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[In Which I Watch] Sailor Moon

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Pretty much the only time it was even suggested someone could see through the "disguise", I believe.
So far, they've conveniently avoided anyone she knows seeing her in costume. :) Naru almost did, but fell unconscious first. Umino almost did, but was dazed from brainwashing.


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Re: Episode #5: A Monster's Scent! Chanela Steals Love

According to Wikipedia, it's the second one cut, and they don't list reasons. But I suspect you're right.
The first episode cut from the dub was Episode 02 : you know, the one where Umino flips up Ms. Haruna's skirt and acts like a delinquant.


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EPISODE #6: Protect the Melody of Love! Usagi is a Cupid.

I'm not sure Cupid is the Greek god I would invoke, but what the hell.

"My name is Luna. I are serious cat and this are serious episode."
"My name is Usagi Tsukino, and if I'm 14 in 1992, that means I was probably born in 1978. Does that make any of you feel old?"

• THE PLATEAU OF LENG: Is even creepier than before.
But familiar, beautiful classical music fills its halls this time. Even the pipers in the darkness have paused to listen. Queen Beryl is moved to tears by its beauty. Even Jadeite is solemn and respectful.

The music kills flowers via energy drain.

Queen Beryl: "WOW."
Jadeite: "Yes."
Queen Beryl: "WOW."
Jadeite: "Yes!"
Queen Beryl: "WOW."
Jadeite: "Subliminals!"
Queen Beryl: "I really think you've got something here, Jadeite."
Jadeite: "Best part? It's transmissable—any tape deck I put it into will repeat the effect on <i>its</i> tapes—"
Queen Beryl: "—'Home taping is <b>killing</b>!' I love it. Do it."
Jadeite: "At once, Your Terribleness. Batgirl!"
Girlbat, another hotcha redhead fae: "Kurane. My name's Kurane."
Jadeite: "Yeah, that. Execute my plan with the tape."
Girlbat: "<i>My</i> plan with <i>my</i> tape."
Jadeite: "<i>My</i> money with <i>my</i> support. Now hop! And don't forget the words."
Girlbat: "…Yes, <i>master</i>."
Queen Beryl /muses to self. "Hmm. That's the third redhead that boy's used/abused in a row."
Queen Beryl /has red hair. "I wonder what subconscious motivation could possibly be involved?"

• THAT NIGHT: At Naru's house.
Naru and Usagi are listening to soulful piano music.
Usagi: "I had no idea you were into contemporary jazz! You're so mature! So grown-up!"
Naru: "Thank you! If you have any questions about anything, just ask me."
Usagi: "…"
Usagi: "Questions about what, exactly?"
Naru: "Things. <i>You</i> know."
Luna /Subject Changing Prana. "So is this Yoko Kanno music? Because it looks like <i>Cowboy Bebop</i>-related album art."
Usagi: (muttering to self) "I <i>don't</i> know. Do I <i>want</i> to know?"
Naru: "Nononono, this is Dennis Amade. And he's <i>dreamy</i>. I'd do him in a second."
Usagi: "I have more realistic romantic targets."
Luna /bites tongue.

• STANDING IN THE RAIN IS… Mister Amade, clad in moody sunglasses and trenchcoat, clutching a bouquet of roses. There is no submachinegun hidden in the roses, which is a choice he will come to regret.

A little romantic drama ensues: Amade has fallen in love with his producer, Akiko, who has yet to notice. She's a charming, slightly plain woman. Without his moody shades and trenchcoat, he's a pleasant, slightly dull man. He's come by today to tell her once and for all how he feels. She thinks he's dropped by to pick up his demo tape, and dashes upstairs to fetch it from the tape deck… and, of course, grabs the Wrong Tape.

Girlbat /is hiding from the scary humans. "Frell!"

Akiko: "Here's the tape! It sounded wonderful, as always. Oh, damn, I gotta run to a late night meeting. You're soaked through; were you waiting in the rain? You silly. :) You can borrow my umbrella. I'll see you next week? And think of a title for it!" /air kisses.
Akiko /dashes.
Amade: "…I <i>did</i> title it." (The box is labeled "A Waltz for Akiko".) "You just didn't notice. Sigh. Serves me right for being indirect."

Both seem to be nice people who just haven't connected yet.

Usagi: "Oo, video games!"
Luna: "You don't want to go in an arcade this late at night. Motoki's told me <i>stories…</i>"
Amade /trips over Usagi.
Usagi: "ROADHOG! GHERKIN! YOU aren't that Miami Vice creep?"
Usagi: "…Beg."
Luna: "UT!"
Usagi: "Sorry. What's up, old man?"
Amade /explains. "You're not going to believe this, but I was walking home, and suddenly I noticed that everything was really dramatically and interestingly lit, and suddenly there were bats everywhere, and then the bats became a girl, and she tried to kill me, and there were shadows and red light and it was the scariest fucking thing I've seen in my entire life and I thought this was supposed to be a <i>funny</i> show!"
Luna: "I keep trying to tell her that this stuff is serious, and she won't listen!"
Luna: "Mrw?"
Usagi /changes subject. "I believe you."
Amade: "…You do? …I guess that proves I imagined the whole thing, then." /calms down.
Usagi: "…"
Amade: "I'm very sorry about ruining your new outfit. I don't carry cash, but here's my business card—send me the bill for the dry cleaning."
{Amade has left the scene.}
Usagi /reads card. "And of course he was that piano player!"
Luna: "Follow that plot hook!"

In a garbage dump, Girlbat makes obeisance before an altar of dead TVs. Jadeite displays his increasing mastery of the mortal world by using them to communicate.

Girlbat: "There's been a slight setback—"
Jadeite: "Slight my ass! Get that tape, bitch, or I'll kill you and save the humans the trouble!"

• SOON: At the "30 Thirties" music club.
Usagi: "Finally, a chance to understand the grown-up world!"
Luna: "…I'm not sure that this is the best place to start."
Usagi /brandishes disguise pen. "Make me a cool grown-up musician!"

Usagi into Sailor Moon: 5
Usagi into Disguise Mode: 2

• USAGI now has a tight leather miniskirt, thigh-highs, short jacket, and long hair died green and streaked pink, and appears just on the legal side of 21, which is a good thing because I mean, <i>damn.</i>
Luna: "'No animals allowed.' Now why didn't <i>I</i> get issued one of those pens?"
Usagi: "I have a cunning plan."

Usagi carries Luna like a fur boa, which <i>sort of</i> works so long as Luna doesn't move or react.

Random Clubber #1: "Hey, sweet thing, you looking for a good time?"
Usagi: "Sure!"
Luna: (sotto voce) "No!"
Usagi: "Well, actually I'm working."
Luna: (sotto voce) "Ix-nay! Ix-nay!"
Random Clubber #1: "Oh-ho, a working girl?"
Luna: (sotto voce) "No!"
Usagi: "I mean, I'm here… to see someone else?"
Luna: (sotto voce) "Good!"
Random Clubber #1 /disappointed. "Oh…" /leaves.
Usagi: "What was that all–?"
Luna: "<i>Later.</i>"
Bartender /gives Usagi the stink-eye.
Luna: "Blend in. Order a drink. And don't drink it."
Usagi: "…"

Usagi finds a corner table and listens to the music. Amade really gets into it, and the crowd is with him tonight.

Usagi: "That old guy looks pretty cool when he's playing piano."

Usagi drowses off for a moment, and misses Amade leaving the stage. She pursues. A friend of Amade offered him a ride, so he's heading down to the parking garage instead of out the front.

Amade /looks at the Tape, and photos of Akiko. "I wrote that song just for her! …I wonder if she's just a bit dense."

Girlbat /enters dramatically. "I'm going to kill you for wasting my time. Gimme the fucking tape."
Girlbat: "?!"
Usagi /bursts in, no longer in disguise. "Whoa! There's the old guy, and— a mugger in high heels?"
Girlbat /transforms into Batwinged Form and flies away very very fast.
Usagi: "AWESOME."
Amade: "…My tape! She has my tape!"

Usagi helps him pick up his photos and the empty cassette case, and puts the pieces together immediately.

• DRAMATIC CAR CHASE with Groovy Jazz Music
Usagi: "Let the cat drive! Let the cat drive!"
Amade: "No! I have to do this!"
Usagi: "So the monster stole the tape that you made for the nice lady in the photos who you're in love with and now we've got to get it back, right?"
Amade: "Is it that obvious?"
Usagi: "Yes!"
Amade: "(I guess Akiko <i>is</i> a bit dense.) Seems kind of silly, huh?"
Usagi: "No, of course not! Even an old guy like you has the right to be in love!"
Amade: "…<i>Thanks</i>. And stop calling me 'old guy'! I'm not old!"
Usagi: "What?"
Amade: "I'm thirty-seven!"
Usagi: "Well I can't just call you 'guy'."
Amade: "You could call me 'Dennis.' That's my name."
Usagi: "And I'm, er…"
Luna: "Watch out for that car!"
Amade: "And the cat talks."
Usagi: "Nags, more like."
Amade: "Why did you get into the car?"
Usagi: "Because I'm on the side of love and justice."
Amade: "Great. The Lone Ranger and Tonto."
Luna: "Yippee-ay-kay-ay, motherfucker."

• INSIDE: The Dramatic Confrontation
Everyone inside the studio is unconscious due to bats. Girlbat is about to cue up the Tape when everyone else bursts in dramatically.

Amade: "Gimme that tape, lady!"
<< Girlbat transforms into Demon Form! >>
<< Amade fails his Unnatural stress check. >>
Amade: "…We're all gonna die!"
<< Usagi fails her Unnatural stress check, but passes her Paradigm check. >>
Usagi: "What's this 'we' business, white man? Good Lord, that's a scary demon tonight. What's the plan, boss?"
<< Luna is immune. >>
Luna /with a flurry of judo moves, seizes the tape. "There you go, Dennis, one mix tape."
Amade /boggles. "…But that's not my tape!"
Luna and Usagi: "WHAT?!"
Girlbat /attempts to eviscerate everybody with her extensible claws.

Everyone dodges and falls through the door.

Luna: "Are you okay?"
Usagi: "No!"
Girlbat /takes a hostage. "Wake up a moment here. What's your name? Akiko? Right. Gimme back the tape, or Akiko here gets a second airhole."
Usagi: "There's three of us and one of her. Take her!"
Girlbat: "What?!"

Amade, Usagi, and Luna curbstomp Girlbat.

Amade /carries Akiko to safety.
Luna /smashes the tape and grinds it beneath her iron heel. Fuckin' A. "This is the end of the line! Give it up!"
Girlbat /turns into bats.

Usagi into Sailor Moon: 6
Usagi into Disguise Mode: 2

• CUT TO: Wayne Concert Hall
Bats /turn into Girlbat.
Girlbat: "This looks like a safe place to–"
Usagi /makes a dramatic entrance, taking full and unfair advantage of the stage lighting. "I am the scratch on the CD of Crime, the warp on the record of Injustice! I AM SAILOR MOON! The spirits of the great composers are with me, because how DARE you use the wonder that is music as a weapon! Even the Father of Music, Haydn, is mad!"
Luna: "Bach! The Father of Music is Bach!"
Usagi: "…and if you hadn't <i>said anything</i>, no one would have noticed!"
<< Girlbat uses Sonic Blast Attack! >>
<< Sailor Moon dodges! >>
Usagi /has a brain wave and grabs a microphone.
<< Girlbat uses Sonic Blast Attack! >>

The feedback hum reverses the attack back on Girlbat, stunning her long enough for the inevitable.

Usagi: "BOOM!"
<< Girlbat is slain! >>
<< Usagi has leveled up! >>

Rabbit sings bat's song
'Til wings flap and dart away
Spring rains fall again

Luna /observes that Usagi didn't even need Tuxedo Mask this time, but wisely refrains from commenting at this time.

Akiko /bandaging. "You should be more careful! If anything had happened to your hands, you wouldn't be able to play again!"
Amade: "If anything had happened to <i>you</i>, I wouldn't be able to play again."
Akiko /blush.

Daawwwwwwwwwwwwwww. :)

• DENOUEMENT: Another night at Naru's place.
Naru: "Aw, <i>man</i>… Amade got married to his producer! I haven't a chance, now!"
Usagi: "Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Dennis told me they're planning to–"
Naru: :eek: "…No way."
Usagi: "Oh, yes, we're old friends."
Usagi /notes privately that Amade's newest album has <i>Sailor Moon</i>-related album art.
Luna: "'But I couldn't have gotten the story without Superman.'" *wink*

Luna: "Hey, wait, so there's at least two people out there now who know your real face? Will this come back to bite us in the ass?"
Usagi: "They don't know my real <i>name</i>…"
Luna: "I'm not sure that helps."
Usagi: "I could wear glasses."
Luna: "Brilliant!"


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That last 'Brilliant!' on Luna's part really stuck with me and also reminded me of a few Brit-Coms I've seen in the past.
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