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🎨 Creative Imagine a modern day equivalent to Shadow Over Mystara


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IMO, it's a fantastic fighting game, greatly inspired by D&D settings. It's not what OP is asking for, since it's not trying to follow D&D mechanics at all. The dwarf does a lot grabbing and throwing, the wizard summons helper wood golems, the barbarian powers up by blocking enemy attacks right on time, etc.

It's very fanservicey, and the aesthetics are not for everybody. (Watching the Sorceress' run animations fires up my empathy centers, because of how painfull the breast bounce looks. So I don't play as Sorceress or pick one for my party.)

I'm not sure it's still available, though. I played it on Vita, and thought about buying it for PS3 to play on a bigger screen, but it seemed gone from the PS store.

EDIT: It's not called fighting game in English, is it? That's for street fighter and similar one-on-one fights. Beat-em-up, then?
I was super excited about this game, and playing a beefy amazon crushing heads, but I flat out could not get over the amazon's butt attack. It's just too much. And you already mentioned the Witch's jiggle physics. The elf was the only female character that wasn't completely cringe-inducing.


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If you want a game by Vanillaware where the female character designs don't go so far, try looking up the Odin Sphere remake or Muramasa. They're both fun, although they play differently.


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Unfortunately for me Dragon's crown was a Playstation exclusive, so not for me unless it gets ported elsewhere at some point.
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