[In Which I Play] Crisis on Three Earths (This Again): Super Robot Wars V


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So, question about the Ace status in this particular incarnation of the SRW series.

Does it do anything other than grant access to the extra ability? That is, if one doesn't care about the extra ability, is there a reason to buy Proud Ace and get the Ace status at 50 kills instead of 60?

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So, question about the Ace status in this particular incarnation of the SRW series.

Does it do anything other than grant access to the extra ability? That is, if one doesn't care about the extra ability, is there a reason to buy Proud Ace and get the Ace status at 50 kills instead of 60?
The Ace status has been nerfed in this game. In other games it takes only 50 kills to Ace. Proud Ace only restores the old status quo, so you can do without.

Just that some Ace abilities are crazy good, so unlocking them as early as possible is a bonus!

Spoiler: Show
Maito for example gives twice the amount of TacP from his CEO ability. Sumeragi I believe turns GN Cannon into a P attack during Super Pursuit Mode. Banjo starts venture funding you. Things like that.

Also, one of the suspend dialogs has Nineball asking you to send 25 aces to talk to her during Intermission before Episode 42, and I intend to complete this early.

I only had one because I was demonstrating the Skill Route unlock system way back when.

I plan to make another for Okita and maybe for Maito tho...

Note that there's a state called Great Ace - when a pilot hits this, he automatically starts at 75% SP and gains 1ExC at the beginning of the episode, it's the same for everyone. With Proud Ace, the Great Ace is achievable at 70 kills, down from 80.

(Great Ace is changed for this game, it used to take 100 kills to hit this, and it allowed you to set any single stat to S. So hitting Great Ace in this game is easier, but totally optional. I still want to send Nineball a Great Ace tho!)


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Also, one of the suspend dialogs has Nineball asking you to send 25 aces to talk to her during Intermission before Episode 42, and I intend to complete this early.
I checked, and you need to 25 aces and one Great Ace (and complete one other secret objective) to get the True Ending. I'm covered on that front.


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Hmm, being away from broadband kinda sucks. But I'll just see this as an opportunity to binge-watch next week when I'm home.

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Resource Gathering!

I like using Capship Slingshot, so even if I neglect the rest of my mechs, I make sure my capships hit the field properly specced. Preferably - each should have a +1 Move item so they can keep up with the rest of the cast.

There ain't enough +1 Move items to go around tho, so priority goes to the ones that have 5 base move.

Nadesico: Auxilary GN Drive, A-Adapter
In other words, no loadout change.

Ptolemaios IIC: V-Circuit , Mars Bowl, Mars Bowl
...Yeah, I end up running out of SP first, and ammo/EN can easily be recharged by docking and re-launching. Depending on how things go I might end up junking my reload/resupply items for TacP.

Tuatha De Danaan: V-Crystal, Superconducting Motor
Since the Flight Module doesn't let the TDD fly, I decided it's much better to give the TDD A in all terrain. The bonus item from the day 0 DLC, the V-Crystal, finally sees some use. It's an A-Adapter with the added boon of giving an extra 200 damage.

=== Nergal Heavy Industries, President's Office ===

Nergal is a formerly up-and-coming starship manufacturer that, by the time of Prince of Darkness, has fallen into some hard times thanks to insiders in its own company. Those who have watched the TV series would think that they actually deserved it, but beside the point...

While most of its contracts and blueprints have been stolen by the people that would later call itself the Crimson Group, it doesn't mean they're out of the picture yet. The company still has some minor military commissions keeping their heads above the water - like this job to perform general maintenance and retrofitting services on the Tuatha De Danaan.

Spoiler: Show
Before the events of the Nadesico TV series, Nergal - already a science organization with questionable objectives - seized monopoly of the Martian precursor ruins as soon as the radiation from when the exiles were nuked cleared up. They proceeded to start digging through the place in order to get at the advanced unknown technologies within.

Naturally, these efforts had to be stopped when the exiles returned in force, in the form of the Jovian Lizards.

Nergal was not going to let an alien invasion stop them permanently however. They branched into starship construction, using some of the very tech they successfully reverse engineered from the precursors, and offered their services to the Federation.

The result was the ND-001 Nadesico and its Aevestalis component, which had a rather odd licensing scheme - commissioned by the Fed military, but whose crew and equipment were wholly collected and owned by Nergal. The chairman of Nergal actually had the authority and ability to disable a Nadesico-class vessel over the authority of its captain.

Why go through all this trouble? Well... they needed military support in order to recapture their research facilities on Mars, but didn't have any inclination to ask.

Unfortunately, after the end of the TV series and prior to the rise of the Martian Successors, it turned out that some of Nergal were made up of Kusakabe-aligned sleeper agents...

This is Mr. Prospector - or at least that's what everyone calls him, as his real name is never revealed. Let's just assume it's his name, I mean, we already know someone named Beauty and some griefer named Rival.

Long-suffering Prospector is the chief resource acquisition and management at Nergal, handling everything in this regard from HR, to office supplies, to milspec materiel. It was he who formed the crew complement of the ND-001 (although I think he didn't expect the ship's cook to have an IFS).

You know what tho? Much to his chagrin, the crew of that damnable ND-001 keeps bloody ignoring the need to keep running costs down! Well, that was then, this is now. Having made the mistake of hiring Kusakabe-aligned HR personnel in the past, he's now busy getting Nergal back on its feet.

Erina Kinjo Won is the secretary to the CEO of Nergal. Back during the TV series, she was designated vice captain of the ND-001 by Nergal, as a means for Nergal to assert control over the vessel. Nobody really listens to her tho, because she quickly established herself to be an ass.

That was then, this is now, she's back to being secretary full time, something she's way better at. THANK GOODNESS.

Spoiler: Show

Oh, and she did have a thing for Akito aside from badgering him to submit to Boson Jump tests, tho she's one of those who'd already lost the Tenkawa Lottery from the start.

This is Akatsuki Nagare, CEO of Nergal and basically embodies all of its chaotic neutral tendencies, not believing that good and evil are black and white.

For those who have watched the TV series, he was the pilot who replaced the deceased Gai Daigouji - having gone into the role incognito because he wanted to take the precursor ruins back himself. Despite playing around with the Nadesico crew's shenanigans, he had no cow for them, going as far as to sell them out at one point - he had this nihilism which makes him look out for nobody except number one.

Spoiler: Show

Akatsuki is partially responsible for the original Nadesico series going partially dark, a trend started by the death of Gai Daigouji.

Also, Akito was among the first to find this man quite off, not because he was also trying to vy unsuccessfully for Yurika's affections, but mainly because he didn't like the Gekiganger cartoon.


That was then. He's since had half his company up and form the Crimson Group right under his nose, stealing not just Nergal's manpower, but blueprints and contracts as well. It's why the good guys don't have barrier busting Field Lancers and why the bad guys have Shinshikis and Muzuras by the time of Prince of Darkness.

Now knowing how it's like to be sold out himself, he spends much of Prince of Darkness playing possum with his thought-to-be-gutted company whilst indirectly participating in the fight against the Martian Successors - tho it's not like he actually reformed, having merely had an alignment change to true neutral.

Spoiler: Show
Who else did you think freed Akito and Lapis from Martian Successor control, and where else did you think they got their gear?

True to form, Nergal had swiped the TDD's maintenance contract from right under the Senpuji Concern's nose.

Because here's Yujiro Senpuji (oh, so he IS in the game) - Maito's grandpa, if you remember reading my lore spoiler from episode 10 - calling in and giving Akatsuki an earful. Akatsuki states it's for the best: Senpuji doesn't make ships y'know, they make trains!

In reality, Yujiro doesn't really care - having already retired and passed operations to his grandson long ago. Also, the Senpuji Concern will still make billions regardless of one mere maintenance contract. But you know, he was trying to pull some strings so he could meet this Tessa Testarossa lass!

Yujiro is source accurate here, doing useless things thinking that it'd benefit his grandson. Turns out he's already tried to matchmake Maito to Ruri, explaining why they're already familiar with each other in Episode 10. Keyword being "tried", but I can forgive him for not knowing what Ruri is like.

And now he's trying to matchmake his grandson to a young submarine captain from another universe.

(Apropos of this, in case you are wondering - whilst arranged marriages were no longer a thing, pseudo-matchmaking by parents exists in the East and will continue to do so as long as the 50's generation is alive, because parents of that era regard it as a duty to see their children married off; Confucianism discourages children from telling their parents, nope, they don't need or want this right now.

It makes for extremely awkward conversations during family gatherings and events when you hit 18 and above. But I digress.)

Sheesh. Yujiro ought to keep an eye on the streets for this girl who for some reason keeps running into his grandson, because she multitasks like the best of them.

Akatsuki agrees with me, Yujiro is a doting idiot.

Keep that up and Yujiro would indirectly ruin the reputation of... CELESTIAL BEING. You know, because Yujiro, in this continuity, is a founding member and all!

Yujiro looks gobsmacked in the viewscreen. His arc-welded past was supposed to be secret, even from his own grandchild.

Akatsuki continues - turns out Yujiro broke ties with Aeolia Sheinberg when he had a crisis of faith. Y'see, there were talks of the creation of the ultimate mech, the Gundam series, which would then be used to stop all war.

To be fair, Yujiro turned out to be right. What game am I playing again? :)

Still, you have to give Yujiro credit for technically continuing to have Aeolia's (original?) ideals, because it was he who prepared the world for the post fossil-fuel economy.

Had he not gone and bought up all of the rail compaines (all of them), there would be no war-resistant global transportation network - especially with all the fighting that went on for the remaining stockpiles of fossil fuel, and all the fighting that still goes on today.

There were some sacrifices in the process - the mysterious death of his own son and his wife (read: Maito's mom and dad). Must've be those pro-war nuts, and all the more reason he wants to see his grandson happy!

Guv, you do know your grandson is the Batman and he has his own combiner mech lance, right? Well, you're supposed to. I've seen you arguing with the Brave Express in your source material, and they are scared of you.

Whilst their own CEO argues with a major shareholder of their partner company, Prospector and Erina are discussion about a secret project. I know what it is. Not telling.

Regardless tho, it's gonna be delayed, for at least another 10-15 episodes or so. Prospector shrugs. Well, Celestial Mithril Nadesico are handling everything well for now with the "current model"...

Offscreen, Akatsuki signs off with Yujiro, having apparently placated him. That's Yujiro's reputation for you, back in the day everyone feared him. Plus, Yujiro knew his dad...

Prospector observes that it's like the Senpuji Concern has 2 heads from the same family, moving in different directions.

...Needless to say, they like the younger one better. Senpuji the younger knows whats up. Maybe he'll find a use for that little present Akatsuki's left onboard the refitted De Danaan.

Sigh, times have changed - and with it, Akatsuki himself too, as well as Akito, who did a right 180 from his old cartoon loving self, becoming a blood knight all too eager to work with them.

It feels as if Akatsuki misses the time when Akito didn't like him one bit.

Still tho, what with the Crimson Group openly backing the Martian Successors, they can't just sit around waiting for an opportunity to rebuild. They need a really big win - and that's why they're throwing their lot in with their old frienemies.

Whether they like it or not.

And mind you, Nergal does have a place even with a big good like the Senpuji Concern around. After all, a lawful good company can only do so much.

No, Nergal's job is to be shady AF like Akatsuki - countering the machinations of the Martian Successor's with their own.

To be honest, world domination would be much easier to do than trying to play black ops, but you know how it is - their coffers can't afford *that* anymore.

One question still burns Prospector. Where the hell did his CEO dig out that shirt, which he obviously didn't button because it no longer fitted him correctly?

...eh, it's one of Akatsuki's old cool things from his, uh, "dark ages". He wears it for special occasions.

I know the feeling bro, nobody can resist being that eminence in the shadows, even if it is just some chuuni fantasy. :3

=== Tuatha De Danaan Hangar ===

About one frame before, it's revealed that we're currently en-route to the Amaterasu colony. Looks like we're trusting Joe's intel. Since we've transitioned into the hangar of the submarine Tuatha De Danaan, it can only mean one thing.

Nergal actually got the damn thing to fly, even without a Flight Module equipped! From this episode onwards, the Tuatha De Danaan can be deployed in Space maps. All the mech pilots are milling about in the hangar discussing this new capability.

You know that often repeated thing IRL where a modern submarine can make a good spacecraft? It's a given fact in a fictional work like this game.

True, Tessa's original De Danaan blueprints were for a seafaring vessel. But it was designed with a powerplant that can work in a vacuum, as well as full NBC compliant protection that pretty much gave it an independent, recycling oxygen supply.

Helps that in this continuity, following the events of Second Raid, the submarine carrier was overhauled with modern starship construction techniques used in Londo Bell vessels.

Therefore the De Danaan was already spaceworthy. Just add Minovsky Drive, or a similar propulsion system - something that a starship builder like Nergal can easily do.

While Maito defers to Nergal for the required modifications since they're more experienced with starships, Tessa doesn't look completely satisfied.

Sure, that little Whispered voice in her head is agreeing with Maito. It's just that... the company's CEO, Akatsuki.

Maito goes "...ah."

As witnessed by Mao, Akatsuki keeps attempting to steer discussions into asking for a date, like a true man of culture. They should've seen the protective Marduka's face turn blood red in the meeting room.

Well, at least it got Mithril a working starship, and they get to see the blue oceans of this dimension's Earth from space.

Here's a reminder from all the way back to Episode 12 and 13. Where Mithril came from, the seas are red, and for the most part devoid of life, thanks to a globe-spanning disaster.

In addition, in this game's continuity, battles were more in space than on Earth, so the seven seas don't have much strategic value anymore.

The TDD was supposed to change that, but even the person who drew up the blueprints herself thinks it may just be a dream of the past.

(Note: the Whispered think of the voice in their head as a separate person; they therefore do not regard any of their Black Technology creations as their own.

Pay attention to this dream of the past thing, it may become important later.)

Maito actually wants to gather more information on the version of Earth where Mithril and the ZZ Crew came from, but he's a bit too nice to dig whenever the girls show those sad faces...
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