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[In which I review] New anime, Winter 2010-2011


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Am I the only one who figure out the locked door mystery in Gosick before the big reveal? In hindsight it was kinda obvious, and my Mom solved it from the description I gave her, and she's a big fan of mysteries.

Words cannot describe how much IS sucked. I stopped watching it because I lost interest and I tend to sit through at least one episode of a show before dropping it.


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Am I the only one who figure out the locked door mystery in Gosick before the big reveal? In hindsight it was kinda obvious, and my Mom solved it from the description I gave her, and she's a big fan of mysteries.
Yeah, but that's hardly the point. Of course it's easily solvable - there are only two suspects, and the idiot detective had picked the other. What I admired was the economy of storytelling, describing the full setup of the mystery and resolving it under five minutes, without it feeling rushed or forced. And the writers even managed to pump more characterization for the three leads in this scene than in the "slow" bits around it. That's skill...


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I'm curious to see whether the supernatural elements are just hints, or whether they're going to come centre stage.
Spoiler: Show
Well, they're currently on a ship which is, if not a ghost ship, then named after a ghost ship, so if the wider mystery isn't about the occult, it will probably be about occultists.


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I won't say anything specific, but the first episode of Mitsudomoe 2 felt like one long troll by the animators. I'd probably appreciate it more if it wasn't a super short 8 episode season to start with. :mad:

I'll catch Beelzebub tonight, I suppose...


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On the other hand... Well, it's still a fanservice-fuelled "panty fighter" series, and you can really hear the plot gears grinding as the premise is forced into a harem setup towards the end. Also, the non-linear storytelling is sometimes a bit disorientating, between the Carnivale, the lesson scene, Kazuya's subplot and the flashback to his sister's last stand.

I'm really not sure about this one. There's a somewhat decent story that compels me to watch another episode to check whether it's going anywhere, but I fear it's going to be smothered by the fanservice and the harem hijinks. I'm fearing a new Daimao, here.
Vaguely spoilery data ahead!

I took a look at the Freezing manga and was somewhat surprised. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting. To be fair, the storytelling is very decompressed, so it doesn't advance super fast and it might develop beyond what we currently have.

I really didn't get a harem vibe off it, although large chunks of the plot are driven by girls fighting over the male lead - but they're fighting. It's nasty and somebody might die. Although the male lead has some female friends too, I never got 'harem' out of it.

However, as the story is heavily concerned with sex and violence, there's some uncomfortable stuff in there. The plot is also driven by seniors going "Show some respect, juniors, or we'll **ing humiliate you on every level", and the female lead going "I'll never let that happen to me again". There's some legitimately nasty stuff in there, and it's not just some fetishy trace elements - it's pretty central to certain characters. The story could do something worthwhile and genuinely mature with this, and I hope that it does, because no matter what happens next it's already going to trip some black bug room sensors, and if it doesn't it'll just turn the whole thing sour.

And then, just as all this is getting tangled and High School Fanservice Fight Product #6B, a friendly reminder that the whole reason for high school fanservice fighting is that Earth is being invaded by things that wouldn't look out of place in Rahxephon, and if you're lucky they'll just tear you and your friends in half on their way to genociding your home town. If you're lucky.

Dunno if I'll bother following the anime, as it's either going to move at a glacial pace or explode with filler; there's just not that much manga story yet. But I think there's potential there - potential for great good or great bad. Mediocrity doesn't seem to be on the cards.


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I won't say anything specific, but the first episode of Mitsudomoe 2 felt like one long troll by the animators.
This is a very impressive troll, though, and like everything with Mitsudomoe it's way funnier than it has any right to be.

(I loved Miyashita's look in the ED - it's a fun callback.)


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Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!!
(Approximative translation : "I'm totally not in love with my brother, okay ?!")

What's it about ?

Incest bait. Lots of it.


Nao, our protagonist. She's head over heels her brother, but she plays hard to get : she teases him a lot with "innocent" innuendo, then pulls out at the last moment while calling him a pervert for even thinking about it. Two thirds of the way through the episode, she learns she was adopted ; while this kills her fantasies of "forbidden love", it does open some possibilities...

Shuusuke, the brother. Let's just say that his hormones are in perfect working order, and leave it as that. He's got an impressive porn collection, by the way.

The parents are very generic : Mom is concerned, while Dad is trying to snatch Shuusuke's BDSM magazines for future perusal.

Nao has a couple of bland friends that are mostly rolling their eyes at her transparent behaviour.

The OP/ED and next episode preview suggest that two more girls are going to compete for Shuusuke's attention. First off is his long-lost twin-tailed childhood friend...

Production Values

Wow, this looks horrible. I'm usually fairly tolerant of non-standard artstyles, but those elongated limbs are deep into uncanny valley and make everyone look like they're anorexic. The animation is quite limited, too.

OP & ED are chirpy crap. Urgh.

Overall Impression

Well, I think we reached the nadir of the season. I reached my "please gods, let it stop already !" threshold before the opening credits, but I endured until the end of the episode for your sake. This is terrible on every level, and it sickens me that there's an audience for this crap.


Beelzebub tomorrow morning.


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If this show wasn't even about fighting the angels, I could just watch it be about super violent gladitorial combat between woman.

Still haven't finished watching it.
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