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Illustrators for NPC thumbnail sketches sought


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I have an outstanding requirement for 25 NPC thumbnail sketches to finish two modern-day horror scenarios which will appear in a semi-pro magazine. They are as follows:

Assignment One
Fourteen NPC head-and-shoulders thumbnails consisting of various models, model agency types, hangers-on, oligarchs, and cult leaders.
Three group NPC thumbnails of four individuals ranging from a private security team and various cultist factions.

Assignment Two
Eight NPC head-and-shoulders thumbnails of five teenage uniformed school kids and three teachers.
Uniform is modern British. Think Harry Potter without the gowns.

File requirements
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 portrait (individual thumbnail); 4:9 landscape (group portrait)
Resolution/colour/format: 300dpi greyscale TIFF

Assignment One: US$200
Assignment Two: US$100
Payment by PayPal (fee paid) or bank transfer if UK-based.

If you are interested in any of the assignments please contact me by PM for further information. Please include details of any online galleries of your previous work with your inquiry.

Many thanks for your attention.
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