series, in this manga, certain people can physically embody human fears as monsters. This has obvious downsides, but it also frequently means that the thing that causes the fear becomes something you can punch in the face. For example, IRL there's a theory that the Yamata-no-Orochi legend was inspired by the problems caused by the Hii River's flooding -- in this manga, it's explained that the flooding was turned into a monster, the beast was slain, and then the river didn't flood anymore.

The same infodump establishes that twice before, the planet became aware of potentially apocalyptic natural disasters, and more or less tasked humans with averting them via this process. The first provided the source for the Ramayana, the second for Journey to the West. And now, our heroes have to do it again.

The opponents are described as follows:
  • Indra's Lightning: "It's a never-ending lightning strike that goes on until the Earth is pulverized."
  • Heavenly Flame: "It's an eternal flame that burns everything to the ground."
  • The Fierce Winds of Hell: "It can disintegrate all of Earth in an instant. It's a wind disaster."
A flash-forward in the last chapter shows the last of these in its materialized form:

Spoiler: Show

My question is... are these intended to correspond to real-world disasters (potential disaster in the case of the third) that the author didn't have space to identify? And if so, what? Someone on Twitter summarized the infodump as "it turns out monsters are good be wise [sic] they literally let us kill global warming to save humanity", but the description of TFWOH itself doesn't seem to match global warming.


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and once again, I find a funny but short manga just as it ends, this time being "Torako, don't break everything!"

series pitch is that in the roughest, underfunded high school/central casting for every street tough, delinquent and hooligan, we have torako, the mild-mannered underconfident schoolgirl who just wants to make friends, but has genuinely superhuman strength, so the only club she can join is the one populated by the quirky tough girls she unwittingly crosses over the first four chapters
Apparently the series did quite well with what readers the magazine had. Trouble was the magazine wasn't doing well and took the series down with it.


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So I ended up finding these two romantic comedies that I want to talk about. Well, one is a comedy, the other is more supernatural.

First, we have Ore wo Suki Nano wa Omae Dake ka yo, which is a proper romantic comedy with harem elements, though it's very complicated quickly.

You see, our main character, Joro, is your generic good guy. He helps out with everybody, seems to be well liked, and is part of the Student Council and trusted by the President, a girl named Cosmos. He also gets along well with his childhood friend, Himiwari, and is best friends with the baseball ace, Sun. And things are pretty good for Joro, all things considered, and he's even a bit of a matchmaker, too.

Except he'd like to have love of his own. But he's already planned for this. You see, he's tried to get more affection from Cosmos and Himiwari, in the hopes of having one or both of them confess. Except he ran into a snag. You see, they both confessed to him... that they are in love with his friend, Sun. Obviously this isn't something he expected, nor liked having happen to him, but he agrees to help the girls out in the hopes that he'd be considered a rebound for the losing girl.

So, yeah, Joro is a bit of a scumbag, but his want to help one of the girls, while selfish, is still genuine. And despite what you think, he isn't trying to sabotage either of the girl's efforts to woo Sun. Except things get much more complicated with another girl, nicknamed Pansy, only she's much more interested in Joro and already knows about his hidden side. Oh, and because we haven't gotten complicated enough, Sun confesses to Joro that he's in love with Pansy.

Basically, it's like Gamers!, only the screwball comedy is turned down considerably. There's currently twenty chapters out, but without spoiling anything, the story is actually moving at a decent pace.

The other manga I'm reading is called The World or Her? I Can't Choose. The best way to sum this up is, think Haruhi, only with less harem elements, a more active love triangle, and a lot more fanservice.

Kou is childhood friends with Ayumu, a rather popular girl who's pretty good at nearly everything, but despite my earlier comparison, she actually hides her rougher personality unless she's with Kou.

Of course, Kou is in love with Ayumu and attempts to confess to her, only to be interrupted by a girl named Jindou, who claims to be Kou's girlfriend. Cue wacky hijinks... if by wacky hijinks you mean world ending events. You see, if Ayumu's heart is in fluctuation, terrible things happen, like a meteor crashing onto Earth. No, I'm not kidding. That happens in the first chapter. Jindou, for some reason, can't let Kou confess to Ayumu because of this, so to prevent it from happening, she basically attempts to seduce Kou nearly every chance she gets, even offering sexual favors if he chooses her.

And while I did mention this is a romantic comedy, unlike the earlier work, this is a rather serious piece. Sure, the comedy is there, but it's pretty downplayed when compared to other, similar works. Hence the comparison to Haruhi. There's also hints that a lot more is going on, but there's only thirteen chapters, so not a lot has been revealed about the main narrative.

Oh, I should mention that this manga should clearly go in the NSFW category. While there is no full on nudity, we do have partial nudity, though nothing is ever shown, and Jindou, the main source of the fanservice, is extremely aggressive with her advances on Kou. And when she's involved to seduce him, there's a lot of sexually suggestive content happening. So keep that in mind if you read this. Still, despite they heavy amounts of fanservice, there's an interesting story happening here.

And that's all I got for now. Thanks for listening to my ramblings.


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"Swear to God, This Time We're Not Kidding..."

Spoiler: Show

First of all: YES!

Second of all -
Spoiler: Show
does she look a bit like Peter Pan to everyone else? Or, maybe he was going with Robin Hood?

(Every fantasy setting has to have Vikings, don't they? Not that I am complaining, that is some amazing looking armor, just observing.)


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so Sydsnap just posted a video that i had to share:

so i went on an off-brand Doujin site and checked out Jorori's works and they look amazing. i think Jorori is a name to look out for in the future, he/she is likely to make some officially licensed manga in the future

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SPY x FAMILY chapter 12: It seems Shueisha's flipped over to the first three/last three model for this series -- maybe planned from the beginning. Pity; I suspect having all chapters available this long made a big difference in the series getting as much attention in its first half-year as it did.

As for the chapter itself, the ultimate direction may be predictable, but the facial expressions and Briar airheadedness are great as always. Plus: What does she even like about this guy?! I mean... just because he's a little good at cooking, and tall, and handsome, and considerate, and a doctor, and... and... "DAMN IT ALL!" glug glug glug

(Is it weird that I'm glad it didn't spend a whole page going into cooking-manga mode when Yuri tasted the food and just kept it to a two-panel silent reaction?)

Mission: Yozakura Family debuted in Jump, and I'm not sure I like it so far? Not that there's not potential, but the first chapter isn't exactly Promised-Neverland-tier. In fairness, not much is... but there's nothing on par with the grenade scene in SPY x FAMILY to sell me on the author's comic chops. They apparently had one failed Jump series already in Demon Prince Poro's Diaries, so we'll see how that goes.

Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru closes its second volume (I think?) with an infodump. Still feels kinda cluttered; I'm growing more partial to the argument that we're looking at a Robot x Laserbeam scenario here -- that Kishimoto's name will get the manga a lot of slack, but it won't last.

ACT-AGE chapter 78: Ah, the emotion girls are trained to repress. It's always interesting to see how Yonagi's struggle to improve differs from your typical Jump protagonist's, in the way it revolves around finding the right experiences to build an emotion or a method of expression out of.

The art in Yui Kamio Lets Loose still looks a little messy to me, but it seems to be finding some success with the shift to Sukeban Jojo's, as the fellow from Anitwitter put it. Not sure how sustainable it is -- Hiroshi Shiibashi's had success in Jump before with Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan, but that only counts for so much.


On another note, is anyone here familiar with the manga Kingdom? I ask because while I haven't read it myself, and it seems to have relatively little presence in American fandom -- on one scan site it's ranked like #400 in follows, and I don't think it's ever been licensed here, possibly because it's 55 volumes and counting and the 2012 anime was apparently mediocre -- it appears to be super-popular in Japan. Like, Attack on Titan popular. Seriously, looking at the annual "Top-Selling Manga in Japan by Series" charts, I think it may have actually sold more copies in Japan over the past five years than any manga not named One Piece.


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(Is it weird that I'm glad it didn't spend a whole page going into cooking-manga mode when Yuri tasted the food and just kept it to a two-panel silent reaction?)
It's not weird. After being burned by Shokugeki no Souma, I'm kinda of annoyed with those things as well.

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The Pharmacy of a Parallel World (Manga) #23

In which Falma tempts fate by stepping into a church to the gods of not-quite-medieval-Earth. Given that he's an incarnate this has a couple of interesting effects. :3
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