[In Which I Play] Crisis on Three Earths (This Again): Super Robot Wars V

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After I did Fantasy Maiden Wars and mentioning Super Robot Taisen throughout, I've wanted to LP one of these for a long time to introduce non-Japanese speakers to the series proper. Except that my Japanese really sucked.
Now tho, there's an English version. So without further ado, its time for:

Super Robot Wars V, hereafter known as SRWV: the 4th officially translated Super Robot Wars game after the GBA OG, GBA OG2 and Moon Dwellers, and the FIRST EVER officially translated that uses licensed series outside of Banpresto's originals. It's a turn based strategy game using a square grid.

SRW has made itself known for being one of the longest crossover game series ever (made possible by the fact that, right at the outset, Bandai's Banpresto arm is a games publisher and is in a perfect position to get all the IP owners to agree to such an initiative.). That, and the fact that these days SRW is attack animation pr0n.

There's not really much innovation you can do with a simple turn based strategy game like this; the game system is pretty much the same as it was since the very beginning, barring a couplea new features added periodically over the years, and those features tend to be attack characteristics.

The translation of SRWV is not an Atlus production. From Project X Zone onwards, it seems that the Bamco translation team is in-house, and I suspect its through the Singapore branch office, so the localization is gauranteed to target English and Chinese speakers. From what I hear, the quality is pretty good, barring a couple of mistakes that managed to escape editorial.

The title image should show you roughly who's guest-starring.

Ground Rules
0. My Schedule May Slip

1. I'm playing this assisted blind

Naturally, as while I've watched plenty of in-game footage, they're all battle anims, and I only got the game last month. My sole source of assistance? akurusu.net. Any opportunity to build towards a secret listed on the site will be attempted. Because y'know, I want to do the secret missions as well. :3

Game mode will be "Standard", which means bonus objectives (SR point) will be enabled. This is to avoid being hounded by certain rabbits from the moon. Beginner mode is "Easy modo" as they call it, and is for schoolkids, because bonus objectives are removed. I can always change it later if required...

SR point is a dynamic difficulty scaler I believe; the more I collect, supposedly the more difficult the game becomes (and rewards will scale too). I probably won't notice, maybe.

(Oh, and Guidance Mode is the tutorial level, run by the main characters to teach you how to play the game, in general. Nothing in there carries over to anything.)

2. You are likely to be spoiled
Disclosure: as some of you may remember, I have never had a problem being spoilt. This is for the benefit of anyone in this thread who balk at being spoilt.

I apologise in advance.

Scenarios depicted in the game are altered through arc wielding, but the game will still follow the general plotline of the respective guest series.
I'm not going to hide anything behind spoilers, otherwise there's just no point to this playthrough.

Sorry about this, but that's the nature of a crossover game with an arc welding plot.

3. I'm not doing any DLC other than the 0-day one that comes in the box

DLC missions are extra scenarios that have nothing to do with the main story. They contain one-off "filler episodes". Upgrades and units don't carry into or out of them; completing them only grants extra items. The sole exception is the 0-day DLC which actually tacks onto the main plot.

4. Participation

A. There's even wider branching paths than Fantasy Maiden Wars in SRW. I'm pretty sure I'll only have the inclination to do
one path and stick to it. I'll let you guys choose paths, subject to being overridden depending on how much I really want to get a secret
available on a certain path only.

B. Eventually, I'll have more units in my hangar than the stage will allow me to deploy. I'll tentatively put this up to a vote, but be forewarned
it will get very tedious up to the end. I may from time to time WANT to deploy a given unit, perhaps to ace it or to claim a secret.

So, who shall be the Main Character?

Male or Female, in general, who'll both pilot the same mech.

This is a game that lets you choose the gender of your OC Standin. IIRC they practically have the same stats, and the Birthday system means they get their Spirit Skill List - oh heck, I'll just call it "Spellbook" - from the same chart.
About the only real difference is their theme BGM.

You can change their name and their nick, but not the backstory. For the purposes of the playthrough, I'm keeping the original names, tempted as I am to use names such as Hiro Protagonist and Marylin Sue. >_>'

The character interaction changes depending on gender. The unselected one... will still appear in the game, but will become a supporting cast.

Male Side: Murakumo Souji
Age 23, New Correct Earth (What's "New Correct"? More on this later)
Test pilot, Lunar Special Tactial Lab Defense Force, Formerly: Lunar Aviation Wing

Female Side: Kisaragi Chitose
Age 19, New Correct Earth
Newbie, Lunar Special Tactial Lab Defense Force

Set your MC's Birthday/Bloodtype


The birthday setting actually changes the spirit commands that the MC gets. Some combinations are better than others.
The chart is actually by *star sign* rather than individual day.

Currently only 3 unique birthday/bloodtype combinations are known:
Souji's default is 12/13, A
Chitose's default is 2/4, O
The Terada one 11/11, B. Terada Takanobu is the long-standing lead designer/director of the Super Robot Wars series. There are only a handful of those games where he didn't play a lead role. His birthday being one of the fixed unique birthday combinations is an easter egg, always reputed to have an extremely useful spellbook combination. For example, back in SRW Alpha, Terada's birthday is guaranteed to give the MC the earliest possible access to the "Miracle" spell (It's actually now known as "Love". If said Spell appears, I'll tell you what it does.)


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Hey, this will be interesting. I played the Originals only games, and thought they were fairly entertaining.


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I bought this game for myself for Christmas, and this is my second to next planned LP (after Beneath a Steel Sky). I played through the first 4 missions yesterday just to get accustomed to them.


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On the one hand, busty lady pilots with ties do something for me on an aesthetic level. (Just a shame the rest of the costume design doesn't sync well with it. The point of a tie is it gives some formality, and her outfit doesn't even work as a Halloween version of an office worker.)

On the other, the male pilot is positively ancient by mech protagonist standards, and having a lead character yelling at people not to call him "pops" would be great even if he didn't look like he calls people "kid" with a cigarette in his mouth after combat.

I vote the dude. If we're going for custom names, I suggest Kambei "Pops" Shimada, born March 12th, blood type A.

The most important thing is that we bench Beecha. Because, seriously, Beecha is terrible. Seriously, Elle. We all know that you can do better.

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I bought this game for myself for Christmas, and this is my second to next planned LP (after Beneath a Steel Sky). I played through the first 4 missions yesterday just to get accustomed to them.
Oof. Am I stepping on any toes here? I doubt I can complete my LP before you start yours...

Edit: Also, FFS. I'm really spoilt by the autoscreenshot functionality when I did the Transcendence LP. Also, I really want to get rid of that watermark (It WILL block some of the UI, tho thankfully not convos). Too bad I can't do this on an unmodified PSvita, and my Vita at version 3.65 is currently unhackable.
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Oof. Am I stepping on any toes here? I doubt I can complete my LP before you start yours...

Edit: Also, FFS. I'm really spoilt by the autoscreenshot functionality when I did the Transcendence LP. Also, I really want to get rid of that watermark (It WILL block some of the UI, tho thankfully not convos). Too bad I can't do this on an unmodified PSvita, and my Vita at version 3.65 is currently unhackable.
You're fine - I'm using the PS4 version, and will doing a video LP on YouTube (along with livestreams). Also, again, I've got Beneath a Steel Sky I've been challenged to do on Completionator, and I've never done a PC LP (or and adventure game LP for that matter), so I want to do that one first, so don't let me stop you.

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Well I'm going to leave the vote open till the weekend.

For now tho, since its the same for both selections:


In NCC 2199, Terada Day, War Already Begun. (No really, its 11th November.)

== Pluto Orbit ==

This is, of course, Operation M, what seems to be the United Nation Cosmo Navy's attempt to kick the Gamilas Empire out of the Solar System. The assault on Gamilan staging area, Pluto...doesn't seem to be going well at all.

Already on the map are:
7x Isokaze
1x Isokaze "Yukikaze"
1x Kongo "Kirishima"

Gamilan Empire:
12x Kelkapia

Not only is the UNCN outnumbered, straight after the map loads, 4x Isokazes up and /explode.

A First Officer reports that 4 more ships are lost with all hands. Then an enemy comms comes in - surrender, OR ELSE.

Commander Okita's reply pretty much sums up to: "Nuts."

The terse response enrages the Gamilans. Another barrage /blows up 3x more Isokazes.

All hope IS lost... but then astrogation detects an object zooming past Pluto orbit, into solar system - destination: Mars.

With that report, Okita has comms send a message to Earth: "The Cave of the Sun Goddess Shines". Declaring the mission over, he orders all remaining ships to retreat.

There's only 2 ships left. Obviously Operaion M is a diversion mission, a freaking costly one. Okita waxes philosophical on the sacrifice of the Isokaze fleet, as the Kirishima hards to aft.

But the only other friendly ship remaining on the map doesn't run. It instead barrels headlong into enemy lines.

Lieutenant Commander Mamoru Kodai offers to /tank while Okita's Kirishima flees.

Okita tries to dissuade Mamoru from needless sacrifice, but Mamoru isn't having it. It's 12 to 2; the Kirishima will be surrounded in no time.

Okita is a better commander than Mamoru will ever be, it's imperative that Okita makes it home - and Mamoru wants to pay with the Yukikaze to guarantee it.

Okita relents. As the Kirishima /Retreats...

The Yukikaze, with the crew praising their lords and masters at the top of their lungs, is last seen in a suicide run...

== Mars ==

Susumu Kodai (yes, the brother of the ill-fated Yukikaze's captain) and Daisuke Shima are the first in their search party to find the alien shuttlepod the UNCN was waiting for.

Unfortunately, its occupant didn't survive the journey.

In the source material, we don't know who she is, because nobody's supposed to know that yet. Then this game comes, and decides to spoil us, by showing her name right there. See, I warned you about spoilers.

This is Sasha. Sasha is quite DEAD. Life support was apparently damaged by trying to put a non-FTL ship into FTL.

Yet her journey may not be in vain, for she holds in her hands the means to Earth's salvation...


The backstory is a Star Wars reel, a staple in every Super Robot Wars. You may have probably read a blurb in the game's TVTropes page or similar. The backstory stated there is completely off I think, unless we assume some key players to be hundreds of years old - not very possible for even Newtypes.

Bamco's translation provides a sequence of events that sounds more correct, but leaves a couple of holes. Here's my take on the cut down sequence from Terada's scriptwriters.

The year AD 2000 in this universe was marked not by a year overflow bug, but by the formation of the United Nations Earth Alliance from all participating nations of the UN and NATO. To commemorate the event, the Anno Domini reference to the passing of years was dropped in favor of a new reference - "New Correct Century", or NCC.

Well, this New Century was indeed Correct, for all of a hundred years. It was an era where man finally mastered sublight space travel, with ships capable of trips to Jupiter in reasonable amounts of time. An era that saw the beginnings of bipedal mechs (They probably started off as spacewalk powered armor).

It went downhill from there.

Earth Alliance bureaucracy meant that its influence could not hope to catch up to the rapid colonization of the solar system. Colonies begin to breakaway and become autonomous. The leadership of Earth never took it well, and the separatists responded in kind. The union became uneasy. Where once stood racism, now stood an Earthnoid and Spacenoid bias.

Eventually, after many cold-war style conflicts, the New Correct Universe Earth would have its first system-wide war: the One Year War of 2178.

As you probably know from your Gundam lore, the One Year War never really ended with the defeat of the Zeon Empire. It spanned many, many years encompassing many, many conflicts that are unreported or spun as terrorist attacks by public relations of the various unofficially warring factions. Derisively, the decade after was called the "10-Year Void".

By the end of *that*, when the Jupiterians came into power, nobody remembered why this era was called the New Correct Century anymore. The Jupiterians failed just as hard as the Zeon Empire, of course.

Yet there was no respite, for the Gamilans arrived. The Gamilans turned out to be VERY hostile.

Weakened from constant warring, the territories of the Solar System were no match for an alien empire a hundredfold their size, and centuries more experienced in space warfare than they were. It didn't help that unlike humanity, the Gamilan Empire actually let their nuclear programs run the heck away, because they never had anything like the UN Resolution.

Schooling each and every warmonger past and present, what they did was build a staging base on Pluto, which nobody in the Solar System cared about - then proceeded to launch asteroid-sized Planet Nukes from there, at Earth...

By the year NCC 2198, Humanity has all but lost the battle. The reformed United Nations, cobbled together in an "enemy of my enemy" kind of way half a decade back, continued to fight against their Gamilan conquerors, for where else could Humanity go?

And then, a mysterious message from another alien race entirely lands at the UNCN Admirality's feet. Second Contact offered Earth a means to get their planet - and their system - back, but not without sacrificing something for the opportunity.

And so here we are, in the year NCC 2199, after the seemingly futile Operation M.

That, by the way, sure looks like Mars, but its not Mars. It's Earth, after heavy asteroid-sized Planet Nuke bombardment, with most if not all of its oceans boiled away, its forests and farmland vaporized, and its cities so irradiated that those who remained must live underground.

It's here that the Kirishima returns to, bearing the alien artifact that the UN Cosmo Navy was clearly expecting.

Meanwhile, somewhere on New Correct Earth is a mysterious woman, looking towards the Moon for hope...

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When your A plot is a second-order adaptation of one of the most famous anime in the world that originally aired forty-five years ago, I think you have to expect that everyone in your audience knows that Rosebud was the sled.


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Yeah, it's point for point an exact adaption of the Yamato 2199 first episode. Not that this is bad. In fact, given that Yamato is an enduring classic, not messing around with something that not only works, but works great, is the smart thing to do.

Well, except that last line. That last line is probably the segue into another robot franchise.
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