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[In Which I Watch] Sailor Moon

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Second one shy? SECOND ONE? The one where Amy is very OOC in "WTF I'M SEXY" and "I will seduce you!" way? Ghhhhh...
I didn't want to make a bedroom eyes comment, but yes. That's a definite come-hither look.

The first one is cute because it's candid, silly, and because it is so very very Usagi to whip out a camera and take a picture right as someone is about to bite into a hamburger just because she knows it's the only way to get a picture of said person acting natural :D
This. It's a human moment.


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I didn't want to make a bedroom eyes comment, but yes. That's a definite come-hither look.
And that look coming from Mercury...hmmm...maybe that's where some of the points that should've gone into her powers went to? Some sort of enchantment that unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) gets underused?


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bah. ryou/greg is equally as much ami's beard. i's the late 80's japan. not many universities would accept a girl in her position

that gaze was clearly meant for mako

okay, i'll admit, she may still be confused, he was the first schmuck to give her more than the time of day

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The first one is cute because it's candid, silly, and because it is so very very Usagi to whip out a camera and take a picture right as someone is about to bite into a hamburger
Exactly. It's the kind of picture a friend takes that honest, true, and completely you... and that you don't want a potential love interest to even get vague hints about. Because while it is absolutely you, you'd prefer to crawl into a hole and die before showing that vulnerable side to anyone.

Shadowjack said:
I didn't want to make a bedroom eyes comment, but yes. That's a definite come-hither look.
Damn right. That look is the last thing you remember before you wake upon satin sheets, tied spread eagle with a lit cigarette in your mouth, while nearby, a very confused donkey looks at you reproachfully.

Kreuzritter said:
bah. ryou/greg is equally as much ami's beard.
Well... it's possible, but taking all the evidence together suggest Ami-chan plays both ends of the alignment spectrum, if ya know waz I mean. After all, considering the number of her fellow senshi who even get to talk to a guy they like more than once...


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Re: Episode #27: Love for Ami?! A Boy Who Can Predict the Future.

If it was before that then he either lied or lost them temporary. Because he had them then.
I don´t have the timkeline in my memory anymore, but maybe it isa like this:
They have the latent psychic powers left from their Youma soul, that manifest too in their human incarnations Imagine that: a huge armoured monster with metal claws, Swiss Army knife weapon selection hands, that spits blades, with psi powers to know who you are and what your weakpoints may be... talking about weak... But when the rainbowcolor gem is removed, they revert into their demon forms, but a part of their evil force is left in the gem, which should be able to still be detected, AND is the reason they seem only so strong as normal youmas, although they should be at least so strong like Lieutenants or Special Forces.
When they are escalation healed, they lose their tie to their inner devils, thus also not being able to use their psychic powers.
But when the 7 gems are put together,
Spoiler: Show
to form the silver crystal
, this cleanses them, as
Spoiler: Show
in the new Silver Crystal is no need for leftover youma energy
, so the power flows back to the 7 as-prison-used souls, and they are again able to tap into psychic powers.
Of course, as it has been years since I saw this all, my memory may be buggy, and the timeline I remind is wrong...

Oh, and, btw...
Amy looked always cute, no matter where and how. ;)
Spoiler: Show
But never so cute like in the Stars opening, with the ice cream...


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Episode #28: Illustrations of Love; Are Usagi and Mamoru Getting Closer?

"Wait, we're already recording another new recap?!"
"¿That's a bad thing?"
"I didn't rehearse! Uh… we're after the seven mini-MacGuffins, which is hard, but there's four of us now, which is awesome!"

Queen Beryl: "Three of the crystals have now been discovered… and I only have one in my hands. And three of the great Seven Wizards From Hell have been defeated. What lesson can we learn from this, Zoisite?"
Zoisite: "That the Seven Wizards From Hell aren't all that great after all?"
Queen Beryl /dangerous silence.
Zoisite /loosens collar. "Eh-heh."

O Dark Crystal Shard, spin, spin, spin; tell us the mortal the next one is in! And the victim of today's story is: a geek girl with glasses.

• AUTUMN in Madeline's Park again. This being Paris, everyone has a lover on their arm.
Usagi: "EXCEPT ME! O Tuxedo Mask, are you enemy or ally?"
Luna: "Well, he's after our precious crystals, so I'd say–"
Usagi: "Don't interrupt my soliloquizing! O Fates, why am I the only one who has to suffer like this?!"
Naru /shows up. "Hello!"
Usagi: "…Oh, right. Thanks, Fates, thanks a lot."
Naru: "Gotta show you something! Come on!"
Usagi and Luna skip off.
Usagi dropped the Moon Crescent Wand!
Luna: "OMFG Usaaaagiiiiiii!" /picks up Wand and follows, muttering all the while.

• METROPOLITAN ART GALLERY: An Exhibition of Yumemi Yumeno.
Usagi: "Damn it, everyone here has a date, too."
Umino /materializes from behind a vase. "That's because–"
Umino /ducks.
Naru: "Come on out, Umino, go ahead and finish."
Umino: "–urban legend has it that these 'illustrations of love' will grant happy romantic fortunes to the buyers."
Umino: "Observe this self-portrait of the artist as a beautiful ethereal blonde."
Naru: "Any bets that she's actually hideously ugly?"
Geek Glasses Girl: "I– I mean, she is not!"
Umino: "She's had little new work lately, however; some sort of artistic slump."
Usagi: "My sympathies to the lady! I know my whole life sometimes feels like a prolonged slump."
Geek Glasses Girl /continues stalking through the crowd, peering over peoples' shoulders for some reason.
Usagi /suddenly notices a painting of Princess Usagi and Tuxedo Mask dancing before a moonlit castle.
Naru: "Something wrong?"
Usagi: "Whoa, deja vu."

• JUST OUTSIDE: Mamoru is just passing by, as is his wont.
Mamoru /suddenly notices a poster-sized reproduction of the painting of Princess Usagi and Tuxedo Mask dancing before a moonlit castle.
Doorman: "Something wrong?"
Mamoru: "Whoa, deja vu."
Suddenly! Geek Glasses Girl trips over Mamoru!
Mamoru: "Speaking of deja vu–"
Geek Glasses Girl: "ZOMG you're HIM!"
Mamoru: "Who else would I be?"

• JUST INSIDE: Usagi spots this scene through the window.
Usagi: "Excuse me, I have the perfect opportunity to heckle Mamoru. Umino, could you walk Naru home? Oh, and get me that poster, please. Kthxbye."
Umino: "Gosh, we're, ah, all alone now."
Naru: "…"
Umino: "Why did you invite me along, anyway?"
Naru: "I'm sure I have no idea."

Mamoru: "Leggo my arm."
Geek Glasses Girl: "No, wait, um–"
Usagi: "AH-HA! Cheating on Rei, you fiend! I knew it."
Geek Glasses Girl: "ZOMG you're HER!"
Usagi: "No I'm not! It was someone else!"
Geek Glasses Girl: "Wait, please, um–"
Usagi: "Leggo MY arm!"
Mamoru: "Leggo mine first!"
Geek Glasses Girl: "SHUT UP A SECOND! Uh, please."
Geek Glasses Girl: "Sorry, look, I was just overwhelmed. Look, you people are perfect. Please please please model for me. Like, now."
Usagi: "Oh, shit, your name's Ackbar, isn't it?"

• THIS HOUSE HATH A PLEASANT SEAT: And a beautiful garden.
Geek Glasses Girl: "Mi casa es su casa."
Mamoru: "Does this mean we're both cheating on Rei?"
Usagi: "Want me to throw a shoe at you?"
Mamoru /Subject Changing Prana. "Will this take long? I have shit to do."
Usagi: "You're a uni student with no declared major. No you don't."
Geek Glasses Girl: "Coffee?"
Mamoru: "Yes, it is."
Usagi: "From the original Yumemi Yumeno paintings on your walls, the illustration board and supplies and a Yumemi Yumeno-style work in progress by the window, and the boxes of unsold copies of Yumemi Yumeno artbooks, I deduce that you might be in some way related to Yumemi Yumeno."
Mamoru: "Try saying that five times fast."
Yumemi Yumeno, for Geek Glasses Girl is she: "You were expecting someone taller, right?"
Usagi: "Actually, you look about what I'd expect! Bet your friends tease you about the marketing portraits, huh?"
Yumemi Yumeno: "I don't have any friends."
Usagi: :(
Yumemi Yumeno: "Okay, sit down please, both of you. I want to sketch you together."
Mamoru: "I'm leaving."
Usagi: "Sit down, silly. It's not like she wanted us to take our clothes off."
Mamoru: "…"
Usagi: "…"
Yumemi Yumeno: "…"
Usagi: "Now that we're all done imagining each other naked…"
Yumemi Yumeno /laughs and starts sketching. "I've got a good feeling about this sketch."

Time passes. Night falls.

Usagi /leans over to look at the sketch. "Is this me? But you've drawn me all beautiful."
Yumemi Yumeno: "Well, you are beautiful."
Usagi: "Why… thank you. And I hadn't noticed until now, but Stupid-Head over there actually is rather dashing. Must be good art, huh?"
Mamoru: "I'm only enduring this out of respect for good coffee."
Usagi /ignores his grumblings. "But why is there a zeppelin?"
Yumemi Yumeno: "Why not?"

This leads into a little meta-discussion about the nature of artists and the audience:

Yumemi Yumeno always wishes with all her heart that whoever looks at her work will become happy, and feels that it will ruin the dreams she inspires if the audience knows what she actually is like.

Mamoru insists if you can't even make yourself happy, you have deeper problems than the happiness of strangers, and art can wait.

Usagi argues that art and personal contact are not incompatible.

Finally, the finished sketch is revealed: Tuxedo Mask offering Princess Usagi the star-shaped locket from the last episode.

Mamoru /struck dumb.
Usagi /strangely moved.
Yumemi Yumeno: "Whenever I draw these two characters, I always feel sad."

Yumemi Yumeno: "…Maybe you would have preferred Mamoru to walk you home."
Usagi: "No no no no no, heh, no, you've got me all wrong. I wanted to tell you: you're overthinking things too much. Look over there–"
Random Girl #1: "Whoa, look at that Yumemi Yumeno picture!"
Random Girl #2: "Wow, I love her work. I'd love to meet her…"
Usagi: "–see? You're an amazing artist, you've got a green thumb, you're friendly and have a pretty home, you're a good cook… you're actually a pretty wonderful person. I know it seems crazy to take advice from a loopy fourteen-year-old, but: cheer up and get out more, okay?"
Yumemi Yumeno: "Uh… okay?"

• USAGI skips off, having done her good deed for the day!
Mysterious Voice in the Bushes: "I'VE BEEN HUNTING FOR YOU–"
Usagi /strikes defensive pose. "Oh shit!"
Luna /steps out of the bushes: "–because you dropped your frikkin' wand and ran off."
Usagi: "Eh-heh. Oops." /picks up the Crescent Wand.
Luna: "If you don't want the Crescent Wand, I can give it to someone else–"
Usagi: "No, no, I'm fine. I was just distracted. I'm good now."
Luna: "You're good?"
Usagi: "Great!"
Luna: "Well, good. I'm glad your problems are always so small and simple and easy to get over, because–"
Usagi: "Oh, fuck you, pussy cat." /walks the other way.
Luna: "…I went too far, didn't I?"

Usagi: "mutter mutter bitch gripe frelling razzle frazzle CAT! Can't do anything right for her!"
{Usagi's wand is tinkling!}
Usagi /points wand. "Oh, no. Not–"

The lights are off, the window is blasted in.
Yumemi Yumeno: "Whoa. Two beautiful men in my house in one day."
Zoisite: "And now, Yumeme Yumimi–"
Zoisite: "Yumemi Yumimini–"
Zoisite: "Yuyumemiyu mi– yu– nonome– "
Zoisite: "…"
Zoisite: "Vena! I call you forth!"

Yumemi Yumeno transforms into a hawt chick with wings.
Usagi: "Her wings are beautiful."
Usagi: "But no time for that now!"
Usagi /fades back to observe and report.
Usagi /via gizmophone. "ALL TEAM MEMBERS! Target located, home in on my signal!"
Triple Reaction Shot! And Luna. "ROGER!" "ROGER!" "ROGER!" "ROGER!"

(Apparently Luna can pick up gizmophone calls telepathically…)

Usagi into Sailor Moon: 27
Usagi into Disguise Form: 7
Ami into Sailor Mercury: 9
Rei into Sailor Mars: 6
Mamoru into Tuxedo Mask: 1
Makoto into Sailor Jupiter: 1

• CUT TO: A nearby construction site, possibly the same one as before, yes, CONTINUITY!
Zoisite and Vena ninja leap and fly, respectively, into position.
Zoisite: "Right, now that I've got the Green Crystal, we can–"
Usagi /bursts in, dramatically. "–experience Bij!"
Zoisite and Vena /!
Usagi: "I cannot forgive you for–"
Zoisite: "–yadda yadda whatever. Vena, ice her."
Vena: "With pleasure."
Usagi: "Wait! Remember I complimented your baking?"

Vena /draws a boulder…
Usagi /?
Vena /and drops it on Usagi.
Usagi /dodges!
Zoisite: "Ain't I a stinker?"
Usagi: "Thanks for the sour persimmons, cousin!"
Vena /draws a boulder…
Usagi /!

Several seconds of physical comedy ensue, until:

Tuxedo Mask /daring last-moment SAVE!
Zoisite /!
Tuxedo Mask /politely puts down Sailor Moon, then turns his attention to Zoisite. "Give me the crystal!"
Zoisite /advances backwards.
Tuxedo Mask /pursues.

Vena /draws some rope.
Usagi: "Oh, please, not the bondage bit again!"
<< Ropes turn into snakes! >>
Reggie: "HSSSSS!"
Vena: "Better?"
Usagi: "Snakes. Why did it–?"
<< Reggie bites Usagi! >>
<< Reggie is slain! >>
Usagi: "HA! No venomous snake bondage for you!"

• WILD BUNCH WALK! Enter the Sailors: Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter. And Luna.
Luna: "Usagi! Good work! We'll take it from here!"
Usagi: "Please go easy on her." /pursues Tuxedo Mask.
Rei /charging up. "¿Qué significa 'easy'?"
Vena /draws a bunch of boulders.
Everyone dives for cover.
Except Ami. :D
<< Vena is blinded! >>
Vena: "…Damn it."

• CUT TO: High up in the skyscraper framework, still under construction. The wind whistles coldly.
Zoisite and Tuxedo Mask kung fu fight. After a few passes, it's clear that it's an even match.
Zoisite: "Well, we can't have that, now, can we?"
<< Zoisite casts Flower Burst! >>
<< Tuxedo Mask is paralyzed! >>
<< Zoisite casts Killer Shard! >>
<< Killer Shard is disrupted! >>
{Zoisite has left the scene.}
<< Tuxedo Mask is freed! >>

Tuxedo Mask: "Got away again."
Usagi: "I don't know how to handle a foe who actually knows when to retreat."
Tuxedo Mask: "Thank you for saving me this time."
Usagi: "I owe ya." /hands him the Locket. "Did you drop this last time?"
Tuxedo Mask /has a sudden flashback. "…Princess?"
Usagi: "We're looking for her! What do you know?"
Tuxedo Mask: "Damn little. But if you're looking for her, keep it, it might help." /hands the Locket back.
Tuxedo Mask and Usagi: "Whoa, deja vu."
Usagi: "I might as well push my luck, here. Can I have–"
Tuxedo Mask: "…"
Usagi: "–you thought I was gonna say 'a proper kiss', didn't you? But no, first we need the other crystal, please."
Tuxedo Mask: "Sorry, but I'm a man on a mission."
Usagi: "So you're our enemy?"
Tuxedo Mask: "When it comes to the crystals, yes. Excuse me."
Exit Tuxedo Mask, dramatically, with swirl of cape.
Usagi: "Well, Hell's bells. What good is it being all mature and businesslike if that's the reward I get?"

• SUDDENLY! Explosions rock the base of the tour. Alarums and excursions, etc.
Usagi: "Oh, right, the battle's not over yet. Oops."
Usagi /jumps down twenty stories.
Usagi: "What did I miss?"
Rei: "I was doing some pretty wicked Dragon Slave action earlier."
Usagi: "Yeah?"
Rei: "Yeah. Out of mana now, though."
Rei: "She's been doing that, too, all over. Pretty good."
Usagi: "Where's Ami?"
Usagi: "Oh, right."
<< Vena is stunned. >>
<< Vena reverts back to Yumemi Yumeno! >>
Yumemi Yumeno: "Wha' happen–?"
Luna: "Hey, Sailor Moon? I'm sorry for thinking you're a flake."
Usagi: "Sorry, Sailor Moon doesn't know what you're talking about. But I'm sure Usagi will thank you if you say it to her later."
Exit the Sailors, dramatically!

• DENOUEMENT: Mamoru and Usagi are invited back to the Art Gallery.
Mamoru: "You've replaced the 'self-portrait' with a genuine one. I approve."
Yumemi Yumeno: "I'm coming out of hiding. Usagi, I want to thank you for giving me the courage." /hugs.
Usagi /hugs. "The courage was within you all along!"
Mamoru: "So do we get comp copies?"
Yumemi Yumeno: "No, but here's five bucks for the modeling session."
Usagi: "Speaking of art, there's a musician I know who could use some cover art for his next album…"

And fails.

Sorry. It's the music. It's just too too. Oh, well, can't win 'em all!


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and back in the day, i thought vena would fit for pride or envy, but i could see her as sloth.

trust me, lust is spoken for
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