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[IC&OOC] (D&D 5E) From Obscurity to Glorium


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I'd add Eirlys on possible IC conflict as far as heroic impulses vs. less noble ones. Wanting treasure will probably not be an issue, but cruelty could be, depending on when and how and where it comes out.

And speaking in general, I'd be vastly more in favor of a character who feels some connection to the other PCs than "they're a convenient meal ticket". It makes it easier to work with someone if "I don't want them upset with me" is a thing stronger than "I don't care if they're upset with me as long as they can't hurt me".


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CS in Gdoc form. Let me know if anything needs to be changed, or if anyone has suggestions.

I plan to get a roughly even mix of blasty and buffing spells as we progress merrily along.


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Some possible IC conflict there, since Othar sees himself as a hero. Expect to be scolded (loudly) when/if Othar catches her doing something actively evil
I'd add Eirlys on possible IC conflict as far as heroic impulses vs. less noble ones. Wanting treasure will probably not be an issue, but cruelty could be, depending on when and how and where it comes out.

And speaking in general, I'd be vastly more in favor of a character who feels some connection to the other PCs than "they're a convenient meal ticket". It makes it easier to work with someone if "I don't want them upset with me" is a thing stronger than "I don't care if they're upset with me as long as they can't hurt me".
Got it. I know exactly what you mean as a player and DM, and I'll be a team player. Adventure fantasy stories are full of little gremlins who realize on the road that they really care about these do-gooders, anyway.

As for stats, I think I've been deadlocking myself by thinking about optimizing. I'm a bard; I've got a grab bag of skills and spells and I'll figure something out when it counts.


Posted this in the wrong place.... (rookie...)

Ok, have not got a good avatar image yet, will work a bit on that later, but I think this should be all that's needed from me (I hope ;) )

Character Name----------/--------Player

Spoiler: Show
Age - 19
Sex - Male
Height - 5'8"
Weight - 180 lbs.

Hair Color - Dark Brown
Eye Color - grey
Skin Color - tanned

Ability Scores
Str = 9, Dex = 16, Con = 11, Int = 15, Wis = 13, Cha = 14

Spoiler: Show

Personality Trait 1:
The first thing I do in a new place is note the locations of everything valuable--or where such things could be hidden.
Personality Trait 2:
I sleep with my back to a wall or tree, with everything I own wrapped in a bundle in my arms.
People. I'm committed to the people I care about, not to ideals.
I owe my survival to another urchin who taught me to live on the streets.
People who don't take care of themselves get what they deserve.

Sandford started out as your run of the mill Axos street orphan. He learned the basics of steal to eat, hide to survive, and basically keep a low profile. As he got older, keeping a low profile became harder and harder with the various street gangs. After a while you either join them or take a beating from them. He was given the nickname the "Sandman" during some turf wars were he was able to sneak up on and 'sucker punch' a few of the opposing gang members into unconsciousness before the big fight. It was good while it lasted, but jealousy always shines on those that advance, rumors spread,, and now Sandford is seeking other friends to align with and, well, make it through the next day. He won't want to stick around Axos much longer.

Skills and Gear
Spoiler: Show
Skill Proficiencies (2+4)
Acrobatics, Athletics, Investigation, Perception, Sleight of Hand, Stealth

Skill Expertise (2 instead of 1+theives tools)
Athletics, Stealth

Skill bonuses (out side ability mods)

Acrobatics +5, Athletics +3, Investigation +4, Perception +3, Sleight of Hand + 5, Stealth +7

Leather Armor, Dagger, Shortsword, short bow, 20 arrows, thieves' tools, rope, 10 pitons, crowbar, ball bearings (other basic gear).


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Dwarven Warlock, Hexblade Pact.

STRENGTH: 8 (-1)
► Strength Save: -1
DEXTERITY: 13 (+1)
► Dexterity Save: +1
► Constitution Save: +3
► Intelligence Save: +1
WISDOM: 11 (+0)
► Wisdom Save: +2 (*)
CHARISMA: 15 (+2)
► Charisma Save: +4 (*)
PERCEPTION: +0 (Darkvision, 60')
SPEED: 25'
• Battleaxe:
+4, 1d8+2 Slashing, Versatile (1d10)
Dagger: +3 1d4+1 Piercing, Finesse, Light, Thrown (20'/60')
Eldritch Blast: +4, 1d10 Force, 120'
Spell Save: DC 12
Spell Attack Modifier: +4
Spoiler: Show

• Acrobatics (Dex): +1
• Animal Handling (Wis): +0
• Arcana (Int): +3 (*)
• Athletics (Str):
+1 (*)
• Deception (Cha):
• History (Int): +3 (*)
• Insight (Wis):
• Intimidation (Cha): +2
• Investigation (Int):
• Medicine (Wis): +0
• Nature (Int): +1
• Perception (Wis): +0
• Performance (Cha): +2
• Persuasion (Cha): +2
• Religion (Int): +1
• Sleight of Hand (Dex): +1
• Stealth (Dex): +1
• Survival (Wis): +2 (*)
Mason's Tools,
LANGUAGES: Common, Dwarvish.
Spoiler: Show

Otherworldly Patron
◘The Dark That Dwells At The Roots of the World (Hexblade).​
• Pact Magic
◘ 1st Level Spells, 1 Slot​
Hexblade's Curse
◘ One creature within 30', cursed for one minute. Proficiency Bonus to damage rolls, critical hit on 19-20, regain [Level] HP if target dies.​
Hex Warrior
◘ Proficiency with medium armor, shields, and martial weapons.​
◘ Use Charisma Modifier for attacks/damage with chosen weapon.​

• Deep Miner
◘Never lost in caves, if familiar or has access to a map. May scrounge food and water for up to six people in mines or natural cave.​

• Darkvision
◘See in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.​
• Dwarven Resilience
◘Aadvantage on saving throws against poison, resistance against poison damage.​
• Dwarven Combat Training
◘Proficiency with the battleaxe, handaxe, light hammer, and warhammer.​
• Tool Proficiency
◘Proficiency with mason’s tools.​
• Stonecunning
◘ Add double proficiency bonus when making Intelligence (History) check related to the origin of stonework.​
• Ability Score Increase
◘Wisdom score increases by 1.​
• Dwarven Toughness
◘Hit point maximum increases by 1, and it increases by 1/level.​
Spoiler: Show
1st Level
Spoiler: Show
Weapons and Armor
Daggers (2)​
Leather Armor​
Warlock Equipment
◘ Arcane Focus​
◘ Dungeoneer's Pack​
° Crowbar, Hammer,​
° 10 pitons​
° 10 torches,​
° Tinderbox​
° 10 days rations,​
° Waterskin.​
° 50' Hempen Rope​
Mining Equipment
◘Miner's Pick​
◘Block and Tackle​
◘Climber's Kit,​
◘Belt Pouch containing 5 gp.​
Spoiler: Show

"No, sir, I shan't say why I called upon the Dark. I had good cause, or so I told myself. There were lives at stake, after all, and I ask you: what's a man's soul compared to that? Everything, friend, and nothing. Everything and nothing. They lived, you see? Because of what I did, what I became, they still breathe, to this day. But knowing the price that I'd paid, there wasn't a one of them willing to look me in the eye, not ever again. I'd sworn myself to the service of something old, and dark, and terrible beyond words. What kind of man does that, I ask you, even when he can't see another way?

"Not a good man, I tell you that plain and true. I took my leave from everything and everyone that I knew, without saying a single farewell, and I don't doubt that they're glad of that. Likely, they hope that I'm dead now. Damned if I don't hope the same, some days."

"But here's a thing worth knowing, friend. No man's damned beyond redemption. Not entirely. In my dreams, I know that I'm no more than a monster. The Dark calls the tune, and I dance to it, leaving blood and death and worse in my wake. And I shan't lie, not about this: I take joy in it, I surely do. The Dark whispers in my ear, and whatever it tells me, I do without question or hesitation. Because I can, and because the Dark wills it so."

"Even when I wake, the Dark is there. Always. But when my eyes are open, I'm my own man. I can do what I choose, and if the voice of the Dark grows teeth? Well, friend, they can't bite any deeper than my own conscience. The world's broken, you know that as surely as I. Pain and suffering for all, grown and harvested by men and gods who are no better than they should be. But friend, I've got power now. Power enough to do something about it, power enough to stand against the Dark. Not for long, but maybe for long enough."

"Not a day passes that I don't regret pledging myself to the Dark. Just maybe, though, I can make the Dark regret it even more."

IDEAL: Justice. "What's right is right, that's all there is to it. It's damned well up to us to make justice something real, something true."

BOND: His Patron "I'll twist the power of the Dark to my own ends, and be my own man, no matter what it costs me."

FLAW: Cynicism. "Only difference between me and most folk is that I know full well how much of a monster I am."


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I think I have all of this right, I'm still new to 5e:

Spoiler: Show

Ability scores: Strength 8, Dexterity 17, Constitution 14, Intelligence 11, Wisdom 13, Charisma 12

Elf traits: Speed 30 feet, Darkvision, Keen Senses, Fey Ancestry, Trance, cantrip (Lightning lure)

Background: Noble

Class features: Fighting style: Dueling, Second Wind: 1d10+1

Proficiency bonus: +2
Proficiencies: All armor, shields, simple and martial weapons, one type of gaming set (playing cards)

Melee Attack: +5 to hit, 1d8+5 damage (rapier) or +5 to hit, 1d6+5 damage (scimitar)
Ranged Attack: +5 to hit, 1d8+3 damage (longbow)

Skills: Athletics, Insight, Perception, History, Persuasion

AC: 14. Hit Points: 12. Saving Throws: Strength, Constitution

Languages: Common, Elven, ?, ?

Alignment: Lawful Good. Height: 5'5". Weight: 112 pounds.

Gear: leather armor, longbow and 20 arrows, rapier, explorer's pack, noble starting stuff (only 19.48 gp remaining), vial of perfume, soap, playing cards.

Selling the two handaxes and keeping the gold if the DM permits (not counted above).

If anyone has any suggestions or notes anything I missed, please tell me.
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Phew, okay I think that's everyone.
Elfwine, it is permissable to sell the handaxes. You'll get half of the market value for them.
KnockingBox, I doubt that the "gay aura" will have mechanical effects :)
If there aren't any more questions, I'll get started posting tonight or tomorrow. As I said, this will be a wilderness trek across the Outlands from Axos to Glorium. As such, there will be random wilderness encounters and survival. Most of it will be random, in fact, befitting the Outlands. I already know what The Challenge(tm) will entail, and I'm quite pleased with the way some of the characters bend thematically to it.

We're going to assume that everyone knows everyone at least in a passing way, from Axos before you all left. If you wish to go deeper with the ties than that, feel free.

I'm well pleased with how things have gone thus far, and I dig the characters. Let's hope they survive and thrive!


If anyone wished to blend a bit of backstory with Sandford(rogue), he used to hang at the various taverns in the seedier parts of Axos. Was never shy at making friends, and would participate in dicing often, when he had the money. Though not a singer, would join in the tavern chants and songs, while hitting drunk 'marks' here and there for some lose coin. As of late he hasn't been around any of the usually drinking holes, and when seen, seems jumpy and always checking over his shoulder and sticking to less visible areas.

Most likely (DeeCee permitting) that Sandford would have joined the group after leaving, asking to tag along, and be in a hurry to leave.


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Well, there's always thaumaturgy. ;)

I think the mourners are enough of a fixture that everyone's probably met Lacky's kin, if not her personally. She's usually working and mostly sticks to her own, but she hangs around the Barking Bird some nights to play music and spread gossip. That's where she lost three gold pieces (not hers to lose) to Sandford in a dice game, and it's where she heard the dark of the Challenge from the old bariaur.

I've been reading some Planescape books to get in the mood. The CD that comes with the Player's Primer to the Outlands is amazing, I'd love to see more accessories like this! The idea is that the PCs have a mimir full of information, and you actually play the relevant track when they ask a question in-character. It's a trip to hear professional actors go on about berks and cutters in community theatre accents.
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