[In Which I Play] Crisis on Three Earths (This Again): Super Robot Wars V

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Continuing, and it's still my turn. Let's have a look at the newcomers!

The Nibelung is actually from Daitarn 3 - an old Megaborg design. It's a tank so big and so fight, that it dwarfs the Warwheels deployed by Vandal Savage during time-altered World War II. Looks like Wolfgang managed to reverse engineer it, which is a testament to his eebil genius once again.

In it's source material, even the Daitarn 3 is small enough to stand atop its turret! Fortunately, the game engine can't render *that*, and the game has a size cap of 2L, but even then, that's still the size of a capship.

Good thing most of its guns are dummies - all it's doing now is lugging a huge-ass range 7 cannon around, with enough ammo to last through the episode. I mean, it would still be pretty bad to be hit by that thing, but once again, Hoi Kow Low has gone n00b and installed his lame no-ability AI in this weapon system.

Looks like our Mafia don didn't put the tech he stole from Might Gaine to waste; the Shaomai actually looks and moves pretty heroically - with the sole exception of the Hiryuu. The 2 attacks this thing both break 4k base damage, and are only like 100 damage apart, plus they boast a really high base hit rate - with one of them having a range of 6. Now THIS ought to sell, if he ever finds a way to mass produce it.

He needs a better name tho. Why did he name it after a dim sum dish? (Incidentally, "siew mai" is awesome. :3).

We also see Hoi Kow Low himself buffed, but there still are a couple of unnecessary things in his build. The Nibelung have limited use for his Support Attack, and while he does have the Agitate spell (halves ALL enemy accuracy for 1 turn!), he does not start with the SP required to cast it, not that I think the game's AI would actually make him cast anything.

The Hiryuu tops out at only ~6.5k HP when it transfers to player control because LOL balance. Doesn't matter. It's weaponry and pilot remains just as strong as when it was an enemy. Joe starts at 150 focus because he built that up fighting us.

The Animal Express returns, plus one member! Battle Bomber boasts 2 additional weapons - a Battle Launcher shoulder cannon giving him a much needed reach of 6, ammo based attack to offset his EN dependency, and of course an actual finishing move which Tribomber didn't have.

The only problem here is that Battle Bomber inherits all of Tribomber's stats, including levels, making him quite a bit behind; being under repair and all means he can't be used in the Suborder section. He starts where the player left him off before the route split, or on the stage where Tribomber gets rekt.


During the events of Gundam 00 Season 1, the variable aerospace fighter Gundam Kyrios fell into enemy hands, GN Drive and all. Aside from resulting in the development of the Tau Drive, the captured Kyrios improved the transformable mech technology of the day. The Brave is the latest of transformable mechs based on the reverse engineered platform, also boasting the ability to change from aerospace fighter to mech at supersonic speeds (notably something that the Union Flag cannot do). The Brave's aerospace fighter mode is not implemented in the game, but you'll see it in some of its battle animations.

What we get right now is pretty basic - ammo based beam rifle, a beam saber that has the same damage rating as the Huckie's, and an even more powerful beam cannon (it's Tri-Punisher, which curiously runs on ammo, not EN - and is also the only way you'll see it's GN Cannon in action). Incidentally, it's saber is a (C) weapon. Quite similar to the Harute we have, in other words...

The highlight of the Brave is its pilot. Graham Cracker, as I'd like to know him, has a couple of holdover skills ostensibly from his time as Mr Bushido. Spirit Endurance: *Graham Cracker starts immune to all weapon status effects*, such as the Armor Down and Mobility Down effects we've seen so far. Note that it's possible to have Nineball craft Spirit Endurance chips, so Graham isn't unique in this regard.

Now, the other unique skill he has? THE ULTIMATE (yes, that is the name of his skill) is easier to activate than SEED Factor and Innovator, yet provides an even more drastic boost to accuracy, evade and crit rate. Like SEED and Innovator, you can't craft The Ultimate chips at all, and I cannot recall of any other person who has it. Yep, he's the badass normal in a world of Innovators, Coordinators and Super Soldier programs, all right...

We finally get a GN-XIV on our own with a human pilot this time, instead of a cruddy AI. There's one addition - Patrick saw fit to include a non-Beam weapon in its loadout so it won't be stopped dead by common beam protection. Smart man, but the SP Regen on this mech is still kinda superfluous. It'll probably get something else to use this ability in the future I guess...

Patrick "Ridiculously Lucky" Colasour got all of his nicknames from the fact that he has walked away multiple times from the worst of fusion reactor breaches, completely unhurt. His obscene luck doesn't really translate well to a game where people fight in working mechs, but there's still two holdovers: He starts with *maxed out Potential*, and he also has Strong Luck, where this time it comes with the Fortune spell in his spellbook. Yes, he is the first guy I have that can stack Strong Luck with Fortune on his own without needing one of the capship subpilots to help. His main problem is that he has no accuracy boosters - well, unless you let him get hit and have Potential help you with that.

First things first, I still have characters that haven't moved yet.

Sosuke has an extra move thanks to Multi-Action. He uses it to /eliminate a damaged Tiegel, CRITICALLY disemboweling it with a Lambd a-powered Monomolecular Cutter.

Kambei /takes a 3.6k chunk off an uninjured Tiegel with the Tornado Particle Cannon.
The Tiegel /is too outdated to hit our main character.

Kurz is advancing, /stabbing another undamaged Tiegel along the way for 2.2k damage, winning the trade by evading.
On hindsight, I should have had Mao move first, because now Mao cannot get in the range of anything. DOH!

Turn 4: Dangerous Gold

Interestingly, Daitarn no longer needs to transform into the Daitank to use the Daitank's Cannons, seen here in this attack. Has Banjo gotten better at this? Or is Bamco just saving animation frames? Whatever it is, It's a pity I can not properly do a comparison with the Grungust in this game.

Banjo /actually manages to beat some extremely poor odds, and sidesteps the Tiegel's missiles!
In return, he sends back an explosive football from his Leg Cannon. /CRITICAL GOAAAAAL for 5k damage!

This Tiegel /tries to go for the gold. A size 2L capship is easy to hit, but getting past its shielding is another matter entirely. /PWING
In return, the Ptolemaios /rains GN Missiles on the hapless Tiegel, bombarding it right into the red.

Ugh. Kurz /failed this evade roll badly, and this took off 50% of his unit's health.
However, he gets the last laugh, for a shot from the /AS Sniper takes off much more, 4k.

Turn 5: Player

Small mistake here where I had Mao use up her turn (Sosuke can escape this, he hasn't moved yet), but I can't miss this opportunity. Mao has the Guard skill at Level 2, and /Casts Persist, so at least she gets some protection against Ruri's friendly fire.

Before I try to MAP things tho:

Conversation Triggered! The Death And Rebirth of the Bombers

Yep, Battle Bomber is absolutely ready to dispense JUSTICE. (Also, the game renders "Animal Express" as "Beast Express".)

Good ol' Bomber Gauntlet, CRITICALLING for 5k. The Tiegel /doesn't survive that.

Battle Bomber /Has gained a level! He is now Level 17.

Conversation Triggered! In which we violate Asimov's third law, but get a free pass because we are heroes

Battle Bomber is glad that he's still got it! And with him around, goes Guard Diver, the power of the Brave Express is better than ever before! Now, no one can stand a chance against them!

Nineball seems happy with all the JUSTICE posturing going around; frequenting the Aoto factory must've rubbed off on her.

most of my forces are running low on EN since we went all out on Joe. The exceptions are the really energy efficient Gundams who only targetted mooks.

Since I need to move them to where Hoi's piddly army is, I bundle the Super Robots into the Ptolemaios.

Doing this to move Sosuke out of the way of Ruri's rampage.

With the Lambda Driver supporting him, Sosuke /gives a Nibelung a good kinectic right hook, bashing in its entire front section for 6.1k damage!
The unoptimized AI /count not hope to hit with its gigantic cannon, not even with splash damage.

Ruri /Casts Bless on herself.
Harry /Casts Gain.

A Tiegel /fails its save and is annhilated!
The last Tiegel /CRITICALLY fails its save. Nothing is left of it.
Mao /SAVES! The Guard skill has given her enough Evade. This is a good outcome since she will still have a floating Persist.

Ruri /Gains a level! She is now Level 20.
Harry /Gains a level! He is now Level 20.

Judau /proceeds to obliterate the Nibelung Sosuke attacked just now with the High Mega Cannon.

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Joe /Casts Persist.

A refurbished Nibelung is obviously not Wolfgang's best piece of work, as Joe is able to /shave off half of its HP in a single attack.
The Nibelung manages to beat the odds and a HUEG shell /impacts on the Hiryuu! Joe's floating persist reduces the damage to 208.

Conversation Triggered! The Honorary Celestial Being Member

Free from the influence of his vendetta and the false allies that were the A-Laws, Graham Cracker can now do what he's always wanted - fight by the side of the one who has bested him, Setsuna F Seiei.

This isn't a good matchup in any case, so what I'm doing here is having Graham poke holes instead of trying to smash the tank outright.

Unfortunately, I can't follow up with Patrick - he can't get into range.

Oof, Might Gaine /fails to off the Nibelung with the Mighty Slicer!
Good thing he can /make the evade roll, and Might Gaine easily sidesteps an artillery shell of unusual size.

Turn 5: Asian Mafia (well, Hoi's all that's left)

I have Kurz /evade this one, this kill should go to someone else.

Ange /gets outranged at 7 tiles! Fortunately, she could see that one coming from literally miles away.

Here comes Hoi Kow Low, in response to being attacked, Kurz /Casts Persist.

And how, because had I not had Persist on, Kurz would be KIA. Hoi Kow Low /zaps him with a lightning storm from his Blue Dragon Sword for 400.
Hoi gets /triple teamed! Because he's built like a turtle, the Urd Stirke suffers in terms of damage output, and it only nearly reaches 3.9k

Turn 6: Player

Powered by the Lambda Driver, Sosuke's Shawtgun /puts this cylindrical-shaped decoration right through the Nibelung. BLANG

Might Gaine is running outta power, he goes back in the Hangar this turn.

Shinn cleaves a /3.7k chunk out of another Nibelung with the Arondight.
VPS Armor actually protects against the Nibelung's gun, but Shinn doesn't need to use it. /miss

I was kind of hoping Lunamaria and Shinn would off it with the ZAFT Red Combination, but despite a CRITICAL, the Nibelung /lived through the assault.
Even more unfortunately, Lunamaria /fails to Evade and eats a gigantic shell the size of her mech! Fortunately, she has plenty of EN and the VPS Armor is still working. The damage gets mitigated to 950 - which isn't too bad if you do consider that the Nibelung has a 3-size advantage.

Sigh. Judau /cherry taps it with his head vulcans.

The last one standing gets /pelted with Graham's GN Rifle for 2.3k damage.
Graham is extremely hard to hit currently, since THE ULTIMATE is active! The Nibelung /cound not hope to beat a 12% odd.

Joe /casts Persist.

Joe's attack was even MORE effective; he /CRITICALLY melts right through the same Nibelung with the Blazer for for 5.5k damage!
Joe also managed to save his Persist as the Nibelung's 54% offering /was not enough to please the RNG Gods.

...I'll deal with this next turn. Let's finish this turn with Ange, who /casts Intuition, having already regained the SP to do so.

Conversation Triggered! 4000 Years Of Historical Prejudice

Wow, Hoi Kow Low too? I guess it means China is a Founding Nation in this continuity. Considering that "4000 years of history" is a commonly repeated trope, I can see why Terada's team used this in their arc welding.

Yet why is he calling Ange a Norma? Even if I do acknowledge Hoi as a competent martial artist (which he is despite his looks, by the way), Hoi Kow Low is not a Mage, and is in fact just as Norma as Ange is! That said, it explains why Hoi Kow Low has a superiority complex and the viewpoint that he could do whatever the hell he wanted to the rest of the world.

Ange knows what I'm talking about, she prompty gives Hoi the middle finger. Nevermind racism, she's going to make sure he can do no more evil...

So saying, Ange /carves another 3.9k chunk out of the Shaomai with the High Mobility Attack.
Enraged, Hoi /calls forth a lightning storm with the Shaomai's blade, which...now that I think about it, does look like an actual magic spell! So maybe he does have some Mage cred. Whatever - he still /can't beat Flicker.

Oh that's right, Guard Diver still has a floating Flicker.
I have him /use it up here to Diver Gimlet the Shaomai for another 3.2k.
Hoi is too close to call up a lightning storm. He instead goes wu shu with the Shaomai's Blue Dragon Sword. While this is testament to Hoi's martial arts prowess, he /still cannot beat Flicker.

Kinda disappointing Guard Diver doesn't have a convo with Hoi. Butttt...

Kambei /casts Persist.

Conversation Triggered! What Price For An Alien Machine (Part The Second)

Kambei whistles. That's a cool mech Hoi's got there! Really fitting for an eebil boss villian character that the hero will inevitably take down.

Nine does not compute the evil boss thing. Kambei recommends that she borrows Hikaru's Gekiganger 3 Remaster DVDs and bingewatch it in one go. That'll change her view of the world!

(I'm not sure about that, Pops. Nine already stated in episode 11 that dispensing justice isn't her thing. Also, there's an equal chance of turning Nine into one of the Jovians. <_<)

Hoi Kow Low is livid that an upstart would dare to compare him with common cartoon villains! Kambei shrugs. So what? Hoi gonna get smacked down by the good guys in the exact same way!

Kambei /bombards Hoi with the Burning Tactical Manuver Charge for another 4.1k!
Not only did Hoi steal technology from the Brave Express, he even stole Maito's forced catchphrase! The Vangray /finds itself in the middle of a lightning storm. Fortunately, Kambei's floating Persist reduces the damage to a flat 300.

Conversation Triggered! You Who Claim To Not Fear The Sun, Face Me

I'm having Banjo attack without casting anything, since he's out of SP and he can hit Hoi anyway. He should be able to tank, I mean this IS Banjo and the Daitarn we're talking about.

Banjo is well known to the criminal element of the world, being the part of Interpol that's extremely visible. Hoi naturally knows Banjo as a high value target, albeit a dangerous one that he cannot simply have assassinated.

Banjo is going to take down Hoi now, for the crime of causing damage to world peace!

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So now we have a pair of 70's styled mechs going at each other with medieval weapons from different cultures.

Banjo /Hammers Hoi for 3.8k damage!
Not to be outdone, and perhaps as homage to a veteran hero, Hoi actually manages to /get in a couple of good slashes for 2.5k! Banjo still wins the trade and he can take this amount, but this is the most anyone has ever done to Banjo so far.

I suppose Joe could beat his DPS if Banjo didn't cast any protecting spells tho...

Anyway, Banjo /Gains a level! He is now Level 19.

Kappei has a natural guaranteed hit on Hoi, so all I had to do was have Uchuta /cast Flicker.

Conversation Triggered! What Price For An Alien Machine (Part the Third)

Good eye, Hoi! Hoi wants the Zambot 3 for himself, because an ancient alien mech in excellent condition is sure to sell!

Kappei is not having any of that. Chinja scoffs, what can a buncha kids do?

Yeah, Chinja apparently doesn't watch enough Super Robot cartoons to know that's a lose flag. Kappei retorts; if Chinja doesn't wanna lose to a kid, he should leave the Mafia!

Looks like the Asian Mafia is indeed about to lose to a buncha kids. The Zambot's Moon Attack /smashes into the Shaomai for 6.9k damage, and that's without a crit! Sailor Moon needs to take a couple of pointers from this crew, they predate her anyway :3
Hoi calls forth a lightning storm. But that isn't going to help on a group of kids with a TRUE ninja heritage. /MISS

Turn 6: Asian Mafia

I have Lunamaria /Evade here as I want to feed this Nibelung to someone else.

Hoi Kow Low, in full racist Founding Nations mode, chooses to try swatting Ange out of the sky before doing anything else.
Fortunately, Tieria is nearby! He jumps in, and since Support Defend is an automatic Defend command, the damage is reduced to a level enough that the Blue Dragon Sword goes /PWING.
Ange responds with the Charge attack and /easily hits! But... Hoi's gone turtle with his activated skills. He takes only 1.3k damage!

Joe has a floating Persist, so I'm going to have him get revenge on the guy who tried to shoot him in the back.

Conversation Triggered! ...You Shot Him In The Back 2 Turns Ago

Hoi Kow Low is at it again with one of those offers nobody can refuse, and naturally getting refused as usual.

Screw you n00b, goes Joe. He fights for himself and himself only. Blyah!

I use the Tonfa attack to prevent Joe from taking this one. Joe /rolls a CRITICAL! But Hoi's turtle skills are still having quite an effect tho. He takes only 1.5k. Ack - I was expecting Hoi to turtle the damage to hell, but that's a drastic reduction! Guess that's how all Might Gaine villians seem to be specced.
Joe is /struck by eldritch lightning! His Persistence takes the brunt of the impact for a mere 454.

Looks like Graham has nothing to say to Hoi. I was kind of expecting him to try to declare a bust on the Asian Mafia. At least as I remember Graham, he would declare something like that.

Hoi's turtle skills and Potential are in full force now. Graham's basic GN Rifle attack /only manages to poke Hoi for 383. 0.o
Hoi can't capitalize on this however! Where he is nigh invulnerable, THE ULTIMATE Graham is instead /unhittable.
Kambei /follows up with the Burning Tactical Manuver Charge, his Enhance Attack awarding an assist attack autocrit. Despite Support Attack damage being lowered, this still puts a larger 1.6k sized dent in the Shaomai.

I feed the last Nibelung to Judau.
Judau /Gains a level! He is now Level 20.

Figured Battle Bomber would be suitable to give Hoi that little push that would allow the next good hit to trash his mech. For this to work, I had to have Ruri /cast Restore Action on him from the capship ExOrder spellbook.

Mileina /casts Cheer on Battle Bomber, giving him Gain.

He only has 77% to hit Hoi, but since I don't have anyone who can cast Attune anymore, I allow the attack to proceed and hope for the best.

Battle Bomber disappointingly has nothing else to say to Hoi, speaking only through his BATTLE LAUNCHAAA! His offering was /deemed adequete by the RNG Gods. The round slams into the Shaomai for 2k damage!
Angered, Hoi proceeds to put Battle Bomber in his place! /Battle Bomber is struck by a lightning storm. I forgot to cast Persist on him. He ends up taking 3.7k damage. OUCH!

It's worth it, as Battle Bomber /Gains a level! He is now Level 18.
Battle Bomer /learns Bullseye, which he sorely needs!

Conversation Triggered! Ye Standarde TV Series Finish

I'm out of SP to do anything other than have Gaine /cast Bullseye. Pity.

Maito declares that THIS TIME he'll dismantle the Asian Mafia for good! Hoi Kow Low is defiant - having staked the reputation of the Mafia on the (extremely damaged) Shaomai.

In the words of Fist of the North Star, unfortunately, his mech is already dead.

And thus, we once again /bodily dismantle the Asian Mafia. Too bad I didn't have enough SP to put any buffs on.
Maito /finds a Mars Bowl!

Nineball /seems to have figured something out!

Mission Complete.

The Shaomai falls to pieces around Hoi Kow Low, as he curses us for interfering with his plans again.

Yeah, that probably didn't kill him and his goon. But given the sheer stupidity he's committed this episode, his own former allies are likely to finish the job if they ever get their hands on him. Let's leave him and his henchman inside the wreckage, he's much safer there. :3

We've got bigger fish to fry anyway - now that we've put a right dent in Dangerous Gold, the way to space is clear.

***Joe has left the party***

Well, he joined us because no one shoots him in the back and gets away with it, and his work here is done.

He'll spare Maito for now, but he'll definitely be back to settle things.

As he /heads off over to the top of the map to leave, Graham buzzes him on a private comm channel.

As it turns out, in this continuity - Mr Bushido himself was the one who thought Joe how to fly; Joe the Ace actually has sky cred, unlike his source material.

In fact, so good was Joe that back when Graham wanted to scout him for a new ace squadron, now known as the Solbraves. However, by the time Graham got the transfer papers - Joe had been dishonourably discharged for espionage and data theft.

Graham has no idea why Joe would do something like that - Joe has no answers, except well, he couldn't actually thieve any data even if he was ordered to. Was he framed?

Well, doesn't matter now, does it.

Graham attempts to convince Joe, because selling his services to outlaws like Dangerous Gold is going to corrupt him further. Joe thinks it's a little too late for that tho - it's been years. He's no longer the top gun Graham once knew...

Joe /retreats.

Joe really is much like our MC Kambei. His PTSD is different tho. Kambei got eaten by the Gamilan empire's atrocities - whereas Joe got eaten by internal military corruption.

Patrick understands. He flew with the man once - even as Joe changed, his disposition is much the same as before.

Anyway, Graham turns to greet the rest of the team - he's here with Patrick as the Fed representatives.

Well, from a faction that isn't tempted by the promises of the Martian Successors. They're all the Fed can spare at the moment, because there are terrorist sympathizers in the ranks.

We can trust Patrick and Graham tho. See, Patrick here seems to have got hitched in the timeline between the end of 00 Season 2 and Wakening of Trailblazer.

He says he should rightfully be known as Patrick Mannequin now - since he married and took the wife's surname. But his marriage is fairly recent; the game interface has not been updated yet, so it still shows "Colasour".

The one who sent these 2 must be none other than Brigadier General Kati Mannequin - and Kati has a reputation for taking s*** from nobody. Not Celestial Being, not even her own pre-Fed country, and certainly not the Martian Successors.

(This marriage, by the way, is what upgraded Patrick's nickname from "The Immortal" to "Ridiculously Lucky" - rendered in this game as just "Lucky".)

Feldt and Harry suddenly receives a data package - from Rival Joe!

That package just helped to complete the map that Banjo and Akito have been building at the beginning of this episode.

Ruri is confuzzled. Joe not only provided proof that Dangerous Gold was hired by the Martian Successors, he just ratted on his own employers' backers!

Patrick and Graham smiles. Griefer tho he has become, Joe pays his debts...

Maito is still left wondering why Joe has to fight - and of all people, Joe has to fight him. Eh, we'll get to that eventually.

Maito's presence gives me 50 TacP.
I get another 260 TacP from Tac Customize.
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=== Onboard the Ptolemaios ===

Ruri welcomes he who was once Mister Bushido, and The Immortal - uh, Lucky - to the squadron.

Patrick may have gained all his nicknames from regularly surviving catastrophic mecha failures, but Ruri still cautions him to not make the wife regret this.

Yeah, I don't think we'd want to answer to Kati for ending her husband's 2-cour long run of extremely good luck. Mind you, Kati is Sumeragi's classmate and equal.

Meanwhile, Kambei's asking Lockon about the relationship between Setsuna and Graham, his flight computer having literally picked up the, um, undertones.

Lockon explains: Graham Cracker here is the first non-innovade, non-boosted pilot that gave Celestial Being a run for its GN Drives.

In particular, ever since he first encountered the Gundam Exia (Setsuna's former mech), he'd doggedly pursue it whenever Celestial Being staged an intervention - even before he learnt who the pilot was! Graham's pride as a premier ace pilot would simply not allow him to admit defeat by superior Gundam technology.

When he finally learnt of Setsuna, Graham's obsession with winning was such that he even fell in with the A-Laws just so he can continue to hunt the one he calls "Young'un" - in a parallel of Joe's feud with Maito that we're seeing now.

Kambei surmises Graham's characteristic scar must be a sign that he's worked the vitriol out of his system. No actually Kambei, it took quite a bit longer than that, and it involved a mask.

Spoiler: Show

Graham fought Lockon the First in the Gundam Dynames to a standstill - with a Flag Custom, and he's the one who eventually made it such that the Exia had to be patched into the Exia Repair.

Graham would only meet Setsuna himself in the Azadistan civil war, and would only learn that Setsuna was the pilot of the Exia during the fateful battle that took out both his Flag Custom and the Exia - the same battle that gave him the scar across his face.

He didn't seem to be satisfied with a draw. Next Setsuna saw him, he was wearing a mask and going under the pseudonym of "Mr Bushido" - a Char Aznable clone that is meant to go with the A-Law's theme of pretending they're a force for good.

His one-sided feud with Setsuna would only end in the closing episodes of Gundam 00 Season 2, where this time he rode a theme mech to go with his Mr. Bushido persona, Susano'o. It was a match against the 00 Raiser - the Quanta's predecessor - but Setsuna still won. See, as per anime trope, Setsuna had his eyes on the future, and Graham could only see as far as the end of the fight.

Indeed, Graham and Setsuna - whom he formerly knew as "Young'un" - are pretty nice to each other now, and here both exchange names for literally the first time since they met in battle, all those years ago.

It's a change from the source material: IIRC Graham was still referring to Setsuna as "Young'un" during the events of the Wakening of Trailblazer movie, having never learnt the name of his former nemesis, and calling him "young'un" until the very end.

Patrick's with the pair, and he's is rather annoyed to be left out! And you know what? He's got as much history with Setsuna as Graham has.

Setsuna draws a blank. Who is he again...?

WAT, goes Patrick. He doesn't remember the events of the very first episode of 00 Gundam Season 1? The one where his demonstration AEU-09 Enact got shown its place by the Gundam Exia? The first of his encounters with Celestial Being that led him to get his "Immortal Colasour" nickname?

Oh nevermind. As one of the faceless troops who experienced a Celestial Being intervention and lived to tell the tale, he had plenty of disagreements about their methods - but he's glad to be on the same side this time.

Setsuna /shrugs. Well, he's changed a lot too. For one thing, he's for the most part given up his Gundam worship. For another, as Graham has noticed, his face has softened a lot from the events of the TV series.

As always, Setsuna goes, he's still changing even now.

Hikaru's nearby; the doujin artist sees some potential inspiration! Ryoko would love to read something like that one day. Slashfic, popular with all the young girls. :X

Man of culture Saburouta's around. Hell he wouldn't mind settling old rivalries like this, especially with Ryoko.


Athrun and Shinn are also around. Maybe Shinn would like to follow their example?

A rather annoyed Shinn tells Athrun that yes, he understands that he's being considerate of his best friend Kira, but he still needs time.

...Thanks anyway tho.

I see that Shinn's actually warming up to forgiving Jesus. It's a start.

Maito enters the room; he wants a word with Graham. After all, Rival Joe was once his subordinate. Patrick states that in this continuity, Joe was among the pilots selected to participate in Operation Fallen Angels, meaning Setsuna could very well have fought him before.

Something in Marie clicks - her alter-ego Soma's telling her she remembers. JOE WAS IN SOMA'S GN-X SQUADRON. Soma knew the way the Hiryuu was using its Blazer Cannon was somehow familiar... (but I didn't deploy the Harute this episode, so I never knew.)

Well, goes Graham, it's natural even the battle hardened Soma would get a delayed response. Joe has changed so much from his eager protege from back when.

Graham relates to the team the events that led Joe to get discharged from the military. Well actually, Joe went AWOL and he was dishonourably discharged in his absence.

The official line is that he stole military secrets - but Graham could not see any reason why Joe would do something like that.

Maito volunteers to do the asking. After all, it's him Joe wants.

...After a bit of thought, and despite some protesting from Patrick - Graham agrees to let Maito play out his source material. There's a good reason: Joe's rivalry with Maito is thus far their only peek into his psyche.

Graham wants only one thing. He wants Maito to WIN.

Patrick wants to add "wringing the reasons out of him in an interrogation cell", tho Setsuna stops that. No, beating Joe is enough. That ought to free Joe from whichever mess he's got himself into, and THEN Joe will likely come clean on his own.

The key is to break his obsession with defeating Might Gaine, and only Maito has the source material authority to do that.

Maito muses that if Sally attempted to stop their fight just now, she must see some good left in Joe. And he'll have to find that good by beating him...

=== Hoi Kow Low's Opulent Quarters ===

Hoi and Chinja have both dug themselves out of the wreckage of their Shaomai - only to find that upon returning to their hideout, they've been votekicked out of Dangerous Gold.

Even Hoi knows that he did something so stupid, the DG Alliance won't let them back in again. But you know what? It doesn't matter. He'll take on those 3 losers and bring them to heel!

...Really Hoi? You just lost your best mech, and even a beginner like the Pink Cat has made better mooks than you!

It seems that someone else agrees with me. It's not someone I'd like tho.

This is Purple - the evil Micheal Jackson, complete with being a famous bluejazz singer. His real job is that of a supervillian, and this is how he shows his cred.

Purple's been playing Hoi for patsy. He joined the Asian Mafia and rose into its ranks - all the better to help a certain someone else get a handle on its operations.

He finds a lot of it lacking, and his real overlord agrees. In fact, he's only just here to Press F to Pay Respects.

Because, if Hoi were to check his bank account now, it would show $0.

if Hoi were to call for his underlings now, no one would come.

Purple has taken over the Asian Mafia whilst Hoi Kow Low was failing to kick Celestial Mithril Nadesico's behinds. He's conducting a fire sale as they speak.

In other words, Hoi Kow Low, YOU HAVE BEEN FIRED!

*** Asian_Mafia has been kicked due to n00b activity ***
*** Asian_Mafia has been banned for 198742397522982309843 days ***

*** New Construction Options ***
Nine /learns how to make the CQB Up chip. When used, it increases the CQB stat by 5 permanently.
Nine /learns how to make the almighty Full Counter chip. A pilot that has the Full Counter ability will grant the (C) modifier to ALL weaponry on his mech, guaranteeing that he'll always go first during enemy turn. This chip is expensive tho! It's about 1500 TacP(!) to craft.

If you have allowed Battle Bomber to kill any enemy that isn't piloted by one of Hoi Kow Low's lame AIs, Nine would catch up with the Bombers in the Ptolemaios hangar. Why there tho? The Ptoemaios hangar is a fairly tight fit innit...

The Bombers are back, thanks to the efforts of Hamada and Osaka. Good thing their cerebral cortices survived the trashing Joe did on Tribomber - now they're back, stronger than ever.

The unidentified horned mech from the filler episode, by the way, is Horn Bomber (Series 100 Shinkansen -> Mecha Rhino -> Mech).

He's a unique case that technically makes him the Brave Express's oldest and youngest member at the same time.

You see, his AI's brand new, thus the ??? name on him when Nine first met him, and the fact that he's just walking around getting his bearings.

Truth is, he's a former testbed, codenamed Hikari Bomber. He was the physical template for Gaine's body. And while he was never a test bed for any combiner shenanigans, he was also the test bed for the Bomber's triple changing ability that isn't implemented in the game (grr).

You can tell he's the oldest, since amongst all the Super AI Trainbots, his alt-mode is the second oldest model of Shinkansen next to the E0.

As a test bed, Hikari Bomber would never receive a Super AI. Tribomber getting defeated by Joe changed this; rather than simply cannibalizing parts, Hamada and Osaka fully comissioned Hikari Bomber as Horn Bomber, and reworked the Animal Express combination into a 4-way one from a 3-way.

Thus Battle Bomber is born.

Nineball may have found that justice seeking isn't her thing since Episode 11, but even she feels - to put it in human terms - inspired by the Bomber's enthusiasm, spirit and arsenal.

She's gained enough new information to give us 50 TacP worth of data.

Well, goes Bird Bomber - if Nine's inspired this way, maybe she would consider becoming a Power-type in the future?

Hmm... might want to leave that for when the Vangray needs an upgrade, but for now, she's happy as she is, a walking flight computer.

Horn Bomber agrees. It'd be a shame to rough up the game's mascot character this way...

Shortly afterward (or, if you decide not to use Battle Bomber at all, you go straight here), Nine catches up with Graham. She sees potential data casings. She wants to know more about Graham's relationship with Setsuna - considering that they were bitter enemies past that have become friends.

Wa hey, goes Patrick, who happens to be around. Nine's only just met them. Maybe personal questions like this ought to be left until they get to know each other a bit more?

Well, not THAT way, but you get the picture.

Nine sees that Patrick has a point, and apologizes.

Patrick remarks that Nine is as good a girl as Sanae Kotiya is (>_>). So he proposes an alternative. How's about he talks of his relationship with his wife? As in Kati Mannequin?

Oh, that ought to be some good data. Nine accepts... giving us a hint of what kind of information Nineball is actually looking for.

Ironically, we do not get a single point of TacP from this. What exactly does that tell us? :D

NEXT: Space Once More (Gotta start from Earth again, oh well)

Oh, and I have enough TacP to unlock the final level of Tac Customize, so I purchase Excessive Force. I can't unlock anymore of these until a New Game Plus - so for this longplay I'm done with this screen and it's gratituous view of an unclothed Nineball. NSFW, NATURALLY.

Spoiler: Show

The ability text on this is not correct; you do not get 10 Focus upon attacking an enemy - that would be overpowered.

Instead, all player forces will start at 110 Focus (from the usual 100). Extremely useful; it allows Para-Mails to start off being able to use Freeze Bullet, and it saves 1-2 turns to activate Focus-based skills.

=== Somewhere In The Suspend Dialog Universe ===
Joe: I don't care if the player is turning off the power! Maito Senpuji, by my name as Ace, I declare my desire to fight you!
Maito: I have bad news for you, Joe. The title of "Ace" is not yours alone anymore. Anyone can earn the Ace Pilot status by scoring 60 kills during the game!
Joe: What? What did you say?!
Guard Diver: That I...
Battle Bomber: And me too...
Might Gaine: We can all become Aces!
Maito: How's that sound, Joe?
Joe: ...why do I have this inexplicable sense of bitterness...? (The localized version uses a more subdued "...quite annoying, actually!")

...could always raid the Asian Mafia fire sale for 60 Paozus, y'know...
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For a certain level of Char:

Because in the world of Gundam, you call anyone who wears a distinct faceplate mask or some rather huge opaque dark sunglasses A Char. I think he's what would result if a muggle like Ramba Ral ended up behind the mask instead of Casval Rem Deikun.

He has 2 mask designs, one is the full cowl shown here, another is the eyes-and-nose-only faceplate. Both have the gunmetal color scheme.


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Because in the world of Gundam, you call anyone who wears a distinct faceplate mask or some rather huge opaque dark sunglasses A Char. I think he's what would result if a muggle like Ramba Ral ended up behind the mask instead of Casval Rem Deikun.
Well, Gundam The Origin...

Spoiler: Show
...does have Amuro pointing out that he's not able to sense Char using his Newtype senses the way he can with Lalah Sune and with Artesia, and that maybe Char isn't a Newtype.

That would also explain Char's character shift in Char's Counterattack - he voluntarily chose to undergo Cyber-Newtype treatments in order to be able to keep up with Amuro.

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Hmm... I dunno

Spoiler: Show

I do not remember when Amuro learnt he was an NT, heck I do not remember when Newtypes started being mentioned in the late 70s cartoon. But on the off hand I'm pretty sure Char is a natural NT.

The problem with regarding Char as a Cyber NT is that all of the Cybers are slightly cracked in the head. See: All of the Purus. Four Murasame, Chara Soon. Artificially giving NT abilities to a muggle has never been perfected in UC, ever. Even by the time of Crossbone Gundam, the Jupiter Empire got around the tendency for the Cyber NT process to drive people mad, by growing organic brains and then giving them Cyber NT training.

Char remains one of the level headed folk throughout the Gundam franchise, at least until he goes full 180 in Char's Counter and tries to drop a colony on Earth. Which you can attribute to Char finally succumbing to his implants, but I kinda doubt it.


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Well, about Char...

Hmm... his mobile armor in the end of the original series had Funnels, but it might be possible for Peak Human pilots to use funnels. Alternatively, Char is a Newtype, but he's a very weak one - most of the most powerful Newtypes we've encountered in Gundam have had strong senses of empathy - Amuro, Kamille, Judeau, Banagher, and in Gundam NT -
Spoiler: Show

Casval, however, because he's had to make like Quarterflash and both harden his heart and swallow his tears[1] as part of his Count of Monte Cristo gambit against the Zabi family, has cut off his empathy, which is in turn greatly limiting his Newtype abilities, something his sister, Artesia didn't encounter both by not following the path of vengeance and by becoming a medic.

EDIT (Meant to hit Preview): However, in Zeta he's introduced to Cyber Newtypes, and maybe he gets the idea that what he needs to do to heighten his abilities - is to undergo the procedure to have Cyber-Newtype implants installed to heighten his abilities. Because as we see in Gundam NT...

Spoiler: Show
what happens when an extremely powerful Newtype is given Cyber Newtype implants and put in a Unicorn-Class Gundam, one with the NT-D and a Psychoframe - the Gundam Fenix

[1]By way of explanation for those who don't know '80s American one-hit wonders:

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Bear in mind that Funnels are a Newtype /Coordinator/Innovator exclusive weapon: a human in peak condition still cannot use the weapon. In UC lore, Funnels are connected to a Psycommu system, which for starters does not use standard wireless tech and instead piggyback the pilots NT telepathy.

Muggles instead use something called an Incommu. This system is wired. While useful for muggles extremely good at multitasking and easy to tie to AI, the "Incom Packs" are limited by the range of the wire and the fact that wire storage space greatly reduces the number of Bits in the system.

Funnels are not the only Newtype exclusive weapon. The Satellite Cannon from Gundam X is one too. A muggle can only use Newtype gear if a Newtype serves as a copilot.

(Yes you can probably design a wireless Incom with the tech we have today... but the Gundam franchise never did that even as the tech became reality. I'm not entirely sure why there is no wireless Incom.)
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