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[In Which I Review] New anime, Fall 2013


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I am enjoying Samurai Flamenco a lot so far, except I keep forgetting Goto's name and calling him "Cop-Kyon." (Since, well, yeah. VA.) Which just leads to crazy theories about his long-distance girlfriend.


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Things still in the frame

Coppelion: I'm thinking this will be my "Blast of the Tempest" for this season, the show I watch because I need an explanation. For Gods sake people, give these girls the proper clothes for search and rescue.

Kill La Kill: It's fantastic

Beyond the Boundary: I am thinking this will be a slow start like Chuu2, willing to stick with it because I like the characters.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel: I like battle shows so this will have to make me dislike it

Valvrave: Finally some explanations.

Galilei Donna: big enough fan of steampunky stuff to keep watching for now.

Log Horizon: makes me miss SAO. Hoping it will improve.

Hanging by a thread.

"I couldn't become a hero..": Is just saved from being dropped by a reasonable second episode

Strike the Blood: Has a couple more episodes to grab my attention.

Samurai Flamenco: I'm giving it a chance. Not as interesting as Tiger and Bunny and I didnt stick with that.

Miss Monochrome: I'm viewing these as short adverts for the concerts/music they are short enough that I don't mind seeing what they do.


Nagi no Asukara

Diabolic Lovers
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Hey, there are still more new shows getting released !

Admittedly, that means the like of Gaist Crusher : a kids' sentai show adapted from some collectible card game. It's the blandest and most generic piece of crap I have watched for a long time, which is saying something. From off-the-shelf one-dimensional characters to nearly absent world-building (what are the heroes even fighting ?) to character designs that would have been rejected by any self-respecting Saint Seiya clone... There's absolutely nothing to recommend in this, and no way I'm bothering with a full review for it.

(That I watched this with terrible subtitles that seem to have gone through several languages before reaching English probably didn't help. But even a decent translation can't save this show.)


And now, more second episodes from this weekend !

What stayed on my watchlist :

- Log Horizon is shaping up to be what I wanted SAO to be : sure, it's taking its time to raise the stakes, but that's a plot point in itself. I like that good tactics instead of pure badassery win fights, and I enjoy the main characters' interactions. This is just plain good fun.

- White Album 2 has still got my attention for now ; it's a decent romance show that's perfectly pleasant to watch. I'm not sure I'll stick with it through the end, though.

- Gingitsune is the cute slice-of-life show of the season. It's not like our heroine bringing together the alpha bitch and the high-class student council vice-president is a particularly original thing to do, but it works.

What got cut :

- Strike the Blood : three days later, I can't even remember what happened in this second episode. I just don't really care.

- Outbreak Company : yes, it shows that the writers have relatively thought through their setting. But I don't particularly care for the "our mighty protagonist imports superior values to this backward fantasy setting through the medium of otaku culture" narrative, and it doesn't help that it frequently falls back to the same old skeevy harem tropes.

- I won't admit to having watched a second episode of Freezing Vibration. But it's the same as ever : a weak excuse for women beating the crap out of each other in various states of undress, with the unpleasantness of it all barely hidden by some nauseous feel-good melodrama.

- Ace of Diamond : So that's where all the actual baseball from the first episode went hiding into. Yeah, no thanks. I have no wish to follow the adventures of such an annoying protagonist, playing a sport I actively dislike.

- Walkure Romanze thinks it's hilarious to have porn dialogue during all its training sequences. It's barely funny the first time around, and actively aggravating by the episode's end. Also, the dating-sim structure really shows, with all the main girls taking turns to talk a bit with the guy despite this being ostensibly Mio's story.

... I still somehow have 23 shows on my watchlist. Surely something must be done during Week 3.
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