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[IC&OOC] (D&D 5E) From Obscurity to Glorium


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Sandford has had very bad luck with his bow of late, but he has little choice but to fire when he looks down that darkened (to his human eyes) hallway and sees the trailing tracer-light of reddish hellfire that indicates the eyes of the boar - reborn.

He nearly fires just out of nervousness, but remembers the past misses and the pulse of Lacky's music, and determines to pause, take a breath, steady his aim, and then fire.

The boar snorts and lets loose a a squeal, even as Sandford lets loose the arrow. It disappears into the darkness, but the boar's vocalizations are cut short, and the only explanation seems to be that the arrow has found its mark - possibly by lancing right down the stone pig's throat.

This is clearly infuriating to Galamakthros.

It begins its charge down the hallway once again, throwing its head side to side and raising sparks as it runs.

Drokk calls upon his power and sends a beam of unholy energy upwards to the teleportation circle, bringing down a small rain of dust and debris, while blackening and destroying a good portion of it. There's a sound like a sharp exhalation of breath, and he knows that the circle is no longer functional.

The group has less than a few seconds to decide how they will stop the beast this time. Eirlys stands relaxed and ready, sword in hand. Othar stands defiant, unheeding of the near-fatal goring he took just minutes ago. Lacky has retrieved her item, and her kantele is in hand.

The boar thunders down the hallway, all sparks and hellfire.

Spoiler: Show

Initiatives: http://orokos.com/roll/713291
Eirlys 4
Drokk 8
Lacky 10
Othar 7
Sandford 7
Boar 4
With various bonuses, brings the initiative order to:
Drokk & Othar
Sandford attacks (long range means disadvantage. however, he has Inspiration and Assassin, which would cancel disadvantage and bump up to advantage if used, so I'm using it.): http://orokos.com/roll/713293
Which is bad for a roll, but it's within 10 minutes of Bardic Inspiration, so I think that still applies.
D6: http://orokos.com/roll/713294
That's another 5, which is a hit.
Damage (crit for 2d6, +2d6 sneak attack, +3): http://orokos.com/roll/713295
That's 11 total.
Drokk attacks the circle with EB. No roll needed.
Othar hold attack until boar comes close.
Eirlys also holds attack.
Boar has only one target possible (Othar). But it has to close distance, so takes Dash.

OOC: It's possible that my brain is melted, but I don't see an attack or anything for Lacky; I just had her retrieve her item. Othar has his spell cast, no attack possible on his init.

Round 2 begins. Initiative order as listed above. Boar is currently 20 feet away and closing RAPIDLY.


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Stepping around the altar, Drokk cut at the air, raising a shower of sparks from the boar's side despite the distance between them.

Bonus Action: Hexblade's Curse, maybe? I don't know if that brief pause in the action qualifies as a Short Rest, but I'm assuming that it doesn't.
Attack Action: Eldritch Blast, +4, 1d10+2 Force, 120.' +2 Damage if Curse does work.

AC: 15 + Mirror Image ♦ HP: 23 ♦ Character Sheet.


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"Back for more, you uncooked bacon?" Othar yells challengingly. He makes a grasping motion, and a stone half the size of his head rises from the ground; then he whips his hand forward as if throwing something, and the stone hurtles toward Galamakthros. "We've bested you once, piggy; we'll best you again!"

Despite his bold words, he prudently puts the plinth holding the boar's bones between himself and the oncoming monster. Hero he may be, even a bit reckless, but he's not suicidal.

OOC: Casting Catapult; Dex save DC 13 or 3d8 damage.

Spells 1/-, sorcery points 1
HP 20/22


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OOC: Ack! Sorry, I didn't realize we were declaring actions already. This turn, Lacky will open by getting into the hallway and casting Earth Tremor from the scroll, hoping it will bust the beast's rocky hide.


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OOC: Eirlys is mechanically waiting for it to get in stabbing reach, but...

"Show us the best you can do!"


Sandford gains some confidence, seeing that he wounded the beast. “Your tusks will make a nice trophy!” He yells notching another arrow. He draws the shaft to his ear, squinting at his mark.
“Break!” He yells as he lets the arrow fly, willing it to hit home.

OOC: looks like I found new dice... better than before at least... after losing the arrow, Sandford will try to get a flanking position on the boar. If it’s in close combat with someone, I get the sneak attack bonus, which is what I’m hoping for


Drowning in Armour
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Lacky has to go into the tunnel down which the boar is charging in order to use the scroll effectively. If she fails, if the magic fails, or if the scroll was just a hoax, the boar will run roughshod over the tiefling.

The bard quickly scans the musical notation on the piece of leather as she runs, then slides to a stop within range of the beast, plucks and sings the notes listed, and causes a dissonant warp of music to lay into the animental's form. The spell/song is meant to be cast upon the ground, but the creature is created from mineral, and the notes hit it with profound impact.

When Lacky finishes playing and singing, the boar stumbles, hits the side of the hall, and crashes to a stop uncomfortably close to the tiefling. There it lies, shuddering, while tremors cascade through its body and crack the newly-minted form. The music resonates, but it is wearing off, and within a few seconds the boar's tremendous endurance will return - but for now, it is in a bad spot.

Finally, Sandford has a relatively non-moving target for his arrow. Even so, its form is in flux from the magic, and it's difficult to see a vulnerable rift beyond the shifting minerals. He looses the projectile with a wing and a prayer, and it only barely hits, but it DOES hit. The wooden shaft disappears into the cracked torso.

A chorus of Drokks throw a curse at the prone form as Othar mystically seizes a piece of rock and hurls it toward the beast mere seconds after Sandford has hit it with an arrow. The rock flings past his partymates and strikes the flailing boar in the snout; it now has the possibly unprecedented feeling of having been hit in the face with remnants of its own previous body.

Sparks precede the unholy lightshow of energy from the multiple Drokks, screaming towards the body on the ground. One of these rays is the only one that turns out to be real, and it is mercilessly on-target, striking the cracked side of the boar, illuminating the arrow deep in its innards and causing the creature to writhe with fresh agony.

There's no flashy lightshow or magic from the elf fighter, just well-trained maneuvering. She advances, lunges, thrusts, and retreats back to defensive safety nearly too fast to see. She is dextrous, balletic in her attack. Her blade finds a weak spot, darts in for damage, and is withdrawn faster than a wasp's sting.

The boar, so enraged and confident while charging down the tunnel, now shudders and shakes its way to its feet, only to fall back down. It is cracked and damaged, lingering traces of eldritch energy cascading across its rocky form, and tremors still keeping it from rising...but they are subsiding rapidly.

Spoiler: Show

Now for some thinking about Earth tremor on an animental. I'll keep the 1d6 bludgeoning and the prone thing, and add the Restrained condition. For this round, I will also lower its AC.
Boar Dex save: http://orokos.com/roll/713440
7. Fails.
Damage: http://orokos.com/roll/713442
FOR THIS ROUND, the boar is prone, restrained, and its AC has been lowered.
Sandford attack: http://orokos.com/roll/713448
7 and 5.
Damage: http://orokos.com/roll/713449
Total 13.
Othar is using Catapult. The boar cannot possibly Dex save in its condition(s).
Catapult damage: http://orokos.com/roll/713452
That's 16.
Drokk EB to-hit: http://orokos.com/roll/713453
Damage: http://orokos.com/roll/713454
16 total.
Eirlys can move up, attack, and move back.
Eirlys attack: http://orokos.com/roll/713455
Damage: http://orokos.com/roll/713456
7 total, if I am not mistaken.

OOC: I like to imagine that Lacky did a power slide towards the charging rock-boar while throwing that spell. :) Also, Drokk's EB from Mirror Image was the backing pyro.

In the coming round, the boar will no longer be restrained or have its AC lowered. It will still have to stand after being prone, however.


Confidence flooding through Sandford, he notches yet another arrow. This time he kisses the tip of the arrow and whispers “Send this squealing bag of rocks home”
He focuses on the largest of cracks in the boar and lets it fly. He will again try to move putting the boar between him and the rest of the party, flanking it and forcing it to choose a target, instead of it being able to charge a group.


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It's hard to take any joy in destroying something so wondrous, Drokk mused as his many selves moved around the altar. But at least we're sending the beast's spirit to where it truly belongs. Again he raised the axe and slashed at the air, sending a shard of crystal into the prone form of the boar.

OOC: Move Action: Move closer to the boar, so that he can go into melee next turn.
Standard Action: Once again, an Eldritch Blast +4, 1d10+4 Force, 120.'

AC: 15 + Mirror Image ♦ HP: 23 ♦ Character Sheet.


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Othar feels a stab of pity for the boar, who certainly didn't choose any of this. Still, nothing to be done but finish this.

"Come on, beast!" he roars. "Have done with it!" Gesturing grandiosely, he rips loose another chunk of stone with giant-born magic and sends it hurtling toward Galamakthros.

OOC: Second verse, same as the first: Catapult; Dex save DC 13 or 3d8 damage.

Spells n/a, sorcery points 1
HP 20/22
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