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[In Which I Watch] Sailor Moon

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Re: Episode #10: Cursed Buses! Fire Warriors Mars Appears.

Better than the Manga where, if I recall correctly, Rei simply burns him to death.

I always figured it was just the need to distinguish the characters quickly (after all, I assume "in real life" Ami's hair is not blue), but I'll take your word for it. Don't want to get spoiled yet.
That's how they handle it in the live action series. Everyone has perfectly normal hair and hairstyles (well, Usagi still has the odango, but it's far less pronounced when done with real hair) and when they change into their Senshi forms, they get gaudy wigs in the color and style of the Anime version.
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Re: Episode #10: Cursed Buses! Fire Warriors Mars Appears.

Jadeite: "And I would have succeeded, too, if it weren't for those darn kids!"
Phobos: "Rand a rair of ravens, roo!"
Deimos /facewing. "…Hey, cat, you hungry?"
facewing is the best emote ever.


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Damn you, Shadowjack, now I'm seeing Rei as Zim, and it hurts...

It works a trifle better with Jadeite as Zim.

Jadeite: "PITIFUL <i>monkey</i> creatures! I shall suck all your energy with my energy-sucking… sucker… thingy. Youma!" (pause) "…Why are you eating your leg?"
Redhead of the Week: "…Because it tastes like bacon."
Jadeite: "There is no time for eating on our Sacred Mission, Youma! Now, DESTROY THE SENSHI!"
Jadeite: "My <i>spleen!</i>"


Usagi: "Ami! Ami! You gotta help!"
Ami: "I'm playing video games, Usagi. If this is not important I will destroy you."
Usagi: "It's the new girl at school! She's <i>stealing everyone's organs!</i>"

EDIT: Of course, that version of Ami <i>would</i> be dying her hair blue. And wearing goth clothes.


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• ENTER Rei, dazzlingly beautiful shrine maiden.
Rei: "¡Papi! ¿What the hell do you think you're doing?"
Old Priest: "Nothing, nothing! Don't forget the part-time shrine maiden position, girls! Maybe when you're a little older…" /escapes.
Rei: "I apologize for my lecherous grandfather. We're having enough trouble with all the suspicion about the missing buses; we certainly don't need a sexual harassment suit on top of it all."
No one is listening, because everyone is floored.
Naru: "My God, she's so beautiful."
Bitchy Schoolgirl: "She's so self-assured."
Usagi: "I wouldn't mind doing HER part-time!"
Usagi: "Doing that! Doing that <i>job</i> part-time. What I meant to say."

(I totally did not make that up.)
/adds series to my re-watch queue
And here's the original scene, because pics or it didn't happen.

Like I said, I leave the best lines alone. :D


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Re: Episode #10: Cursed Buses! Fire Warriors Mars Appears.

I was wondering about that, but so far, they've never actually been <i>hit.</i> :D

Usagi got a minor cut on her knee from stray glass and a minor cut on her cheek from the Clock Shoppe Proprietress's showing off with a spear. (And her knees are probably banged up all the time anyway, given how klutzy she is.)
I suppose better examples only come later on. They get superficial wounds pretty easily from yoma attacks, but they're hard to take down.

Come to think of it, they can survive their own attacks.
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Consistent power levels were not really a concern of the Sailor Moon anime. It's particularly obvious in the movies, where as I recall everyone's attacks tend to get massive upgrades in apparent power due to the vastly higher budget and somewhat less use of stock footage.


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Episode #11: Usagi vs. Rei? A Nightmare in Dreamland.

"Hey, stay out of the recording booth!"
"¿Damn it, why am I not in the recap yet? And Ami, too."
"It's not my fault! The new recap script was here a minute ago. Someone must have stolen it."
"You mean you <i>lost</i> it."
"Shut up!"

• THE TEAM IS GATHERED at Rei's place.
Luna: "Right, you're now all in the same room, and can talk to each other now."
Usagi: "Dude! The new <i>Sailor V</i> manga!"
Rei: "¡Hey, I haven't finished that yet, give it back!"
Luna: "So, uh, what are you talking about?"
Ami: "The more I read about this <i>Dark Sun</i> setting, the more interesting it sounds… hmmm."
Luna: "Guys…"
Rei: "I attack Usagi."
Usagi: "What?!"
Rei: "She's a Thief. It's only a matter of time before she steals something, and as a Paladin, I can't associate with Chaotic characters."
Ami /still reading.
Luna: "You guys…"
Usagi: "And attacking me for no reason isn't?!"
Rei: "I'm just playing my character."
Luna: "Hey guys…"
Usagi: "Well, I'm backstabbing her before she can attack me! Roll initiative!"
Ami: "Wait, we're in a fight now? I haven't selected my spell list yet!"
Rei: "I declared first!"
Ami: "…Maybe we should do something else."
Usagi: "<i>Vampire</i>?"
Luna: "We could go look for the Moon Princess, like I keep bringing up every other episode."
Usagi: "Well, what are we looking for?"
Luna: "Er… well…" /doesn't want to admit she hasn't a clue.
Ami: "What does she look like?"
Rei: "Is there some sort of ritual we need to enact?"
Usagi: "Does she have a sign on her head?"
Rei: "¿Like, 'Moon Princess, Available For Parties, Inquire Within'?"
Usagi: "Sure."
Rei: "Actually, that <i>would</i> be helpful. Luna?"
Luna: "…Having three of you is meaningless, if you're always going to act like this."
Ami: "Okay, you guys, I was thinking we should start taking more direct action against the Enemy. Check out this article in what we humans call a 'newspaper.' There's a new amusement park open—"
Luna: "Is it named Ackbar's Perfectly Safe Funne Parke?"
Usagi: "Does it have suspiciously low-priced life memberships?"
Rei: "Are patrons getting mysteriously sick or disappearing in droves?"
Ami: "Let's roll."

Queen Beryl has just finished reviewing the stolen recap footage.
Jadeite /sweats.
Queen Beryl: "Three of them now."
Jadeite: "Your Terrible Majesty, I have a <i>new</i> plan–"
Queen Beryl /utter mocking contempt. "Oh?"
Jadeite: "I have absolute confidence that we can drive the Allies out of Berlin."
Queen Beryl: "Jadeite, at this point it looks like your blow-up doll could come up with a better plan than you could. Maybe I should hire her."

Pretty Boy Aryan Security Guard: "There is absolutely nothing wrong with this Family Day Adventure Experience™, and we will answer no further questions at this time." /singlehandedly pushes all the reporters out the door.
The reporters mutter and disperse, and the kids come out from their hiding places.
Usagi: "He said there's nothing wrong! Let's ride on the carousel!"
Luna: "Hello, <i>pretty boy Aryan</i> company shill? Why does she never listen?"

• SIDEBAR: What they wore for a day out in public:
Usagi is wearing her new blue sailor outfit.
Rei is wearing jeans.
Ami is wearing what her mother dressed her in.

Rei: "¡MADRE DE DIOS IT <i>IS</i> A LION! ¿Where do <i>I</i> hide?"
Creepy Princess: "hello i am the dream princess and these are all perfectly safe robot animals"
Usagi: "Robot animals? Cool. Hello, Aslan! Hello, Bambi! Hello, Mister Bear!"
Usagi /backflips onto the back of Mister Bear! "Wheeeee!"
Rei: "I sense Evil."
Creepy Princess: "i have no idea what you're talking about all you see is perfectly safe"
Creepy Princess: "please come see the special free show at the gingerbread house later"

Jadeite is standing on a pile of corpses.
Jadeite: "I'm ready for you, Sailor Senshi. I will suck out all of your energy until nothing is left. Once someone comes in here, they will never get out."

Luna: "Let's split up and search for clues! I call Ami."
Rei: "I call—! …Crap."
Usagi: "So that means I'm with you?"
Rei: "Ha! You said it, not me."

• USAGI AND REI reenact the marketplace standoff from <i>Black Lagoon</i>, only instead of a gun they use some random kid who was wandering by.

• AFTER RUNNING AWAY from the kid's mother:
Rei: "Why are we riding the kiddy train?"
Usagi: "This is the best way to patrol! Just ask Batman."
Mamoru: "Yes?"*
Usagi /!
Mamoru: "Aren't you a little young to be riding the kiddy train?"
Usagi: "You're older than I am! Hey, I'm here with a friend, why are you here alone? <i>Oooo</i>, couldn't you get a <i>date</i>?"
Mamoru: "I… I just like trains, okay? Is there anything wrong with that?"
Genma Saotome /holds up sign: If there is, I don't want to be right.
Usagi: "Awesome. The engineer is a panda. I <i>like</i> this park!"
Rei: "Hey, doesn't that guy you were talking to look kind of like Tuxedo Mask?"
Usagi: "Of course not! Tuxedo Mask wears glasses."

Usagi: "Luna, you lost Ami?"
Luna: "I know exactly where she is. Inside the Gingerbread House—"
Rei: "I sense Evil."

• INSIDE the Gingerbread House
Creepy Princess blows hallucinogenic dust on everyone. Overcome by the illusion, they collapse, and the energy drain ensues.

Usagi /cries. "Ami's gonna die!"
Rei: "¡Damn it, stop crying and help me blast down this door!"

Usagi into Sailor Moon: <b>11</b>
Usagi into Disguise Form: 4
Ami into Sailor Mercury: 2
Rei into Sailor Mars: <b>2</b>

They charge inside… and promptly get a faceful of hallucinogenic dust.
Creepy Princess: "hello i am pleased to meet you"
Usagi: "Pleased to meet you as well, I guess."
Creepy Princess /readies her basilisk. "please hold out your hand"
Usagi /holds out hand. "Okay…?"
Rei /blocks Usagi with her own hand. "¡Idiot!"
Rei gets bit by the basilisk instead.
Rei is turning into stone!
Usagi /cries. "No! Rei's gonna die!"
Rei: "¿This? This is nothing. So don't cry."
Rei /uses ofuda.
Rei is no longer cursed!
Usagi /cries. "Yay! Rei's gonna live!"
Rei: "…"
Creepy Princess: "er excuse me i think i had better go now"
Creepy Princess /head and limbs retract, and body starts to spin.
Usagi and Rei /brace for the explosion.
Creepy Princess /extrudes a new head and limbs, and changes color.
<< Creepy Princess transforms into Creepy Puppet! >>
Usagi: "Okay, enough fooling around. I am the ride that breaks down and forces Crime to sit upside-down in the dark for hours: I AM SAILOR MOON. And I can't forgive you for using the innocent dreams of young maidens!"
Rei: "¿…When you say 'maidens', are you referring to yourself?"
Usagi: "…Wait, you mean you're not?"
Rei: "¡That's… That's none of your business!"
Creepy Puppet: "oo i'm so scared" /blows more hallucinogenic dust.

• A NEW DREAM: A pleasant field and forest.
Luna: "Be careful, guys! It's another illusion!"
Rei: "Don't worry, we're alert this time."
Usagi: "Yeah, we're not going to fall for any stupid tricks!"
Enter Tuxedo Mask.
Usagi: "See? Obvious trap."
—riding a horse.
Rei: "…but it might <i>not</i> be."
—riding a <i>unicorn</i>.
Usagi and Rei run off to play with Tuxedo Mask for ever and ever.
Luna /facepalm.

Enter the <i>real</i> Tuxedo Mask, dramatically, armed with +3 blessed throwing roses.
Tuxedo Mask stuns Creepy Puppet!
Usagi and Rei wake up and feel ashamed of themselves.
Tuxedo Mask: "Never give up!"
Exit Tuxedo Mask, dramatically, with swirl of cape.
Creepy Puppet resets!
Usagi and Rei run away!

Luna: "Okay, wake Ami up and let's do this!"

Usagi into Sailor Moon: 11
Usagi into Disguise Form: 4
Ami into Sailor Mercury: <b>3</b>
Rei into Sailor Mars: 2

Permit me to interrupt the action here to point out something I notice about their facial expressions, as the three girls head into battle. Usagi is, as usual, screwing up her courage, Rei is wearing her habitual glare of righteous indignation, and Ami… is smiling.

And it is not a happy smile. :)

It is a <i>Black Lagoon</i> smile.

Ami Mizuno, Sailor Mercury, is not simply looking forward to this, she is <i>getting off on this.</i> Ami will feel deep and visceral pleasure in crushing this demon beneath her booted feet, and will later remember this event and laugh in a way that makes others feel profoundly uncomfortable. Ami cannot wait for the day she learns a decent attack technique.

Ami has deeply-concealed issues.

Rei can fly!
Rei /flashes her panties at Creepy Puppet, stunning it!

Luna: "No, he's right. There was a rather surprising panty shot during her flying ofuda attack. I didn't expect that."
Usagi: "So is that what's meant by a 'prayer strip'?"
Rei: "I'm <i>so sorry</i> that your silly uniform doesn't come with athletic shorts. I won't hold back in a fight because of a wardrobe malfunction."

Creepy Puppet: "shit"
<< Creepy Puppet is slain! >>
<< Ami has levelled up! >>
<< Rei has levelled up! New Dual-Technique mastered! >>
<< Usagi has levelled up! New Dual-Technique mastered! >>

Jadeite: "I am <i>fucked</i>."

The Gingerbread House collapses into dust and blows away. No one seems to notice the loss of an entire building, the pile of corpses in the middle of the amusement park, or Jadeite slinking away.
Luna: "And the moral of this adventure was, teamw–"
Usagi: "Rei got more ice cream than I did!"
Rei: "Did not!"
Usagi: "Did too!"
Rei: "Did not!"
Usagi: "Did too!"
Rei: "Did not!"
Usagi: "Did too!"
Rei: "Did too!"
Usagi: "Did not!"
Rei: "Glad you agree with me."

*Did you, too, hear Mamoru's line as if voiced by Kevin Conroy? I did.
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