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The traditional edition wars have been toxic in the Dungeons & Dragons forum since the announcement of 4th Edition. They are negatively impacting the ability of the community to discuss any edition or variant of the game, and show no signs of improving.

As a result, we will be punishing threadcrapping in the Dungeons & Dragons/D20 Fantasy forum under rule 0.

If a thread is started for the purpose of positive or negative discussion you may not drop in a purely contrary screed. We suggest OPs use the + or - tag (as Exalted fans/foes in TRO do) or similar and explicitly state their intentions if they want a thread of this kind. e.g "[4e-] Tell me how 4e has negatively affected your conventions" or "[3.5e+] What was your favourite PrC?".

Threads that do not explicitly solicit a tone of discussion should be treated as normal. Trolling them is still highly unadviseable.

While "threadcrapping" is a subjective standard, the staff aren't idiots, and neither are you. We're not banning any kind of discussion, just telling you to keep it to appropriate threads for the health of
the forum. If in doubt, start a new thread with what you want to say.

Edit: I'll be posting an unlocked version of this thread to Trouble Tickets for discussion.

2016 Edit: Nowadays, we're trying to phase out use of the "-" tag, because it led to flamey and unproductive threads. If you want to start a thread that is critical of some game you can, and people should refrain from posting that nobody should ever criticize the game, but the mods are not going to automatically ban everyone who speaks positively of it. Also... this isn't a mod directive, but it's better for the forum in general if people mainly post about games that they like, rather than putting together hate-fandoms of some game that they don't.

Similarly, "+" tags will not be interpreted in a mechanistic fashion. They may be taken as indicators of the intent behind a thread, but that doesn't mean that every single negative comment will automatically be sanctioned. Mods will as always use their own judgment.

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