[In which I review] New anime, Winter 2012


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I'd forgotten about the Gattai = sex thing from the original Aquarion. Still, I thought the new one was pretty cool.

Another was pretty good. Going to skip that opening from now on though. Does Ali Project only know that one song?


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I quite liked it. It successfully managed a nice creepy atmosphere without resorting to cheap Hollywood shocks. The plot seems a bit obvious at first glance, though.

Also, I found it suspicious how Kouichi's grandparents were always framed out of shot.

No, they've done other songs in the past.
but they all sound the same.


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I have to admit I am so fixated on Nisenmonogatari I have no read a thing about anything else this season. So very useful.


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Aquarion Evol

This is a complete mess. It completely lost me 7 minutes in, when it became clear that piloting mecha was a blatant metaphor for sex ("it feels so good !" "Us pure maidens uniting with a man ? Ew !"). The incessant tone shifts, haphazard pacing and bland characters don't help one bit. And once you get past the shock and awe of the production values, you're left with a very pedestrian story that piles on the clichés without bringing anything new to the table.
Oh, Aquarion. Like JELEINEN said, this was all over the first series, too. The dub actors were bemused (to put it lightly) at the twin directions of, "Okay, you're piloting a giant robot. Oh, and make sex noises." The first series was dumb, but fun.


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Oh, a little quibble I have with the sub's translation: Umi no Akeboshi should be Morningstar of the Sea, damn it, not the other way around.
Same for Chiaki's supposed homeworld that was translated as Sea of the Foreststar as well I presume?

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I only saw one episode of the original Aquarion (in English, IIRC), and just from that the sex thing was blatantly obvious. I don't think EVOL would be an Aquarion anime without it.


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Waiting in the Summer (Ano Natsu de Matteru)
(12 episodes)

What's it about ?

Basically a remake of Please Teacher without the squicky bits, reuniting the same creative team. For those who don't know it : this is a romantic comedy set in a little Japanese town in the summer. A human-looking alien lands there in secret and tries to blend in.


Kaito, our bland male lead. He's got a camera and has let his high school friends talk him into directing an actual movie. While he was filming random landscapes, he got caught into the crash/landing hand got heavily injured. (From the look of it, she mostly cured his injuries while he was unconscious.) His parents are dead, he lives alone with his older sister (who's about to go abroad for the summer).

Ichika, the alien. She's trying to pass herself as a transfering high school student, but it's quite obvious from her lack of understanding of social cues (not to mention her bright red hair) that she's not from around here. Also, she's homeless, and somehow manipulates Kaito into housing her (in a well-executed and quite creepy scene).

Kanna, the tomboy tsundere who's gonna have to step her game up if she doesn't want the alien to push her into Kaito's friend zone. (NOBODY is fooled by Kanna's behaviour, and various people try and push her towards making an actual move.)

Tetsurou is Kaito's token perverted best friend... although, as a nice departure from the norm, he's actually handsome and quite the charmer.

Remon is basically Yukari Tamura reprising her role from Please Teacher with the number filed off : the sarcastic and perceptive sempai who's quite older than she looks.

Production Values

Perfectly okay. So there's where the budget saved from Kill Me Baby and Bakuman 2 went !

Overall Impression

My main objection to Please Teacher was from the squicky bits (where the alien became a teacher and they used a bizarre loophole to make the male lead legal), so I'm quite pleased to see a nearly-remake without those elements. As a result, this is a fun little romantic comedy that's pleasant enough, while never coming off as "essential watching".

Perfectly fine for what it is.
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