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[In which I review] New anime, Winter 2010-2011


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As a fan of the original Supernatural TV series, I have to check out the anime on principle. Havent had the chance yet, though.


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I'm horribly late as is on most of this stuff, so I'll keep it brief.

Hen Zemi #1 (of 2) ("Abnormal Physiology Seminar") is a prelude (or whatever) to a full TV series airing next spring. The premise is that a normal college girl attends a special course about "sexual perversion" (for credit, I presume), and gets tons of ludicrously embarrassing assignments from it. And that's without going into the six other weirdoes attending the class or the very creepy teacher supervising it.

It's actually better than it sounds - the fanservice could be much worse, Kana Hanazawa is as adorable as ever as the lead, and I'm all for a series that doesn't demonize bizarre sexual quirks as long as they're consensual (in other words, it's miles better than MM!).

The problem is that it's "nearly funny", which doesn't quite cut it. I did smile here and there, but that's it. It may yet improve, so I'll try getting the other OVA (out within a couple of weeks) and keep an open mind for the TV series, but I'm not too optimistic.

Mirai Nikki ("Future Diary") is a 9-minute-long trailer testing waters for a potential future series. The gimmick is that our high school protagonist finds on his cell phone a detailed diary of his next 90 days (given by enigmatic paranormal entities). Various other people were given the same thing, and the whole thing is a game, won by the last person standing.

On these grounds, I'm sold. It's an interesting premise, the atmosphere is built appropriately (it definitely feels very creepy), and I loved how dysfunctionally the relationship with the obligatory love-interest-with-a-diary-too started off. This reminds me of the best aspects of Death Note, although it's different enough to be its own thing.

Yuri Seijin Naoko-san ("Lesbian Citizen Naoko-san") is a 6-minute-long adaptation of a gag manga about... I'm not sure, actually. An sarcastic alien maid stalking a high-school girl and sniffing the skirts of any passing girl because she claims that's the only way to get good reception from the stars. Also, she can randomly summon trains in the middle of a little street.

This is a very baffling short indeed. The key thing, though, is that it's not funny at all, and that's what kills it for me.

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu: Matsuri #1 (of 2) is a bridge OVA before a proper second season next summer. It's basically the same as ever, with a "cultural festival" backdrop to riff on the usual recurring jokes. It's good fun, and I loved the multiple endings, but don't bother with this unless you watched and liked the first season.


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It made perfect sense to me. And it's nice to see this series delivering some concrete answers and heading for a resolution.

Most anime this weekend was preempted by obviously more crucial coverage of the disaster, but one of the few things that made it through the cracks is Freezing #10 (is this series a frigging cockroach or what ?). Even now that the proper plot has shown up, it's still a complete mess : the love triangle is even more annoying than usual due to being completely out of place, and the adults in charge spout orders that'd make some tactical sense if there was any follow-through. (Seriously, they set up layers and layers of protection... and still the attackers only meet half a dozen lame-oes who get taken out in seconds. WTF ?) It's ridiculously obvious at this point that the plot bends over backwards so that our plucky underdog "heroes" can save the day, all while shuffling the other major characters off the way so they can be somewhat preserved.


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So, uh... forgive me if I'm late, here, but...

Fractale #8.
I confess, I feel a little annoyed that the show didn't properly communicate to us that Phryne-prime and Nessa look identical, except that Phryne-prime is older and has different hair. Look show, they all have cartoon faces, how am I supposed to tell?

Wishing that somebody on the show would sit down and explain this key stuff to Clain. It seems due and overdue.


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More on the anime delays due to the earthquake/tsunami crisis (mostly for my own book-keeping) :

Aired as normal : (mostly thanks to airing on satellite networks)
Wolverine #10 (Animax)
Freezing #10 (AT-X)
Index II #22 (AT-X)

Special mention to Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!! #10, which aired on the one channel (with tsunami warnings & map), but was pulled on most other networks because it featured heavy tsunami imagery.

Delayed :
Dragon Crisis #10
Kore wa Zombie desuka? #10 (also reportedly to be retooled over violent content)
Kimi ni Todoke S2 #10 (the recap episode is to be re-aired this week instead)

I haven't seen any report yet, but I doubt the weekend day shows like Dragon Ball Kai, Suite Precure or One Piece aired either.

The bigger news, though, is that the Moshidora TV series, which was originally set to be airing daily over the next two weeks, is postponed until further notice.
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