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In desperate need of help


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I agree with the sentiment that the best way is to find a reason where sticking together is benefitial. Make them WANT to party together. In your case, maybe there's a high level monster in the caverns that realizes there are intruders and starts hunting them down for food. Or perhaps there's a path one group stumbles upon that leads to a significant treasure, but the a wide variety of skills and talents are required to reach the end. Skills and talents that are perhaps exclusive to the other players.


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I like most of the advice in this thread! My own perspective/advice...

First, have a frank discussion with the players: "This looks like a problem, and I'm not having much fun with the game as it stands. I know for a fact that at least one of you -- and I suspect more than one -- is also not having much fun. I don't think this campaign will sustain itself under the current circumstances."

This frames the issue. Don't blame anyone (that includes claiming it as "your fault") but otherwise pull no punches, don't try to "soften the blow."

Then ask how they think they could change / re-envision their own PC to make party-goals and party-cohesiveness higher priorities than the previously-divisive goals/priorities. It may mean adding elements to their backstory or their personality, it may mean changing things, or eliminating things; or all of these.

Maybe they cannot envision that -- maybe the PC just cannot be mad to Play Nice With Others. It's something you'll need to know!

Ask if they can envision a new threat -- you're exploring, you discover something that is a threat to ALL the different priorities of the characters. Could a new re-focus work? Maybe they REACH the surface... and discover the threat THERE?

Finally: ask if they think a re-boot is called for, all-new or mostly-new characters, possibly in a new setting/campaign (with party-cohesion as a key driver in PC-design)?

Does someone ELSE have an idea they'd like to GM (and you could play)?

Throw it into the players laps... and consider yourself another one of the players for this! Basically, you;'re having a re-do of "Session 0".
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