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[In Which I Watch] Sailor Moon

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you know for all her other faults, Usagi's blagging skills are pretty good.

(and I LOLd at the Mario joke :D )


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Rei's grandfather ?

(I still count on this picture at least 7 characters that have yet to appear, so, erm, yeah.)
relax, dawgsar knows enough of the series that their inclusion isn't a problem.

besides, basic spoilers such as 9 senshi (and hangers on) isn't much of a surprise


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Yep. I think something averaging 1 or more fights for your life per week for five years is pretty intense-- Sailor PTSD, anyone?
Well, individual scouts do get time off. Rei and Ami barely do more than show up on occasion, and other times Usagi pretty much only has to do a finishing blow.

Hard fights are more spaced out.


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I agree at the "roughly once per week" timing, it seems to fit. It takes a couple of days for the latest Boy from the Dark Kingdom to recover his forces and scout out a new plan of attack, then he starts developing, most of the plots take place over a few days, and meanwhile the girls have school.

Which explains Luna's gnawing anxiety (what'll it be this week? it would be any day! shit! shit! gotta hurry!) and Usagi's lackadaisy (another one? already? sheesh, can't a girl get any sleep). Officers vs. enlisted. :)

An interesting question... Which I'm not sure I want the answer of.
I think the only person at this point who might have seen Umino with his glasses off is Naru, what with the whole "dressing him in women's clothes" thing.

Odds on this "accident" being due to a jiujitsu-ing cat ?
Oo, good catch. Yes, Luna did stay behind in the room when the girls went out the window, I could see her taking a minute to dispose of the evidence.

Actually, I suspect that first kiss is may be something of a fantasy.

Consider: Usagi got her kiss. From a guy she crushes over. But she was tipsy at the time and doesn't need to blame herself for what happens. So, no emotional panic.
Good analysis! The "Usagi gets tipsy" was so quick and perfunctory—like it was necessary for the moment to happen, and we had to hurry through it before the episode ends.

Admittedly, social lubrication is what alcohol at parties is for, but Usagi didn't know what was up…

you know for all her other faults, Usagi's blagging skills are pretty good.
She's definitely got acting chops, especially when improvising.

(and I LOLd at the Mario joke :D )
"It'sa me, Mamoru!"


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Episode #23: Wish Upon a Shooting Star! Naru's Pure Love.

"Look! Up in the air!"
"It's a bird!"
"It's a plane!"
"No, it's SAILOR MOON! Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, the amazing stranger from the Far Side of the Moon—SAILOR MOON! Sailor Moon, endowed with remarkable agility, fights a never-ended battle for Truth and Justice, while disguised as mild-mannered junior high student Usagi Tsukino."

Naru is in a lover's distraction, thinking of him. But before she can finish her musical number…

Usagi /splashes Naru.
Naru: "Usagi, you're such a child."
Usagi: "You are too kind! …Wait, that was an insult. Oh-ho! So you're a grown-up?"
Naru: "Why of course! Because I'm involved in a mature romance."
Usagi /dies.
Usagi: "Oh, god, please tell me it's not Umino. And it had better not be Tuxedo Mask or Motoki, because in that case I would have to challenge you to a duel."
Naru: "I said a mature romance." /blush blush. "It's Mister Sanjoin."
Usagi: "OH SHIT."
Naru: "I beg your pardon. If you're worried about the age difference, it doesn't matter when you're in love…" /music swells.
Usagi /cuts off music. "Stop that, stop that. Maybe it does and maybe it doesn't, but you do know that he's a soul-sucking fiend, right?"
Naru: "He is not."
{Naru has left the scene.}

• CUT TO: The Temple.
Usagi /explains.
Rei: "Tell her ASAP."
Ami: "Wait and see."
Usagi: "Easier said than done."
Ami: "Which one?"
Usagi: "Either one!"
Rei: "¿You want us to get involved?"
Usagi: "…"
Luna: "…Well?"
Usagi: "Don't worry, leave everything to me!"
Luna: "When you say that, I know I have to worry."

Queen Beryl /slams down the phone. "DAMN that Nephrite! He's not answering his phone! What the fuck is he playing at?!"
Zoisite: (to self) "Dead man walking. I almost pity him…"

Nephrite: "I don't have time right now to worry about stealing energy."
Zoisite /just happens to drop by. "Queen Beryl is hopping mad."
Nephrite: "Fuck off back to Kunzite!"
Zoisite: "Aw, but I want to play games."
Nephrite: "Here's a game for you: first of us to find the MacGuffin wins."
Zoisite: "BUT THAT'S MY JOB!"
Nephrite: "Think I care? Whoever brings it in will have all sins forgiven. Frankly, I could use the help."
Zoisite /flees in tears.
Nephrite: "GOD he irritates me. Okay, let's do this thing. Hear me O stars! Where is the MacGuffin?"

Wheel of Fate, turn, turn, turn, tell us the mortal that he shall burn! And the victim of today's story is: NARU.
Nephrite receives a Shard of the Dark Crystal!
Nephrite: "What does that girl have to do with finding the MacGuffin?"

Kunzite /comforting arm. "There, there, dear. Let 'em do what he wants. We can always kill him and steal the crystal back."
Zoisite: "I hadn't thought of that."
Kunzite: "Which is why I'm the master and you're the subbie. Have one of the monsters handle the details, and then change into something more comfortable."
Zoisite /purrs. "Yes, dear." /snaps fingers. "You there! Sic 'em!"

Usagi can't bring herself to ring the doorbell.
Luna: "Come on, Usagi, woman up!"
Usagi: "Remember, I'm the Queen of Procrastination! Let's go ask Motoki for advice, instead."
Luna: "I'll go home and fret, instead."

Motoki is flirtatiously assisting Noa Izumi in how to play Sailor V Dash.
Usagi /!
{Usagi senses a presence she has not felt since–}
Usagi: "He's standing right behind me, isn't he?"
Mamoru: "It'sa me, Mamoru!"
Usagi: "Frell."
Mamoru: "Hey, Motoki! You're neglecting your girlfriend, here."
Usagi: "I'm not his girlfriend! I mean, I wouldn't mind being his girlfriend, I mean, I'd love to, but, oh, howabout I just shut up now?"
Motoki: "My shift's almost over, wanna get a cup of coffee or something?"
Usagi: "(Yeah, now you ask me.) Yes, actually, I wanted to ask your advice on something."
Mamoru: "I'll chaperone."
Usagi: "Okay, fine, whatever."

Usagi /explains.
Motoki: "Wait and see."
Mamoru: "Tell her ASAP."
Usagi: "This sounds strangely familiar."
Mamoru: "Look, telling the truth is a form of courage, right? Even if it hurts her, you're acting in her best interests to prevent worse hurt."
Motoki: "Well put. Can I change my answer?"
Usagi: "I guess it's a consensus then! Thank you both! And now I'm hungry. Waiter! One of everything on the menu, please. You guys want anything?"
Mamoru /sotto voce. "…I didn't bring my wallet."
Motoki /sotto voce. "Well, you distract her, and I'll run for help."
Usagi /has good ears. "Don't be silly, boys, this one's on me! I've been saving my allowance."

Usagi /doorbell.
Naru: "Oh, hello, Usagi!"
Usagi: "Okay Naru here's the deal I know you have a totally major crush on Mister Sanjoin but his real name is Nephrite and he's Pure Evil from the Eighth Dimension and will probably devour your soul and I can't tell you how I know this but I swear to High Heaven and Low Hell and all Nine Planets that's it's true it's 100% doubleplus 24-karet true and you should totally never try to see him again and run away screaming if you do or maybe mace him or something and I know it's a lot to take in all at once but I know you'll do the right thing okay love you bye-bye!"
Naru: "…"

Usagi: "Who's awesome? I'm awesome! How awesome? So awesome!"
Luna: "And what did she say next?"
Usagi: "…"
Luna: "You mean you–"
Luna /facepaw. "You just spilled your speech then left?! What were you thinking?!"
Usagi: "I was thinking it would be an awfully short episode if we resolved the conflict right there and then!"
Luna: "Oh, come on, this is actually a pretty good episode. You didn't need to resort to padding. We can always replay the transformation footage if we need to do that, that's what it's for."
Usagi: "Oh. Right. Oops."

Naru: "Usagi's probably right but he's so gorgeous!"
Naru's Mom: "Naru, dear, a telephone call for you from a strange man!"
Naru: "ZOMG YES!" /picks up. "Uh-huh. Yes. The park? I'll be right there!"
Naru's Mom: "You're not going anywhere until you–"
{Naru has left the scene.}
Naru's Mom /?!

And, ladies and gentleman, let us mark our first true sighting of Naru's Mom in the entire series (since the first sighting was a shapeshifted demon). Naru's Mom, we salute you!

Nephrite: "Sorry to bring you here on such short notice."
Naru: "I don't mind." :)
Nephrite: "Alas, my sweet! I must bid you farewell. There are forces who want me dead, and I cannot risk you being caught in the cross-fire. Good-bye, dear Naru, good-bye!"
Nephrite /bumps into a bugzapper, spoiling his exit. He covers for it admirably by striking a gallant pose.
Naru: "Gosh, is there anything I can do to help you?"
Nephrite: "I need the MacGuffin. Little silver crystal, about yay big."
Naru: "Mom's got one."
Nephrite: "Really?"
Naru: "I'll be right back!"
Nephrite /MUAHAHAHA!

I suppose this defenestrates the "Naru's Mom is actually Queen Beryl" theory, since why would Queen Beryl send people looking for something she already knew she had?

Unless she was just being a dick.

Which is a strong possibility.

• SHORTLY THEREAFTER: Naru's Mom's office.
Naru's Mom: "Naru, why have you stolen my keys, broken into my office, deactivated the security system, opened the safe, and placed the rare Silver Crystal in your pocket?"
Naru: "Um… I'll tell you later?" /flees.

Luna: "Never leave a human to do a cat's job. I can break Naru's heart in two seconds flat, you watch me. Then I purr and rub and put it back together with a few minutes of lap time. Easy."
Usagi: "How about you just lend me moral support while I tell her?"
Naru's Mom /frantic. "Usagi! Have you seen my daughter?"
Usagi: "Oh, shit, please tell me she didn't just elope with 'Masato Sanjoin.'"
Naru's Mom /franticker. "She eloped with Masato Sanjoin?!"
Usagi: "Right, you go that way, Luna and I'll go this way, and we'll find her, okay? Okay!"
Naru's Mom /frantickest. "Okay!" /dashes off.
Usagi: "This looks like a job–" /ducks into a phonebooth. "–for Sailor Moon."

Usagi into Sailor Moon: 23
Usagi into Disguise Form: 7
Ami into Sailor Mercury: 8
Rei into Sailor Mars: 6
Mamoru into Tuxedo Mask: 1

• MEANWHILE at the Park.
Nephrite > Use dark crystal shard on silver crystal.
You can't do that.
Nephrite > Rub dark crystal shard on silver crystal.
I don't know how to do that.
Nephrite > Tap dark crystal shard on silver crystal.
I don't know how to do that.
Nephrite > Xyyzy.
Nothing happens.
Naru /BLISS.
The Dark Crystal Shard begins to glow!
Nephrite /?!
Nephrite: "Why does it work when you're around? Would you come with me, please, I have to test something…"
The Dark Crystal Shard glows brighter!

Usagi: "Naru, don't go off with that man!"
Nephrite /very serious. "Please don't interfere in my business."
Naru: "Sailor Moon? Why are you here?"
Usagi /points at Nephrite. "J'Accuse!"
Naru: "No! It can't be! Tell her it's not true!"

<< Nephrite casts Meteo! >>
<< Sailor Moon takes damage. >>
Naru: "I guess I should take that as, 'Yes, I'm afraid it is, my darling Naru.'"

<< Nephrite casts Meteo Swarm! >>
<< Sailor Moon saves and takes halved damage. >>
Usagi: "Tuxedo Mask, HELP!"
Luna: "Get ahold of yourself!"
Usagi: "Sorry, regression under stress!"

<< Nephrite casts Starlight Attack! >>
<< Sailor Moon dodges, barely! >>
Ami: "Hold it right there!"
Rei: "¡I didn't have a chance to taunt you properly last time!"
Nephrite: "I'll send you all to Hell together!"
<< Nephr–
Nephrite: "Oh, no."
Nephrite /stop, drop, and roll.

Naru: "Sanjoin!"
Nephrite: "This is a battlefield! What are you still doing here?"
Naru /jumps in the way!
Nephrite: "Are you crazy, kid?!"
Usagi /!!!
Moontiara attack is cancelled!
Usagi /phew!

Usagi: "Naru, please get out of the way."
Ami: "Naru, we can't let him go, his crimes are too great."
Rei: "¡Move so I can kill him!"
Nephrite: "They're right, kid, get out of the way!"
Ami: "For goodness' sake why?"
Naru /weeps. "Because I love him! With all my heart!"
The Dark Crystal Shard powers up!
Nephrite: "What is this thing called love?"
Rei: "¿This funny thing called love?"
Ami: "Just who can solve its mystery?"
Usagi: "Why should it make a fool of me?"

Some sort of strange oni bursts in, dramatically!
Oni: "No singing!"
Nephrite and Oni slap fight!
Nephrite /drops the Dark Crystal Shard!
Naru /grabs the Dark Crystal Shard!
<< Oni attacks Naru! >>
<< Nephrite attacks Oni! >>
Naru /faints, for some reason.
Oni: "You're defending a human? TRAITOR!"
<< Oni uses Drill Horns! >>

Nephrite /raises eyebrow. "'Drill Horns?'"
Oni: "Drill Horns!"
Oni /bzzzzzzzzzzz.

Usagi: "Who's attacking whom, here?"
Rei: "Well, shoot somebody. I'm out."
Oni: "I regret nothing!"
<< Oni is slain! >>

Nephrite: "What is this strange, unsettling feeling in the pit of my stomach?"
Usagi: "It's called guilt, you bastard."
Nephrite: "Look, I'm giving the crystal back, okay? The favor is returned. Everything reset to zero. Hell, I didn't even lie to her, technically."
Ami: "Don't you have a heart?"
Nephrite: "Not human."
Rei: "But all asshole."
Nephrite /gets irritated. "You know nothing. All we want is the MacGuffin–"
Luna: (to self) "That name rings a bell…"
Nephrite: "–because once we have it, THE WHOLE WORLD will be ours. So go ahead and play your little superhero games, girls, laugh it up, have fun, because it doesn't matter worth a damn. Because we'll win, and that'll be it, lights out. Enjoy yourselves."
{Nephrite has left the scene.}
Naru /wakes up. "What did I miss?"
Usagi: "Shut up and pray."

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One of my favorite scenes of the first season is Usagi hoping to dear god that her Tiara stops in time. Fun fact! Her tiara attack is a direct homage to Wonder Woman's tiara attack from the 70s TV show.


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Yeah, this one is a great episode and helps lead towards one of my favorites which is coming up soon.
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