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[In which I review] New anime, Winter 2010-2011


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I was actually going to mention Eiken but I recalled people speaking positively of it at some point for...some reason.

At least it was incredibly silly and neurotic, but meh. It's only purpose in exhisting is to ambush your friend into watching it, then laugh at their misery.

BTW, Japan loves dem Ospreys don't they?



MC is a delusional fuck, wait... this is starting to get silly... OHMYNUTBLADDER.

Freezing, you are one special show. I like you. I kill you last.
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Bloody hell Freezing actually managed to make me seriously uncomfortable. The sheer incongruity of constant panty shots and heaving cleavage combined with oh fuck me that's some seriously nasty dismemberment which they're treating as real at least in the sheer utter agony of it. I'm not sure if it works and while the limbs scene was bad the hospital and some of the carnival takeouts were genuinely on the grisly side to for such a full on fanservice show, but it's bought an another episodes watch I'll give it that. Don't get me wrong fanservice is fine so is gore, mix the two though and you begin to get squick.


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I think I'm going to have to read the manga now.

Definately liked the OST for this show.



Watched: KAMINA Baby Sitting Satan's Child, the anime.

Also, when has the setting of a show where a highschool is the worst place in the world not been good?
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What's it about ?

The Demon Lord is too busy playing videogames and attending random parties to eradicate mankind, so he sends his infant son to do it in his place. The baby attaches himself to a brash high school delinquent. Hijinks ensue.


Oga, our protagonist. A top dog in his high school filled with delinquents, despite being only a freshman. The classic Jerk With A Heart Of Gold (c). Prone to semi-delusional epic narration. Having the same voice actor as TTGL's Kamina does wonders for his personality.

Beelzebub, the baby demon. You don't want to make him cry, considering he zaps whoever's around when that happens.

Furuichi, Oga's sidekick. The poor dude's chief role is to complain about the ludicrousness of the plot and get screwed over repeatedly by Oga.

Hildegarde, Beelzebub's demon caretaker. After some over-the-top fighting to try and take Beelzebub back, she acknowledges that he's attached himself to Oga and sticks around to supervise his upbringing as the scourge of mankind. Will not take "no" for an answer. Wonderfully deadpan. (... most of the time...)

Production Values

This looks perfectly alright for a gag series. Oga's constant stream of scary faces has great comedic timing, and I like the occasional thicker lines around the characters. On the other hand, the soundtrack is terrible canned cheese.

The OP's a joke that could get on my nerves after a while, and the ED's just forgettable.

Overall Impression

This... is actually pretty funny. I was worried a bit at the beginning, as Beelzebub zapping punks was getting old after ten minutes, but it starts clicking after Hildegarde shows up. The banter between the three leads is delightful.

Now, with that said, do I see myself following this for 50+ episodes ? I fear the joke might stale after a while, and there's a risk it'd devolve into generic fighting shonen crap. I'll give it some more episodes, though.


And, that's it for Week One of this Winter season (apart from Wolverine, which I'm tackling whenever some subs show up).
There are few stragglers that won't start until Week Two : Dragon Crisis!, Kore wa Zombie desuka? and Level E all air on Monday, while the noitaminA block (Fractale and Wandering Son) airs on Thursday.

Quick recap :
Impressively good : Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
Good : GOSICK, NyaruAni, the Mitsudomoe and Kimi ni Todoke sequels
Could go either way : Dream Eater Merry, Freezing, Beelzebub
Bad : Rio - Rainbow Gate, Infinite Stratos, Starry Sky, Cardfight!! Vanguard
Might make you lose SAN points : Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!!


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Comments on the ones I've seen and have comments about...
Madoka: I cant get over the imagery in this one. Even if the plot turns garden standard, it'll have that backing it.

Gosick: I want to use this an a showcase example of 'no, Japanese ARENT drawing their guys to look like Caucasians. THIS is how they draw caucasians'

Merry: Could go either way. Like the dream world, not all that fond of Merry's navel. Her eyes SERIOUSLY freak me out, though. Especially when her pupils turn white.

IS: Yeah, standard harem hijinx. But it's got mecha. We're short on mecha of any sort, and I need my fix.

ONii-chan: I'm already biased against it because of the subject matter. The art style though? ick.


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Soda box kitty!

Beezlebub was alright, but not great. It's one of those shonen series, so I'll stick with it a little while and expect that three years from now people will be talking about how it gets way way better if you just get past the first hundred episodes. Either that or it'll crash and burn and die an early death, but if fricken Reborn can run like 300 epiodes I imagine it'll do well enough.

Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!!
Why oh why did I even watch this? It should be subtitled "My little sister is a psychotic, repulsive shell of a human being" and I'm boggled that there could be anyone out there that finds that art style appealing.

The five minutes I saw of this were the worst thing I've ever seen, and I was once ambushed with Strike Witches.
Ah, Strike Witches, where little girls are forbidden to wear pants for the good of the country and no action scene is too exciting for the camera to go more then half a minute without zooming in on some poor girl's nether regions.
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