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OOC: Yes, depending on how the initiative and surprise worked, Raven would cast the Energy Field spell first... and I think she can shoot down those missiles with her TK revolver! I always thought it was something Veritech fighters could do as they had advanced targeting and automatic weapons, but it looks like anyone can try per the rules.


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Raven targets her laser rangefinder towards the incoming missile and amps up its yield way past the designated specs to send one of the missiles off course!

OOC: Using the Deflect spell to try and parry one (and only one, at level 1)
OOC: This is essentially a surprise round. Y'all didn't realize you were spotted. As such, I'll allow Tiger a Dodge, but Raven can't cast a spell.

http://orokos.com/roll/719601: 1d20+3 10 1d20+3 20

Tiger easily rolls out of the way of the incoming missile, which explodes some four hundred yards behind them. Back at the camp, no one seems to notice that Felix is driving away with their ATV.

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Felix Pryde, Operator

As he drives off Felix turns any radio the ATV has on to hear what the bandits are saying to each other. They apparently haven't caught on yet to what was going on, which was good. The more distance he covers before they realize they've been robbed the better. Till then, Felix decides to see what his options are once that does happens. He looks to see what weapon systems, if any, he has at his disposal. If he has anything that can hit and hurt the SAMUS he'll get a targeting solution on it and be ready to fire the instant he notices that the bandits have figured out their ATV is in enemy hands. If he doesn't have anything of use against the flying power armor then he'll use anything he has against the bandits on the ground once they realize they should start chasing him.

OOC: Felix's Weapons Engineer skill gives him a +1 to strike when using heavy weapons or vehicular weapons systems.
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