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[In which I review] New anime, Summer 2012


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Although previously it seemed like it was Rot3K that got the genderswaps rather than Sengoku.
Oh, Ikki Tousen, was there nothing you couldn't do? (Yes, up to and including being an entertaining fighting show with interesting characters.)
In Dakara Boku Wa, H Ga Dekinai, by contrast...
Spoiler: Show
The Reaper is powered by his soul... which is powered by his now suppressed libido. So when he would normally get turned on, she gets powered up. Yeah.
I think I see exactly where this is heading...

This one actually seems kind of interesting. Kind of curious why you'd immediately assume it's going to have pseudo-siscon as a big thing. I mean, yes, I'm sure that someone is drawing porn doujins with that very focus as we speak, but none of the vague information I've seen about the actual show/light novels suggests that it's a major point.

I do see that it's being done by a studio that has a checkered reputation when it comes to adapted works.
Well lets just say I'm suspicious of anime, especially with all the other stuff this season.

Sword Art Online also looks like it might be interesting.


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Because I didn't have anything better to do while waiting for the big premieres tomorrow, I checked out some of the OVA that surfaced over the last couple of weeks. This might have been a mistake.

Most perplexing is probably Ai Mai! Moe Can Change!. It's an adaptation of a "moe-girl raising" game, where the key gimmick is that the player can change their clothes ad nauseam. None of this here... well, except that the girls keep changing clothes. Seriously, they rarely keep the same ones for more than a minute, thanks to a magical phone app (although its inventor later shows she can produce the the same effect with cakes !). There's barely any plot in sight here, just sadistic barely-developed characters tormenting each other. Who the heck enjoys this kind of brainless drivel ?

Mahou Tsukai Nara Miso o Kue! ("Eat Miso if you're a sorcerer !") is barely any better. It's basically a 12-minute trailer for an award-winning light novel... which is so painfully generic one wonders who thought it'd deserve any awards. The plot is a cliché-storm (down to the opening scene having a short bratty girl crashing into generic male lead's flat), the characters have no personality beyond their archetypes, and the jokes are well-worn indeed. It's the kind of stuff you'd expect to be parodied in Genshiken, except without any indication the writers know that. And did I mention it's padded out with facepalm-inducing lingering candid shots of the main female characters ?

Don't bother with either of those.


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Mahou Tsukai Nara Miso o Kue! ("Eat Miso if you're a sorcerer !") is barely any better. It's basically a 12-minute trailer for an award-winning light novel... which is so painfully generic one wonders who thought it'd deserve any awards.
Japanese publishing has a lot of awards.


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(12ish episodes ?)

What's it about ?

Magical battles set in Italy, with just a hint of romantic comedy.


Godou, our generic Japanese male lead. He was sent in Italy to deliver a package by his grandfather (who turns out to be a vey powerful mage who really got around). He randomly crashes into...

Erica, who for some reason walks around in a ludicrous "period" red dress. (Even curiouser : for magical battles she switches into something more comfortable and decent.) She's a witch (with battle maid in tow) who immediately takes an interest in the package, apparently a super-powerful artefact that can steal gods' powers. Which is handy, considering how there are more than a few roaming around.

Verethragna, a super-powerful and super-arrogant kid who's so powerful he's going around challenging other gods because he's curious what defeat feels like (so far, no luck).

... And that's how, by the end of the episode, Godou acquires god-level power. (That's not a spoiler, his inner monologue states it at the very beginning.)

Production Values

I watched the eyebleed-o-vision streaming pre-air version of the episode, so it's a bit hard to judge, but the magical battles feel very generic and uninspired.

Overall Impression

The obvious comparison here is with Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou, and that's not exactly to this show's advantage ; the characters feel very generic (Erica in particular alternates between stale charmless antics and exposition mouthpiece), the plot hangs on some very big coincidences and doesn't flow too well (special points to the first magical battle just stopping off-screen for no obvious reason), and the worldbuilding feels quite by-the-numbers.

(Also, I can't take Fuhimiko Tachiki's narration seriously when he uses the same boisterous tone as for Katte ni Kaizou, which was a clear parody of this sort of thing.)

You never know, this might develop some charm later on, but it hardly looks promising so far. I'm not even sure I'll bother with a second episode.
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