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[IC] [SWN] Delta Drop


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February 15 3200, 5:30 AM
The Feed Line

After a short time for planning and prep, the team moves out during the very early morning. Soldiers lift a heavy grate to let the hired heroes clamber down an access ladder into the Feed Lines. The 'floor' of the city is several meters thick and most buildings rise up through it from the foundation layer, making for a heavily-built, cyclopean grid of sub-basements, supports and Feed piping down below. It is noticeably colder below the city proper, even though the air and Lines are heated to keep them functioning andto act as a layer of insulation for the city above. The team moves for a timeless while in the dim maintenance tunnels, following branch offs and unions until they begin to close in on the Taldean command center.

It's not a hard task for the group to spot the beginnings of the sensor shell. They were expecting it, and its presence is obvious to the more technically-inclined members of the crew. Ahead in the gloom are small, but not quite hidden, sensor pods and transmitters. The shells alarms haven't been tripped yet, and it's a blessing of sorts that the walls and ceiling are too thick for anything not in this tunnel to view it from outside. This group of sensors is the only one that the group will have to bypass.

Marc G.

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Giotto starts to crack his knuckles, then remembers the sensors nearby and thinks better of it. "I'll try to get them looped so we can get by clean. If things go poorly, I can launch some of that pretech malware into the shell, it should take the whole thing down so at least they won't know where we're breaking in." He takes out his dataslab and gets to work.


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"I've brought two more shaped charges, so we shouldn't get boxed in once we're out of the tunnels." Moving as quietly as he can, Axminster scans ahead for heat signatures.
"I'm tempted to just take out the building supports and drop the thing on top of itself... we could comb the wreckage for survivors to kill..."
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