[In Which I Review] New anime, Spring 2016


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So, there are still a couple of shows still to premiere at the end of the week, but this is as good a point as any to sum this thread up. How does the tally go ?

Definitively Watching (12+3) :
- Mayoiga
- Re:Zero
- Joker Game
- Space Patrol Luluco
- No Girls Online
- Kiznaiver
- Flying Witch
- Macross Delta
- Age 12
- Kabaneri
- Three Leaves, Three Colors
- Ace Attorney (as a fanboy)
(+ JoJo IV, Concrete Revolutio & Sailor Moon Crystal)

On the Fence (9) :
- Bungo Stray Dogs
- High School Fleet
- Onigiri
- Bike Club
- Sakamoto
- Girl Meets Bear
- Shonen Maid
- Anne Happy
- My Hero Academia (will be dropped if we don't get to the Academia by episode 4, because fuck taking it slow)

Nope (6+) :
- Twin Star Exorcists
- Hundred
- Tanaka-kun
- Endride
- Cerberus
- Super Lovers
- Most of the shorts : Pan de Peace, Ragnastrike Angels, Crane Game Girls, Tonkatsu DJ, and several others that just nobody is subbing...

While there's no particularly outstanding show yet, there are many promising or even just solid ones ; as a result, it seems I'm going to have a busy plate this season, and I'm kinda glad I have very leftovers from Winter. I still feel like I'll have to drop some of the middling slice-of-life shows, as I don't particularly need to watch five of them.


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Hmm, my list:

Definitely Watching

-Space Patrol Luluco
- Kiznaiver
- Jojo
- Concretio Revolutio
- AssClass
- Ushio and Tora
- Ace Attorney (I thought the second episode was a huge step up from the 1st)
- My Hero Academia (Despite the slow pacing I feel they are nailing the adaption and I've read the manga so I'm not impatient.)
- Girl Meets Bear (My favorite SOL so far this season.)


- No Girls Online (Liked the 1st episode, not confident it will hold up.)
- Flying Witch (Seemingly much less impressed than most people but it's alright)
- Twin Star Exorcists (I've read a bit of the manga but not enough to decide one way or the other.)
- Sakamoto
-Bungou Stray Dogs (The comedy didn't work for me at all, so this is a "second episode good or I'm out" kinda thing.)

Haven't yet gotten around to Kabeneri, Three Leaves, Jokers Game or Onigiri. Most of the shorts have been bleh
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From what I've tried;

-Pan de Peace: What the hell it's only three minutes and it's vaguely amusing.
-Bakuon!!: Lay off the cyclist hate and you've got me.
-No girls online: Sticking with.
-Ace Attorney: Dropped hard after first episode.
-Kiznaiver: It's Trigger, that basically means I have to watch it.
-Re:ZERO: Tentative sticking with it. Will see how I feel after watching ep 2 later.
-Haifuri: So good!
-Hundred: Fucking awful ergo dropped.

Given last season it was literally just Myriad Colours Phantom World this is a very promising looking season.
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A successor to Kiki?
The scene setting, oddly, reminded me of Persona 4, what with being some random town in hick-ass nowhere, and then the daughter of a liquor store showed up, so I'm half-expecting her to get tangled up on some tv aerials on the roof or something! It is really cute and happy though (imouto's reaction to flying was so damn cute!


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Hey, look, a latecomer show that only comes out after everyone's stopped paying attention !

Big Order
(?? episodes)

What's it about ?

Adaptation of manga series by the same people who brought you Future Diary.


Daisy is a weird fairy/hallucination who goes around and turns random people into Orders, which basically means that they get super-powers based on whatever they were wishing for at the time. She seems to be mostly doing this for shits and giggles, as she expects to be entertained by whatever interesting things the Orders will do with their powers. And in that regard, she's been rather disappointed by...

Eiji, our teenage protagonist, who somehow got powers so incredible that he basically wrecked the world by accident when he got them. Ten years later, the scars are still visible all around, and he's trying to keep as low a profile as possible. Other compelling reason to never ever use his powers again : his little sister is in the hospital because of his past outburst (and his inner monologue makes it sound like she's barely got six months to live).

Rin is the pretty new transfer student into Eiji's class, but of course that's just a front, because it wouldn't be a Sakae Esuno story without a sadistic redhead stalking the protagonist and being very creepy indeed. She's an assassin nominally working for a secret council of weirdoes supposedly running what's left of the world, and tasked with tracking Eiji down. Of course, since her parents died in the catastrophe, she quickly ditches her recon job and goes straight for the kill. Also, she's an Order with regenerative powers, so she's basically immortal.

Eiji spends most of the episode whining and panicking, but Rin straight out stabbing his little sister is the straw that broke the camel back. Together with Daisy putting a big range limiter on his ability (so that he can use it without risk of wrecking the whole world), this spurs him into fighting back. Especially as Daisy clarifies that his power isn't actually to break stuff. He's really a reality warper, able to bend the world (and people) around him to his will. (With a range now limited to at best the size of a building.) See, his wish as a kid was patterned after his favourite cartoon character, who was about conquering the world for its own good. So hey, Eiji might as well go and conquer the world... starting with the council of assholes who went after him. And Rin is his first draftee, whether she wants it or not.

Production Values

On the one hand, this is very raw looking indeed ; studio Asread isn't known for producing polished shows, and this is the case here too. On the other hand, there are some great visuals for the initial catastrophic event, with the world just getting broken and fractured in a very unsettling way.

What did I think of it ?

This was certainly a very rough start. The episode spends most of its runtime being miserable and without much direction, spending more effort on histrionics than coherent storytelling. But it all comes together with the final reveal, which gives its protagonist a much-needed agenda, interesting powers that he's already using creatively (lol at Rin healing Eiji's little sister without even noticing it for a while - "Wait, why the heck am I doing this ?"), and dynamics with his supporting cast that promise to be fascinating.

This show is of course very derivative of something like, say, Death Note, but there's enough energy and ideas here to keep it fresh. I'm willing to watch where it goes for a while.
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