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[IC/OOC] Werewolf: the Apocalypse (W20ish) - "All Are of Gaia"


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Feel the hunger, as it burns inside
Feel the hunger, you forgotten child
There's no one like you, as you wander blind
There's no one like you, can't you wonder why
- Danzig, "Halo Goddess Bone"​

This is the In-Character (IC) and Out-of-Character (OOC) thread for "All Are of Gaia", a Werewolf (W20/Revised) chronicle set in the very near future (2020), and in varying location.

If you are viewing this thread simply as a reader, be advised that there will almost certainly be foul language and at times Splatterpunk levels of gore. Maybe. But I want to put that out there up front. Consider this "Mature".

For my players, please note that this is a combined IC/OOC thread; that means that I treat the thread almost like a tabletop, in that OOC comments are posted right along with the in-character stuff. I would greatly prefer it if people could designate their OOC comments by simply putting "OOC:" or the like at the start of said comments. You can take a look at any of my previous PbP threads to see this in action. Links in my sig.

I require people to post (when necessary) every day to every other day, MINIMUM. Not being a hardass, but PbP moves slowly as is. To paraphrase Riddick, "if you can't keep up, don't step up".

As for mechanics, I can either handle them fully (likely with Orokos or the forum dice roller if I can figure it out), or we can have players rolling their own dice. However, I find that this tends to slow things down posting-wise, and can lead to people jumping to conclusions about the results. For these reasons, I'd prefer to handle the mechanical side of things, unless people have their hearts set on it. Note that if we DO go with player rolling, this will still be subject to online roller results - I am a "dice fall where they may" kind of GM, and I like people to be on the up-and-up.

Before we get into the story proper, we'll go through a period of character generation and questions. No need for "OOC:" during that. It'll all be OOC. If you have a character fleshed out already, feel free to post the sheet anytime. I don't have a preferred style, so long as it is easily deciphered. A straight text version posted here on the thread allows me to cut and paste if need be, and is handy for future reference. I won't be setting up a wiki.

Your characters will still be cubs/fledglings/youths/etc. They don't have to know each other well, but they will be aware of who their potential packmates are, WHAT they are, and have spoken a bit in the time before the Sept pushed you out into the wide world to "become a Pack".

This setup means that none of you are fully considered adult members of your race or Tribe. You have not undergone the conclusion of your Rite of Passage, and the fact that you are undergoing it at all (for those non-Garou) mean that your characters have at least some reason to be invested in the recognition of the Garou Nation. Likewise, you are invested in the need to become a Pack. I don't want moody loners or too much in-fighting. There's a reason or reasons why you have chosen to undergo this Rite, and they are serious.

Where the game will be initially set is the Northwest Territories. There is a Caern, but you will have been set on your way to complete your requirement for the Rite, and will be expected to stand on your own two feet. If you were once associated with this particular Caern, and not just say moved there for the convenience of the Rite, you are temporarily on your own. The Elders will not be coming to your rescue. They will not be teaching you more than you already know. You won't be able to return until you're sure that you've come together as a Pack, and are ready to be recognized as full members of the Garou (Fera) Nation.

Now that I've gotten all that moutful of stuff out of the way, let's have some fun and get these folks statted up!

Exactly where you start will probably depend on whether any of you take Resources or not. Likewise, vehicular transport will depend on finances. I am leaning toward starting the chronicle in Yellowknife, just before the July 2020 "Folk on the Rocks" music festival.

I have (too many! lol) chronicle ideas in mind, but characters taking things like secrets or precognitive abilities, or even a few Contacts will have a few more tidbits handed out for the Pack to follow up on, should they desire. Which is to say that the characters you choose will have an effect on where the Chronicle goes, as well as their actions steering things.

Let's get this party started!

Damian May

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Spoiler: Show

NAME - Egg Hunter.

BREED - Lupus
AUSPICE - Galliard
TRIBE - Red Talons ( Future)
CAMP - Whelp's Compromise ( Future)

NATURE - Explorer
DEMEANOR - Bon Vivant/Cub

RANK - 1

STR - 3
DEX - 3
STA - 4 (endurance)

CHA - 3
MAN - 1
APP - 2

PER - 4
INT - 2
WIT - 2

RAGE - 4

GIFTS - Heightened Senses, Call of the Wyld, ( Hidden Killer - Future)

BACKGROUNDS - Fetish 1 (Eternal Waterskin- Future), Rites 2, Kinfolk 1 (littermates), Totem 1

RITES - Moot Rite, Pants

Alertness 3
Athletics 3
Brawl 3
Expression 1
Primal-Urge 4 (hunches)
Subterfuge 1

Animal Ken 2
Larceny 2
Performance 1
Stealth 3
Survival 3

Enigmas 1
Linguistics 1
Occult 1
Rituals 2

MERITS - Acute Senses (scent); Eidetic Memory
FLAWS - Curiosity, Compulsion (chase prey)


Lupus: Light grey to white on underside, mottled grey-white over back and head, white muzzle, amber-yellow eyes.

Human: Young, solid teenage native american woman with wide cheekbones and a broad face.

Egg Hunters family territory is on the border of Wood Buffalo National Park, and their main prey is the bison that roam there.....which made her penchant for stealing from nests a little bit of a joke amongst her pack. Her kin still live around Wood Buffalo but as wolf hunting is allowed in the North West territories she has lost a few over the years.
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Ok, I'll get my kitty statted up this week. As a note, I have a surgery on 8/23/2019 and will be unable to sit at my computer for long periods of time for at least a week because of pain/stitches placement, so I might be a late jump in because of it. I'll let ya'll know how the surgery goes.


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Spoiler: Show

NAME: Cole Broken Fist

BREED: Homid
"TRIBE": Tulugaq

NATURE: Pedagogue
DEMEANOR: Trickster






GIFTS: Morse, Voice of the Mimic

BACKGROUNDS: Contacts 2, Fetish 3 (uPhone, Gnosis 8), Secrets 2

Alertness 3
Athletics 1
Flight 2
Streetwise 1
Subterfuge 2

Drive 1
Etiquette 1
Larceny 4 (Lockpicking)
Stealth 2
Survival 1

Academics 2 (First Nations History)
Computer 2
Enigmas 2
Investigation 3
Occult 1
Rituals 1
Science 1 (Physics)
Technology 2 (Security)

MERITS: Language (French), Language (Chipewyan)
FLAWS: Forced Transformation (Revert to Homid when confronted with gold)

Human: A rather pale young man between 18-20, with black hair and eyes, of mixed First Nation/White ancestry. He has long and nimble-looking fingers which have a habit of twitching, especially when in the presence of shinies! He sports a couple of visible tattoos and piercings, and whatever he's wearing, there's a 99% chance it's black.

Corvid: A particularly large specimen of the species Corvus corax.
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Spoiler: Show

NAME: Cody Anoj

BREED: Homid
AUSPICE: Theurge
TRIBE: Children of Gaia [Future]

NATURE: Conformist
DEMEANOR: Caregiver



INT 4 (Analytic)
WIT 4 (Clear-headed)


GIFTS: Persuasion, Spirit Speech, Mother's Touch (Soon)

BACKGROUNDS: Spirit Heritage 5 [Glade Child], Rites 1, Totem 1

RITES: Rite of Binding

Alertness 2
Brawl 1
Empathy 3
Primal-Urge 1
Subterfuge 2

Animal-Ken 1
Etiquette 1
Stealth 1
Survival 2

Enigmas 3
Law 1
Medicine 1
Occult 3
Rituals 3
Science 2 (Botany)

MERITS: Seldom Sleeps, Natural Channel, Pitiable



Homid: Cody has the appearance of an 18-year-old teenager with brown hair and brown eyes on a thin face. He is around 5'5" with a slight tan. He tends to avoid eye contact, preferring to look past someone or to the ground. He usually wears loose and practical clothes, mostly in brown or gray tones.

Lupus: A light brown wolf with a lighter belly and brown eyes.


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Man, you guys are quick with the characters. I haven't looked through them microscopically and done all the point-level math, but at an overview they look good.

Siwyenbast, noted about the operation.

Damian, does Egg Hunter have a current totem, or is that a point expenditure in case the pack ever gets one? Note: Corax and Bastet probably won't ever have a pack totem, or at least not the same relationship with them that Garou do.

Cody has Spirit Heritage 5? Hm. I'll have to take that into account.

And two Native-blood so far. This is shaping up to be interesting.


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I've just gotten an application for a new character, so I'm going to bring them in to join the game too. That gives us a good pack number, and it's a werewolf concept, so will stabilize things and round them out a bit more in terms of the Garou Nation.

Plus I like the concept, so that figures into my decision. They should be along shortly.


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Hi there, I'm the new application!

Emma Miller
Spoiler: Show

Emma is new to being a wolf. She's new Canada. Frankly, she's new to being and adult and having some sort of control of her life. Currently she's staying with a kinfolk she calls Aunt Anna just about 1 hour drive from anything, but haven't been doing so for very long. Her american east coast dialect quickly betrays her origin, and while she rarely speaks specifically about her origin - or how she got here. It's not hard to pinpoint her being from one of the major cities; probably because she's having a hard comprehending how small Yellowknife is.
Perhaps, it's with some surprise how quickly she's acclimated. She thrives in the wilderness, and is a for someone who seemingly spent their life in the city surprisingly adept in outdoormanship. Without a doubt she enjoys the freedom of running in the wild, both with two legs and with four, her scent laden with exhilaration. She could live the rest of her life like this. Alas, with the Change comes responsibility, and she has fallen into line. She didn't come with a

Emma is slightly above average height, with the lithe body of an athlete. She does not have much in the way of curves. Her face has equally hard lines, like cut from clay. Dark brown hair, usually set in a low pony tail lies a bit flat on her head. Her eyes and body language is surprisingly easy to read, she wears her emotions like clothes, even though she's calmed down since she first arrived. She used to have a larger variety of outfits, but since her new life is quite taxing on clothing, she's nearly always dressed in the rugged boots and outdoors clothing that were finally dedicated to her. Rarely wearing makeup, and with the thick clothes she's sports, she's sometimes mistaken for a teenage boy, at least from a distance.
Her lupus shape is white with a few patches of grey and black and could probably be mistaken for a husky in the right light. Her ears are a bit to big, giving her, not entirely incorrect, the appearance of a cub.

Breed: Homid
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Black Fury (?)

Damian May

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Damian, does Egg Hunter have a current totem, or is that a point expenditure in case the pack ever gets one? Note: Corax and Bastet probably won't ever have a pack totem, or at least not the same relationship with them that Garou do.
In case of Future need.
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