[In Which I Play] Crisis on Three Earths (This Again): Super Robot Wars V


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Time for the next batch of videos (again, in two chunks because this is a fairly long mission).

I'll get the rest of this session this afternoon.


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One DLC mission this time, and then a special mission. I apologise for the audio issues - I've got a new mike I'm using and I'm trying to figure out the volume levels.

And now we come to another decision point - do we go with the Yamato and continue the plot with the other protagonist, or do we go with the Nadesico and continue with the Full Metal Panic plot.

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This episode has a truckload of triggered conversations!

Unfortunately, I had to leave some Level 15-16s by the wayside.

Velt.txt has got a score of 50. I give him the Proud Ace chip I've been saving since the beginning of the game. This means he aces instead of waiting for 60 kills.

If anyone is Aced (hits a score of 60 - or 50 with Proud Ace), a scene triggers the next time you attempt to visit Nineball. She throws a small private party for the newly aced! Complete with grammatically incorrect banner worthy of a 90s SNK fighting game. :3

In Velt.txt's case, he simply cannot stop living up to his name, spending his entire private party prattling on about the Red Baron, perhaps the world's first ace pilot.

...Velt, ever occured to you that you're talking to a robot that probably has that data in her banks somewhere?

Velt.txt will get a +1 move rating for any unit he pilots, and will get a 20% boost to Max SP (in effect, also giving him more SP at mission start) - for the rest of this playthrough. I'm still keeping him in the Huckie because that unit is an excellent mortar. You can alternatively have him swop places with Lottie; Grungust with 7 move base is quite attractive too.

Moving on, Great Mazinger is long overdue a single dot of upgrade, so it gets one.

=== Nadesico B Meeting Room ===

I see the meeting room design of a Nergal class vessel hasn't changed one bit since the TV series.

Ruri is holding a debrief to compare notes on the actions of the Martian Successors over both routes we just went through.

One thing seems to be very apparent so far - the OPFOR is stalling our side.

Apparently, there's too many super prototypes in our ranks, so they did the next best thing - stall us in the Might Gaine plotline for as long as they can, so they have time to win the arms race.

They do so by continuously besieging Nouville Tokyo. This forces Celestial Mithril Nadesico to defend it, as it's the hub of a global high-speed rail network; the loss of the center of that network will surely cripple trade and tourism.

In other words, we've been set up.

In the interests of crossover media goodness, this cannot stand.

Still, Athrun is quite impressed at the capability of the foes who keep sending crap units at us. Look how quickly they organize, and just days after the Martian Successors declared war on the Fed.

The evidence of a greater evil behind the scenes pulling the strings can't be ignored now.

Ange, the realist, scoffs. What is this, an anime?

(No it isn't, it is a game.)

Indeed, goes Banjo - who's very familiar with 70's style Saturday morning villainy. But you know what they say, truth is stranger than fiction.

Think about it. Financially supporting known terrorists. Instigating war.

Even evil has standards. This particular evil knows none; they want to destabilize the whole solar system.

Saburouta - bought up in a society based around a 70's anime - agrees. Apart from the bit where their goal isn't world domination, they're cartoon baddies right through.

So how do we deal with enemies that have a backer so genre savvy, that they know to prevent the plot from advancing?

The good news, goes Ruri, is that our opponents seem to have gotten complacent.

Banjo's been in contact with Akito. Yeah, that loner. The enemy's so fixated on Celestial Mithril Nadesico, that they ignored him snooping around in their territory. As they speak, Akito's still mapping the place.

Banjo's planning a post-emptive strike on the enemy base, and (much to Kappei's annoyance) never bought it up until now. Well, in this particular game, he has his reasons, or so he states.

...An evasive Banjo, and an Akito - who we last saw going after Hokuto in a bezerker rage of tranquil fury - not openly shooting up the Martian Successors like he's been shown to do in other SRWs and the movie. These are not the usual behavior for them.

Hmmm, I sense a spot of arc welding that required some sweeping rewrites. We'll know more about this later on, I reckon.

Anyway, the data Banjo got from Akito had a list of ALL the Terminal Colonies that the Martian Successors have subverted, and converted into forward bases.

...Yeah, the Martian Successors have been busy after taking over Shirahame.

We're not going to liberate them one by one tho, that's counterproductive - given that the Successors have Boson Jump tech and well, these Terminal Colonies are just relay stations.

No, we need to do what they're trying to do to the rail network - find their central HQ, and hit them with everything they've got.

Ruri hasn't quite thought through the "find their central HQ" part yet, so she's shopping for ideas.

She COULD set up a honeypot operation, although, goes Sumeragi, if she does it wrong the whole damn enemy fleet will be on the luckless distraction party.

Lockon is also unsure that Shirahame continues to be the Martian Successor HQ after the hostile takeover. But who knows? If Saburouta's history with Kusakabe is of any indication, the leader of the Martian Successors is an unpredictable man.

No one wants to sit around and wait for the Martian Successors and their allies to slip up tho, so what Ruri proposes is to forget sending out an interference party - but instead make a hell lot of noise with all of Celestial Mithril Nadesico.

As long as they keep a couple of eyes on enemy troop movements while they're doing so, there's a high chance of following the logistics and command chains back to the real enemy base.

To even begin to do this, Celestial Mithril Nadesico needs to head into space.

Tetsuya and Maito agrees with the plan, but the first order of business is to clean out the city of the Successors' goons first. Otherwise, they're sure to interfere when we attempt to blast off.

Especially, Banjo reminds us, since they have Rival Joe on their side.

This guy. THIS GUY. Has thus far took on all the Brave Express combiners solo, and won. The pilots on our side can see the man is a veteran.

Sumeragi's way ahead of this, because she's got the battle data from when Rival Joe defeated Tribomber, and she found it so odd she decided to help Maito do some digging.

In this continuity, Rival Joe is a Fed military deserter - so yes, he is indeed trained and is a certified ace - not just a self-declared one. Hmmm, our MC Kambei might wanna talk to him! Much like Joe Rival, he's an ace in the New Correct Century too...

Oh, Sumeragi's took the liberty of informing her contacts in the Fed, and they're miiiiighty interested in the deserter. In fact, their representives are on their way...

=== Wolfgang Army Hideout ===

The terrorist group leader Wolfgang's hosting quite a number of guests: the mafia don, the Pink Cat herself, and the weeaboo fake shogun, each of which are taking ungrateful potshots at the decor.

Wolfgang is not amused, and I'm not surprised. In the orginal media, the Might Gaine rogues gallery CAN NOT STAND EACH OTHER. Every time I see more than 1 of them appear in a single episode at once, they end up fighting amongst themselves or accidentally getting in each other's way. It's part of the reason why the Brave Express were able to keep this lot under control.

But in this continuity, there's this guy who calls himself Mister X, and he's got them all to gather in one place without them trying to choke each other.

There he is on the viewscreen now.

Say, he's the guy from the end of Episode 10, isn't he? This shrouded character thing doesn't really work on modern platforms. Were this the GBA, the portrait would just be a big fat "?" or a blank head.

Whatever it is, it looks like the rogues gallery can also see the shroud I'm seeing, because they're challenging Mister X to show his face. They know damn well not to trust anyone who hides behind something, because they practically each wrote one book on the subject.

Mister X isn't budging on the anonymity thing... because he wants to pay them off.

He can supply enough material and credits for the 4 of them.

Enough to fund Wolfgang's terror group with enough left over for his ambitious mech construction (meaning: the first half of Episode 17 isn't happening anymore).
Enough to practically bury Catherine in precious jewels.
Enough to revert Japan back to Mifune's ideal vision of Edo.
Enough to cement Hoi Kow Low as undisputed king of the underworld.

All 4 are miiiiighty interested at their new benefactor, who only asks for a simple task.

Celestial Mithril Nadesico must not break out from the Might Gaine storyline. Also, Might Gaine MUST DIE.

Rival Joe interrupts from out of nowhere, startling the conspirators. To what end does Mister X want to achieve by eliminating his, ahem, self-declared rival?

Meet Rival Joe (and that's actually his name, mind!). Loves to call himself "Joe the Ace". He's a hired gun who has a personal, one-sided vendetta with Maito and his childish sense of justice, wanting to crush it between his hands. He's offered his services to Wolfgang for that purpose alone.

And now you know why I call him a griefer. :3

Mister X... is suitably impressed. He can see the fire in this young man's eyes. But Mister X provides no answer for the mercenary.

Joe concedes, since he obviously isn't getting anywhere - but warns everyone in the room that Might Gaine is HIS, and his alone.

Well then, goes Mister X, change of plan: Joe is free to take the contract kill on Might Gaine. Mister X /logs off, awaiting the good news.

Spoiler: Show

...Exev, the magnificent bastich, entering into the plot earlier than he should. He's smarter in this game than he was in the TV series!

The plot of Might Gaine has been altered at this point - these 4 never allied in the TV series at all. Now, we have an equivalent of the Injustice Gang.

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I suppose if I get to command a crossover army, then it's only fair the OPFOR needs to pool their forces to compensate too.

Still, the new alliance simply can't get over their in-series disdain for each other. First thing they do is argue over the name they should use.

Mifune wants "Super Edo Gale Force".

Hoi Kow Low wants "The Great Hoi Kow Low And Co.". (Really? I can see why everyone hates him...)

Catherine tells the other 2 old fogies to STFU and stuff their ugly names where the sun don't shine.

Joe... nopes out of this pointless discussion. He left so aburptly, Wolfgang had to go after him...

=== Outside... ===

Wolfgang and Joe are an odd pair. Joe offered his services to Wolfgang because he could certainly do better than any of Wolfgang's terrorist group pilots.

Together, they look to be the evil equivalents of Hamada and Maito themselves.

Cocky as he is, Joe can fly his talk - he is indeed the only person so far to bring the most out of Wolfgang's latest mech design. Joe's employ with Wolfgang is pretty much permanent from the get-go, and he's is in the position to ask the prideful Wolfgang for anything he damn hell wants.

Well, goes Joe, if he's regarded so highly, he only has one request for the guy who constructs his awesome mech.

Do not tell the others who the pilot of the Might Gaine is. They must not know of Maito Senpuuji.

Especially Hoi Kow Low, him being a mafia lord and all. He WILL try to assassinate Maito out of his mech.

See, the griefer has standards. He wants to beat Maito in a fair fight; that's how you prove you're better than the other guy.

(There's only one problem with this entire convo. If you got the TacP bonus in Stage 10, Maito will tell Nine that Catherine already knows he's Batman.

Then again, it's not like Catherine will tell the other 2; the alliance seems just that tenuous.)

Wolfgang cautions Joe about getting full of himself, but agrees.

After all, he, too, wants to be recognized as the best mech builder in the world, and therefore wants to see his masterpiece beat down Might Gaine. Can't have the others steal his thunder now, can he.

Joe leaves the scene (I told you, Wolfgang practically allows him to do whatever), promising to be back when the fighting starts...

=== The Streets of Nouville Tokyo ===

Looks like Joe actually has a reputation in the seedier parts of society, and we see him chasing away a random street thug.

That thug happened to be harassing, of all people, Sally. By now, it's the second time Joe has chased miscreants away from Sally, although unlike Maito he has yet to fish her out of a disaster zone.

This time, Sally has the presence of mind to ask Joe for his name.

Because despite his abrasiveness, Joe seems to be a really nice guy inside...

Joe curses under his breath.

Fine then. Call him Joe. Joe the Ace.

Incidentally, Joe goes, Sally ought to get out of town in the next couple of hours. Because there's gonna be a giant robot battle soon - and that's where he'll defeat Maito Senpuuji.

Sally realizes that the person who just saved her has spoke of that other friend of hers - and of defeating him in the same sentence.

But it's already too late to stop him from starting a fight - Joe has left as quickly as he had come.

Episode 18: Dangerous Gold Approaches
<Insert 90's Anime Subtitle Here>

=== Relatively Soon Afterwards ===

Already on the map are
MegaSonic 8823 x2
Tiegel 5656 x4
Fromage x4
Ninjar x4
Kneeoh x2
Paozu x4

Holy crap, I'm going to get me a truckload of TacP from this episode!

The baddies are busy clusterbombing the area around Megalo Station. In other words, just another day in Nouville Tokyo. Catherine is PLEASED, in particular because the injustice gang chose the name she had in the end - Dangerous Gold.

Apparently Wolfgang, Hoi and Mifune learnt the hard way that Catherine is really good at the ol' scissors-paper-stone. If only Mifune had gone with scissors, he'd have been able to proclaim the same for the Super Edo Gale Force.

Catherine calls it the DG Alliance, but I wouldn't use that if I were her, lest she summons hideously mutated regenerating Gundams from another Neo Tokyo. :X

Spoiler: Show
"Dangerous Gold" is the title for the ED of Might Gaine, and it's sung by Catherine's voice actor.

All of them are talking through commlink instead of being on the map. So basically, none of them are around. But whichever meeting room they're in, Wolfgang notices that Hoi Kow Low is conspicuously absent.

Catherine /shrugs.

Oh well, they'll go on without him. (The more plotlines change, the more they stay the same, I guess.)

Joe's the only named enemy present on the map, and yes, he's allowed to go straight for Might Gaine the moment it shows up.

On the upper right corner of the map, Sally is dismayed to see that Joe is carrying out his threat. She has no idea which one Joe is on; at this point she's never seen the Hiryuu before. Y'know, all you have to do is to look for the most unique mech among them, they'll invariably be piloted by protag wannabes.

Reinforcements Have Arrived

The Tuatha De Danaan cannot deploy here, even with a Flight Module equipped.

...eh, Nergal ought to deal with that limitation soon enough.

Ptolemaios IIC /Spawn
Nadesico B /Spawn

Today's Roster
Might Gaine must spawn
Guard Diver
ZZ Gundam (Needs Ace)
Arbalest (Killcount)
M9 Gernsbeck 008 Command (Killcount)
M9 Gernsbeck Sniper (Killcount)
Zambot 3
Daitarn 3
Destiny Gundam
Force Impulse Gundam
Raphael Gundam (Behind in levels)

There's a lot of L+ sized high armor units on the map. I would recommend bringing out your Super Robots so the level won't take too long to complete.

This gathering of 4 different Might Gaine enemy factions, with the Hiryuu at their head, all but proves the enemy is in the same camp.

Tetsuya and Banjo cautions Maito about focusing on someone's vendetta on him. Maito doesn't much of a choice, since Joe is going to spend this entire episode chasing Maito all around the map - but agrees. This time, Celestial Mithril Nadesico fights as a team.

Joe knows that this is going to happen a little bit differently from his source material, and that he's soooo going to be dogpiled. He doesn't care. As long as he takes down Maito, he wins...

Mission Objectives
Defeat Rival Joe.

- Any capship sunk
- Might Gaine loses

SR Point
- Trash 14 units by Turn 4 Enemy. Let's make it a bit harder - INCLUDING Rival Joe.

This is why I made it a point not to bring out too many inexperienced people. There's so many Enemy Super-types on the map that if I didn't, I would not make the SR Point. I'm probably going to regret this later on.

Note the gotcha here - it's possible to defeat Joe before getting the SR point. If you do this, you technically fail the SR Point objective because mission complete takes precedence.

Turn 1: Player

Joe and his Hiryuu officially welcomes players to the game's next difficulty curve.

The Hiryuu, Wolfgang's variable fighter creation, is the first mech to be Might Gaine's match in series - especially when a trained pilot like Rival Joe is in it. Wolfgang seems to have wanted to call it a Sonic Bomber, but Joe overrode him because he is this grown up chuuni inside. That, or he's probably aware it looks too much like someone from the Japanese side of Cybertron and doesn't want to make it more obvious that Takara's recycling from a defunct toyline.

Believe it or not, the thing's control surface is a Porsche 928 sports car, which Joe drives into the cockpit-garage before taking off. This means Joe pilots it like he's a rally driver. The Hiryuu predates the Megas XLR by at least a decade :3

Spoiler: Show
Takara - from the pre-Tomy merger - continued the Transformers franchise in Japan after "G4" got axed in the states, and in fact still holds the rights to this day. But in 1990, even the popularity of this franchise waned in Japan in favor of newer mech shows. The very last animated transformers of that era was a 1-episode teaser, Transformers Zone, around 1990. This was not syndicated for continuation; Zone and subsequent Transformers stories became manga only, and would remain so until Car Robots.

The Brave Saga started shortly after this OVA, 1991, with Brave Exkaiser. An effort by Takara to remain relevant, Brave was a franchise that outlasted not only Generation 1 Transformers in Japan, but even its competitor, the Eldoran series from Tomy. Eagle eyed viewers are quick to realize that Takara seemed to be recycling from the old Transformers cartoons to save time. Good thing this wasn't so egregrious that even a 13 year old could notice.

In the case of Might Gaine, the animators didn't even change the color scheme. Hiryuu is literally Sonic Bomber, Dai-Atlas's lieutenant from Transformers Zone - and even Sonic the micromaster makes it in, tho only in vehicle mode. Technically, this will be the first time Transformers appeared in a Super Robot Wars. Wait till you meet Dai-Atlas himself later on...

Apropos of this, Gaogaigar was the only Brave without recycled assets.

It's built around a giant beam gun, the Hiryuu Blazer, that can hit for a whopping 4.2k damage base. That, plus its 36k sponge healthbar, plus Joe being in the cockpit - I can see why he's able to take on the Brave Express and come out on top. He can't use the Blazer on enemies up close, but even the basic Tonfa attack hits hard! It's only weakness is its maximum range of 4, but good luck trying to outrange Joe and hit him reliably.

Rival Joe (...for some reason, the translators have rendered his name as "Joe Ryvalle") doesn't have his ace bonus active yet, but this guy is a real robot pilot in a super robot, with all the benefits of both. I'm not entirely sure why he has Defiance aside from plot reasons tho, we have few who can beat his SKL rating in the first place. Still, with E-Save he won't ever run out of Hiryuu Blazers, and he'll only get more formidable the more we hit him.

The Mega Sonic is the mass production version of the Hiryuu, with the difference being having no alt-mode to speak of. It does replace its Tonfa attack for missile launchers (also a Postmove), but more commonly it'll attempt to use its blazer cannon (...no, translators it's not a beam rifle!) - while weaker than the Hiryuu's in that it's not a Postmove, it has a longer range of 6, and still happens to pack quite a punch. Good thing it's one tile slower than the Hiryuu and there's only 2 of them on the map.

As if the Ninjar are not extremely conspicuous enough, the Shadow have now fielded Oni-like Kneeoh. Unfortunately, the little in-joke here has been localized away - this was originally called a Ni-O, i.e Oni backwards.

...goddammit Mifune, not only do you fail Japanese tradition 101, but you really need better names! Your Might Gaine rogues gallery compatriots have terrible names too, but they're better than yours!

It's a bit of an improvement over the Ninjar, and not just in size, incorporating a short range (P) attack and the same Missile attack the Tiegels have, with a lot of HP and a large size. The Shadow Army mooks can practically make use of their Apply Terrain ability on these - I would recommend whacking them before they get onto a building tile.

I spend turn 1 bundling everyone except Sosuke into the Nadesico and Ptolemaios.

Harry /Casts Accel.
Sumeragi /Activates Super Pursuit Mode.
Sosuke - just /Casts Zero-In and charges ahead.

This should allow 2 things - getting a headstart on the 14 kills I need AND helping Sosuke with the Lambda Driver.

Turn 1: Dangerous Gold

Ninjar /fail.

Sosuke /Gains a level! He is now Level 20.
Al /Gains a level! He is now Level 20.

Ninjar /still fail, but at 11% it seems to be outpowering the Zero-In.

Great! This one /Missed at 22%.

The rest are still fairly far away; a small headstart is better than nothing.

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Turn 2: Player

The Ptolemaios /rains GN Missiles from out of a Paozu's range for 4k damage.

Ange /slashes through a Paozu for 3k damage with the Raziel.
Hampered by its underspecced AI, the Paozu could not hope to hit back.

Mao's floating Charge allows her to /pelt a Paozu to near wreck with her Rawket Lawnchair.
This would waste her floating Flicker. Nevermind.

Drat. This Ninjar managed to survive the basic Drive Wheel Sword. Nevermind.

The Nadesico /outranges a Ninjar for 3.5k damage, a hail of missiles showing exactly why ninjas should camouflage into their surroundings instead of, y'know, being blatantly in the open.

Pops /CRITICALLY blasts a Ninjar with the Tornado Particle Cannon for 4.1k damage.
The Ninjar is still alive tho, it manages to tag Kambei with his flamethrower. Kambei's got the Barrier Field up! He takes only a piddly 580.

Judau ZZ Gundam -> G-Fortress.

Hm. Looks like the size bonuses are helping the Kneeoh. It only took /1.9k damage from the Twin Beam Rifle.
Also, Judau /actually manages to lose a trade with it for 2.7k damage. I was kind of expecthing him to dodge that unassisted! >_<

No matter, for Judau /Gains a level! He is now Level 18.
Judau's /Newtype level is now 5! This is a requirement for using the Bio-Sensor, but the ability still remains missing on the ZZ Gundam. It's still a start to get part of the ability unlocked tho!

Kurz uses up both his Charge and Flicker to make a larger hole on the Kneeoh for /3.3k damage. Out of range, it is unable to respond.

Well you could use anything to deal with cruddy Paozus, but a Gundam SEED mech is perfect for such a purpose, because VPS Armor makes them last without casting spells.

Shinn /tags an injured one with the Flash Edge bladerang for 2k damage.
The Paozu's slow AI miraculously /manages to tag Shinn at 29%! But it fails to make much headway through the Destiny's VPS protection, dealing only 139.

/Landing and putting Super Robots on a Building tile is a great way to let them last a bit longer from the DEF bonus.

Kappei /Grappes a Fromage for 3k damage! Well since the Fromage looks like a decidedly 70's design, a 70's combiner mech ought to do well against it too.
The Fromage /responds with the good ol Diamond Attack wrecking ball, and the Zambot 3 tanks it for 1.3k damage!

Some of the enemy cross-series interactions are interesting - in the case of the Pink Cat mooks, they swoon over Banjo when fighting him. Banjo Haran, International Mech Pilot of Mystery, folks. :3

Upon seeing that the Fromages have a mace weapon, Banjo /challenges it with a mace of his own, the Daitarn Hammer! And the Daitarn 3 flings it like an olympiad for 4.2k damage!
The Fromage /responds by using its Special Diamond Attack! It is far inferior to the Daitarn Hammer however, barely breaking 1k!

Guard Diver /repairs Judau for 2.2k.

The Raphael Gundam is /Grounded. Certainly it has a better evade in the air, but I'm counting on the GN Field being able to bounce better with the additional armor buff.

Disembodied hands such as the GN Claws must certainly be ninja magic to the Shadow Army piloting the Kneeoh. Amazed, he has no choice but to get /socked for 2.5k!
The terrorized Shadow Army mook fires missiles too widely out of target, and Tieria could /easily beat the odds.

...I don't know why, but this attack looks like it hurts more than it did. :X

Sosuke is /still building Focus for the Lambda Driver. Here's him doing /2.9k of Shawtgun to a Paozu and /evading the return attack.

Turn 2: Dangerous Gold

Ninjar /fail because Sosuke goes first. BLANG

Sosuke is well on the way to getting his target killcount. /BLANG

You'd think this one is savvy about attacking the MC of its own series. /BLANG

This Ninjar attacked from a range where the Zambot 3 could only counter with its weakest attack... at 79%.
Tieria /jumps in to PWING a flamethrower attack with the GN Field!
Kappei responds with what a true ninja should actually be wielding - shuriken! Fortunately, Kappei beats the odds and /tags the Ninjar with the Zambusters for 2.3k damage.

One of the Kneeohs /CRITICALLY hara-kiri on Sosuke's Shawtgun.

Ultimate Chicken

Social Justice Chicken
Validated User

Lambda Driver /Just kicked in, yo!

Tieria /Bounces the other Kneeoh's missile attack.
He /responds with his GN Big Cannon, CRITICALLY willing the trade for 3.8k damage. Pity the GN Big Cannon doesn't have ignore size...

...It's odd that the Kneeohs are not using thier (P) attack; it's far stronger and could have cracked the shields, and has the move rating to get closer. Does the Shadow Army know how to ninja? :X

Banjo is still trading morningstar mace swings with the Pink Cats.
Banjo /tanks the Diamond Attack for 1k!
But the Catwoman pays dearly, for the Daitarn Hammer /utterly flattens the hapless Fromage. BLANG
Ok, I wasn't expecting that to kill on a non-critical, but that's the Daitarn 3 for you...

This Fromage tries to attack Sosuke from maximum range, despite its hit rate being an unmodified 0%. /It's obvious how that turned out.
Unfortunately, Sosuke is too far out of range to counter with the Shawtgun. Doesn't matter. He instead charges an AT Dagger with Lambda energy. Instead of lodging itself in the enemy and exploding, the dagger /CRITICALLY breaks mach 8 and goes right through the Fromage's thick armor for 3.1k damage!

The Raphael /has no problems dodging a giant mace from a mile away at 51%.
Tieria responds with the GN Big Cannon, and /wins both the 86% RNG AND the trade for 3.6k damage.

Evade decay finally catches up to Tieria, but it doesn't matter. Hiding in a building tile gives him juuuust enough protection that even a size 1 difference attack not in the Raphael's favor goes /PWING.
Since I did want to save some GN Big Cannon shots and Tieria doesn't have a 100% rate anymore, I instead have Tieria /counter with the GN Rifle instead. Luckily, he manages to beat the 71% odds, tho with the size penalty it does only 1.9k.

....sometimes the AI just gets lucky and /manages to take off half your unit's HP with only 13% to hit. >_<'
Ange is not about to let the Paozu get away with it tho, her counterattack with the Raziel /sends it right into the redzone.
Ange /Gains a level! She is now Level 19.

Lunamaria would have stepped in for this one, turns out she wasn't needed. Mao /already saw that one coming.
The Paozu is so outdated that even a standard Assault Rifle /is enough to scrap it. BLANG.

Outdated AI on the Paozus do not get lucky twice. It couldn't help but /get rekt from Ange's Assault Rifle.

Another gets /half its health CRITICALLY taken off by a plain ol' Charge for its trouble.

Whoops, here comes Rival Joe. Even as he's going after Maito, he'll still attack anyone within range when he finishes his move.
In response to being attacked, Tieria /casts Persist.
Ruri /casts Attune on Tieria, giving him the Bullseye effect.

Joe is a boss character of course, and therefore can easily /SMASH the GN Field. That's why I have Persist cast; with it active, the Hiryuu Blazer does only 500 damage.
Tieria's response with the GN Big Cannon does only /2.6k damage, which is a drop in the 36k ocean, but in the interests of getting the SR point, every little bit helps.

Turn 3: Player

Yeah, looks like I need to whittle down Joe here.

But first, Ruri /eats a Paozu.

Here's a demonstration of how useful Potential actually is by me screwing up.
First I have Ange /cast Zero in on herself. This reduces Joe's hit% to 27%.
Then I decide to have Guard Diver /cast Trust on Ange.
...So Ange's hit% is no longer 100%, and her evade chance becomes 43%. THIS IS AN EXTREMELY DRASTIC CHANGE FROM JUST HEALING HER.
I had no choice but to use up all of Ange's SP to /cast Intuition. I'll use her later.

Al /casts Analyze on Joe.

Banjo /casts Spirit, so now he has enough Focus to use Sun Attack.
Banjo /casts Intuition.

Conversation Triggered! Sure, Blame The Venture Capitalist

Banjo is already a famous figure for his role all the way back during the Lizard War years, and he's also on Joe's hit list.

37Besides - something about Banjo irritates the s*** out of Joe: the fact that he resembles Maito so much. And because of that, Joe WILL use Banjo for target practice this day.

Hah, goes Banjo. Such selfish reasons will never defeat the Daitarn 3!

By the power of the Sun, Joe now has both Analyze and Armor Down on him, and has /8.9k HP less.

Now Ange /steps in and Freeze Bullets Joe for 3.8k damage, giving him Mobility Down.

I take the opportunity to clean out the rest of the Paozus with the SEED characters.
Shinn doesn't need any spells, he handily /wins the trade for 2.2k vs a piddly 182.

Lunamaria /overkills it with the Excalibur.
Lunamaria /gains a level! She is now Level 17.

Kambei /casts Persist. Good thing he knows this spell. Zero-In is not enough to dodge Joe, and Mobility Down is already making Joe extremely easy to hit.

Conversation Triggered! Ace Combat V - Their Unsung War

Despite Joe not having "the tan" that is a mark of an ace from the New Correct Century, it seems that our hero recognises his opponent's skill - in this case, right from the moment they flew against each other.

Joe states that he was taught by the best. Pity, goes Kambei - if only Joe's mentor were here to see the villainous mercenary he had become...

Of course, Joe is professional enough to not be moved by such theatrics, but that's not how Kambei wants to play it in the first place. He wants to see how much of an ace Joe says he is...!

Ultimate Chicken

Social Justice Chicken
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Kambei /bombards Joe with the Burning Tactical Manuver Charge for 4.4k damage!
Not to be outdone, Joe /gives Kambei a Hiryuu Blazer to the face. Our hero is already braced for impact tho, protected by both Persist and a Barrier Field. He takes only 300 damage!

Kappei /casts Spirit.
Uchuta /casts Flicker.
...Because Kappei's hit rate on Joe is still 89% despite the presence of Mobility Down, Uchuta also casts Bullseye.

Conversation Triggered! Kids These Days

Joe states that he has no time to play with kids - something that the Zambot 3 crew take offence to, especially since they've fought off an alien race. Kappei declares that he's not going to lose to a selfish scumbag like Joe...

Joe quickly eats his words, /taking 6.7k of damage from the Zambot 3's finisher.
Joe is too close to counter with his strongest attack, but still pulls out his mech's tonfas. Ace as he is /he can't beat Flicker.

I'm kind of disappointed that Sosuke has nothing to say to Joe, but ah well.

This was a bit of a mistake, as while Sosuke manages to /knock Joe down to 5.5k, Joe /VERY NEARLY ends Sosuke, with the Arbalest saved only by the barrier generated from the Lambda Driver. OW!

Thank goodness Guard Diver can still move, so I quickly move him to /repair the Arbalest.
Guard Diver /Gains a level! He is now level 19.

Despite nearly getting Sosuke killed, I'll be able to off Joe on Turn 4 now. Before I do so, I still need to get 14 mook kills.

Judau /finishes off a Fromage with an oversized Beam Saber.

The Ptolemaios /GN Cannons the last remaining Kneeoh from outside of its attack range.

Thie allows the Might Gaine to /make it fall to pieces with his Mightyyy Slicer!

Maito /Gains a level! He is now Level 22.
Gaine /Gains a level! He is now Level 22.

Tieria's hitrate is only 87% (only? Yeah, don't trust the RNG Gods), but I allow it because he outranges the Tiegel anyway. He /manages to hit tho, for 3.8k damage.

Turn 3: Dangerous Gold

Judau thankfully doesn't need Tieria to step in, as the Ninjar's 7% offering /isn't good enough.
Judau is easily able to make good on his 98% offering tho! The Ninjar /is knocked right into the yellow zone with the Twin Beam Rifle. It's dead in the next attack.

This Fromage pays DEARLY for a /failed attempt at Diamond Attacking Tieria, who /Super Pursuit Modes it into oblivion.
Tieria /Gains a level! He is now level 16. Still behind...

Support Attack, the one thing the Wolfgang Army mooks are good for.

There's no need for Teiria to step in, The Fromage /has plenty of trouble hitting Kambei; the Pink Cat mook losing the trade with the Burning Tactical Manuver Charge for 4k damage.
A Mega Sonic follows up with its Blazer Cannon. And this is why the darn things are dangerous especially with a Wolfgang Army mook in the controls. Fortunately, /he can't hit Kambei either.

A Tiegel /misses its missile attack on the Might Gaine, and for its efforts gets /Signal Beeeam'd into the redzone.

The other Mega Sonic /takes a potshot at Guard Diver and botches it.
Guard Diver /washes a 50% chunk of his healthbar off with the Hydrocannon.

The Mega Sonic that assist attacked just now hasn't used up its attack yet, so /takes a potshot at Sosuke.
Sosuke /deftly sidesteps. He can't counterattack with much, except an AT Dagger. Charged with Lambda Energy it makes /a hole in the Mega Sonic's center torso for 2.2k damage. Not much, but it'll do.

Joe is programmed such that if the Might Gaine is within range it will attack the Might Gaine, and nothing else.
In response to being attacked, Gaine /casts Persist.
Ruri /casts Attune on the Might Gaine, granting Bullseye.

Conversation Triggered! The Feud

Joe knows he's outnumbered and being ganged up on. He doesn't care. If anything, he'll take the Might Gaine down if it's the last thing he'll do.

Maito really has no place in his schedule for griefing shenanigans, but if it's a fight Joe wants, he'll win...

Maito is ready for Joe this time, and /braces himself against the Hiryuu Blazer, taking only ~500.
Maito gets his own back in spades, /Tagging Joe with a Signal Beeeeam for 2.2k damage. Now I can definitely defeat Joe in the next attack.

Turn 4: Player

Did a bit of counting this turn and still had a couple of units short of the SR point. Lets rectify that.

Sosuke spends some ExC to /cast Multi-Action! I'm not going to do a consecutive attack tho, I'll save the rest for later.

He sends a Fromage /packing with Raid.
Sosuke /Gains a level! He is now Level 21.
Al /Gains a level! He is now Level 21.

I let Ange /soften this one up with High Mobility Charge.
The Wolfgang Army mook isn't really used to flying, much less dealing with a flying glass cannon. /Missed

Ultimate Chicken

Social Justice Chicken
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Judau is one of the people I need to feed, he /eats this Ninjar with his Hyper Beam Saber.
Judau /Gains a level! He is now Level 19.

Lunamaria /casts Cheer on Tieria, giving him Gain.

Tieria /utterly dismantles a Mega Sonic with his Super Pursuit Mode.
Under the effects of Gain, Tieria /Gains 2 levels and is now Level 18.
Tieria /learns Faith! ...Well, Gaine already had it when I got him back, must've missed the description last episode. The Faith spell is the more powerful version of the Trust spell, healing 6000HP to a chosen target.

Drat. Banjo /very nearly succeeds in smashing the Mega Sonic in with the Hammer, but doesn't quite kill it.
With 108hp left, the Mega Sonic /attempts a last ditch Blazer Cannon. The Daitarn is plenty easy to hit, but not only is the Mega Sonic dealing with a size penalty, Daitarn beings up a Daitarn Fan shield! Even advanced weaponry like the Blazer can only do 500.

Fine. Kappei /pelts it with a pair of Zambusters, and it falls to pieces.

Guard Diver /heals Might Gaine to full because he might as well.

Right, that should be it for the SR point.

Maito /casts Fortune and Intuition.
Lunamaria /casts Cheer on the Might Gaine.

Insurance via a Placement 5 bonus.

Might Gaine /CLEAVES the Hiryuu cleanly in twain. The score is now 1:1.

Maito /Gains a level! He is now Level 23.
Gaine /Gains a level! He is now Level 23.
Maito /Finds a Superconducting Motor! This part provies +10 Mobility and, more importantly, +1 Move - a simple, yet effective part, which also explains why I have difficulty hitting him even when he's under the effects of Mobility Down.

Nine /seems to have figured out how to do something - most likely she's invented a new chip. Well, that's what usually happens when the yellow exclamation mark comes up.

Yes, the correct method to get the SR Point in this stage is to trash 14 Dangerous Gold mecha, THEN trash the Hiryuu.

SR Point Get

Joe refuses to admit defeat because dogpiling isn't fair.

Joe /scriptcasts Guts on himself, restoring him to full health.

SRT8 grit their teeth. Joe is an amazing pilot if he can still fly that mech after all the beating it took.

In actual fact tho, Joe is thanking Wolfgang for the Hiryuu. It's an amazing piece of kit. Now, Maito! Prepare for Round 2!

The Hiryuu /flies off to the town on the left side of the map, with the Might Gaine in hot pursuit.

Maito is just about to wring the reason why Joe has been griefing him all this time, when suddenly, Gaine spots a civilian in the battlefield.

It's Sally. Sally's frantically shouting at the both of them to stop it.

Maito hestitates; Joe has no such scruples.

The Might Gaine gets pinned. Things look bad as the Hiryuu poises to smash the Might Gaine's face in...

When suddenly, both are /clusterbombed.

From about 10 tiles away in the Zambot 3, Kappei and Uchuta declare that it's an ambush. But Keiko notices something strange. The Hiryuu is also under attack!

Warning: Enemy Reinforcements Have Arrived

Shaomai /Spawns.
Nibelung x4 /Spawn.

Hoi Kow Low and Chinja bombastically enters because it's a great opportunity to take down Might Gaine.

Much to Joe's surprise, they seem to have decided to take him out too, because Hoi sees Joe as a liability. That, and Hoi Kow Low never liked the guy's face.

Then Hoi proceeds to praise himself, because he certainly has more foresight than some mad scientist, thief and wapanese.
You know what tho? Hoi is a kn0b. His side has very nearly won, and he went and ruined it.

There's 4 giant tanks that deployed alongside Hoi Kow Low. Seems Hoi bought them from Wolfgang, and he's not afraid to use those to complete his cunning plan.

A voice states that he will have none of that.

Reinforcements Have Arrived

Scramble, /Battle Bomberrrrr! (credits to Youtuber Vachidra, this footage is so perfectly apt and cut that it saves me some time)

The Animal Express is back!

Just as Hoi commands his gigantic tanks to open fire, Battle Bomber /moves to bodyblock. The script gods are so impressed by this display of heroics that he takes no damage.

He then introduces himself, since he's technically new to the field. Once known as Tribomber, once defeated, he has returned with a new member in their ranks - Horn Bomber. Together they are Battle Bomber!

The Nadesico Express side, who saw what happened to Tribomber in the other route, and are absolutely delighted to see that their friend is back in business and on form.

Especially Guard Diver, who got the quad-combiner treatment long before he did.

If you managed to trigger the conversation in the filler episode, Nineball will recognize the head unit and put 2 and 2 together. Yes, she and the one called Horn Bomber have met. More on him later.

(It's interesting to see Battle Bomber answer as if he is Horn Bomber here. The Brave Combiners rarely answer as their component parts, and when they do, it's in the voice of the individual bit rather than the combiner itself.)

Hoi Kow Low is angered that Wolfgang sold him a dud that is no match for a side character. No Hoi, goes Battle Bomber - his body has simply been strengthened! (And he had plot armor. So.)

Fine then, goes Chinja, it's just ONE additional mech to take down...

Not if Sumeragi has anything to say about that.

The Shaomai is /clusterbombed.

Reinforcements Have Arrived

Brave Command Test Type /spawns.
GN-XIV /spawns.

It's "Mr. Bushido" Graham Aker and none other than Patrick "Lucky" Colasour! The Celestial Being crew recognize the both of them, but didn't they use to call Patrick "The Immortal"?

Soma guesses he got himself a new callsign. Hmm, goes Athrun, you don't see someone changing callsigns everyday...

Joe seems to recognize Graham! Before anything can happen on that front tho, Setsuna responds to his longtime nemesis in kind - glad to have him onboard.

Graham muses at a voice he'd been obsessed with for 2 seasons of Gundam 00. The day has finally come where he and the young'un fight on the same side!

10+ tiles away, Hoi Kow Low realizes he's in trouble. THE FED ARE HERE. The Asian Mafia are sooooo busted.

But worse is to come for our Mafia don, for Joe suddenly turns and blasts the Shaomai with the Hiryuu Blazer.

*** Rival Joe has joined the party ***

It's too far to do any damage, but it annoys the hell out of Hoi and Chinja, both of which have the gall to ask if Joe is betraying them. Well DUH, who shot who in the back again?

Joe is not going to let anyone try to grief him and get away with it - because only he can do the griefing 'round here! For this reason, he's declaring a temporary truce with Maito - and he's given me control!

Graham has some mixed feelings because of some crossover arc welding - that makes him recognize Joe as well. Patrick tells him to nevermind that for now - they've got a known wanted man in front of them.

Hoi Kow Low may have miscalculated, but he's still defiant! With his spanking new Shaomai, he'll take on ALL OF US AND WIN.

HAHAHAHAHAHHA *cough*...We'll see about that.

Mission Objectives Have Been Updated
Trash the Shaomai.

- Any capship sunk
- Joe shot down. This is fairly difficult for the AI to do tho!

SR Point
You already have it

...I have a little bit more editing to do and have posted the first half of this since I'm like a couple of weeks overdue. The rest will come in in the next couple of days, where you will see that I'm not the only one putting Hoi Kow Low in his place. :3
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