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[In Which I Watch] Sailor Moon

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and as said earlier, i'd have loved to have been a fly on the wall for zoicite's debriefing after this debacle.
Zoisite: "As I am now a monarch (albeit deposed) I believe we are now peers, and I may address you by first name."

For no reason at all, I'm now imagining Beryl shrieking and trying to climb the back of her throne to get away from a lost rat that climbed out of Zoisite's trouser leg.

And Zoisite slips away…


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Re: Episode #31: Loved and Chased! Luna's Worst Day Ever.

At this point, you forgot to mention Makoto staring intensively at something that was most definitely not Zoisite.

You could blame Makotos surprise, if you must...:D
Somehow, this exchange fails to convey the picture of the entire tunnel being filled with a squeaking wave of rodents rolling forward like a freight train.
Also, is it just me, or is catbeast the most scary-looking youma in the series?

Hm, stills just cannot capture the dynamics of a moving horde of samll rats...;)

You know, as I was making screenshots anyway...
Always happy to help...:D

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Re: Episode #31: Loved and Chased! Luna's Worst Day Ever.

You could blame Makotos surprise, if you must...:D
I could, but where would be the fun in that?

Besides, she stares in surprise for about three seconds, then her hand goes to her mouth and she leans in a bit for a closer look while her eyes go bigger and her blush deepens :D

As for the rat-wave, I think this pic captures what's going on pretty well:

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A phrase that has become a massively multiauthor cross-fanfic running gag, always in reference to Ami:

"It's always the quiet ones." ;)


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Episode #32: Umino's Resolve! I'll Protect Naru.

• NIGHT! A dog barks.
Luna is checking in. "Come in, Friend Computer. I'm pleased to report that the team is coming together."
Friend Computer: "Good for you! Soon you'll have all five Sailors together, and the Dark Kingdom is becoming more active. Permission granted to give the Sailor Scouts access to clearance level 3 information."
Luna: "Finally!"

• BRIEFING AT THE TEMPLE: Once again, marvel at the sight of Ami in a properly-coordinated outfit. She's learned!
Usagi /yawn. "Okay, we're here. What's the sitch?"
Luna /stalls. "Ladies, you're probably wondering why I've brought you all here tonight…"
Rei: "(And she probably is, too.)"
Giggling in the peanut gallery.
Luna: "…"
Makoto: "…" /points up. "That 'the Moon'?"
Luna: "Yes."
Makoto: "No shit. That sounds like something out of a fairy tale."
Ami: "Honey, you have super powers."
Makoto: "Yeah, but… the Moon. Isn't there no air?"
Luna: "Obviously there is, because the Princess we're looking for is a descendent of the Moon Kingdom, and if there was no air, there'd be no kingdom, now would there?"
Ami: "Not necessarily, depending on Lunar biology and/or technology–"
Luna: "And we need to find her and get her under our protection as soon as possible!"
Usagi: "Question!"
Luna: "Any questions?"
Usagi: "Question!"
Luna: "Any questions at all?"
Rei: "Usagi has a question."
Luna /sighs. "Usagi?"
Usagi: "So, we're fighting to preserve the bloodline of a hereditary aristocracy on another planet? That seems a little… awkward, politically, to say the least."
Luna: "…"
Usagi: "Granted, the Dark Kingdom guys are no walk in the park, but–"
Luna: "If we win, you'll get to wear a pretty dress and dance with all the boys."
Usagi: "I accept your terms!"
Rei: "¿Can I come too?"

• CASTLEVANIA: Kunzite is admiring the crystals they've got so far.
Kunzite: "Pretty, aren't they?"
Zoisite: "Yes, but I still need to get the others, though. You've got a lot of tension, here, Master."
Kunzite: "Go lower. Yes, that's the spot. Lurking off-screen mysteriously isn't as easy as you might think. And having to fend off the Queen's inspectors every day…"
Zoisite: "Ugh, please don't remind me. I'll be living down that rat incident for decades."
Kunzite: "Well, it'll all be worth it in the end, when you get the rest of the crystals together, and I present them to Beryl and see her lovely smile of delight."
Zoisite /!
Kunzite: "Ow! That was a little hard."

• LUNCH ON EARTH: Naru and Umino are sharing lunches.
Usagi: "Daaawwwwwwwwww…" :)
Naru: "We're just friends."
Umino /is slain.
{Umino has left the scene.}
Usagi: "Really, just friends?"
Naru: "Okay, he's kind, and he's smart, and he's funny once you get used to him, and he's reasonably good-looking–"
Usagi: "You're shitting me."
Naru: "You've never seen him with glasses off."
Usagi: "Oh-ho?"
Naru: "Mm-hm. But I just don't feel that spark, you know?"

• AND SO: Usagi puts in her oar.
Usagi: "We need to make you spark!"
Umino /?
Usagi: "I mean, Tuxedo Mask sparks for me, so–"
Umino: "So if I'm like Tuxedo Mask, Naru will go for me?"
Usagi: "Well, no, I meant that as an illustrative example–"
Umino: "Thanks, Usagi! You've been a great help!" /dashes off.
Usagi: "Umino noooooooo… now I know how Luna feels."

Naru: "Someone is following us."
Usagi: "Oh, that's just the Tokyo Radio Tower. I made the mistake of feeding it once, and now it comes sniffing for treats every time it sees me."
Naru: "No, I meant the guy in the black cloak."
Usagi: "Oh."
A passing poodle prepares to piddle on Naru's podes.
Suddenly! Enter Umino, dramatically, armed with bronze throwing darts!
Umino: "FEAR NOT, ladies. I, TUXEDO UMINO MASK, shall save thee!"
Naru /wtf
<< Umino attacks Poodle! Poodle parries! >>
<< Poodle attacks Umino! Umino is hit! Umino is down! >>
Naru: "Umino, what the hell are you doing?"
Umino: "I have no idea to whom you are speaking. I am Tuxedo Umino Mask, defender of Great Justice!"
Naru: "Yes, and she's Sailor Usagi Moon, and I'm High Princess Naru of the 8th Dimension."
Umino: "We shall meet again! Bwahahahaha…"
Exit Umino, dramatically, with swirl of cape!
Naru: "You wouldn't happen to know anything about this, would you, dear?"
Usagi: "Who, me?"

Usagi /gestures toward the Video Arcade. "Play you in Street Fighter II?"
Naru: "You're on."
Suddenly! Enter Umino, dramatically, armed with bronze throwing darts!
Umino: "Fair ladies! I cannot permit you to enter this den of electronically simulated violence! If you insist, you will have to go over me."
Usagi and Naru: "Okay!" /stomp stomp stomp.
Umino /from his new perspective as a pavement stone. "…Tuxedo Umino Mask may die, but justice will live on…"
Naru: "Okay, I think the joke is officially stale."
Usagi: "I swear I would never have encouraged Umino to become a cosplayer."
Naru: "Unless you thought it was good for a laugh." ;)
Usagi: "It was pretty funny, wasn't it? :D But I can't take credit for this one; I explicitly told him not to!"
Naru: "Umino doesn't 'get' explicit. You need to use force."
Usagi: "Maybe I could get him to dress up as a Klingon. Oo! Or a vampire. You like vampires?"
Naru: "I don't mind dressing him up, I mean, him dressing up, it's the crazy act that gets me."
Motoki: "Hey, Usagi, speaking of crazy acts, I've got two free tickets for–"
Motoki: "–the 'Red Man' sentai show at the amusement park. I'm too old for that sort of thing, and, uh… uh… and you guys are kind of too old, too, aren't you?"
Usagi: "One is never too old to watch motorcycle-riding martial artists fight giant rubber monsters with glittering video effects."
Naru: "I've never understood the appeal."
Usagi: "Well! You take Umino, enjoy the show, and maybe he'll come up with another costume idea."

Zoisite: "Alchemy! Far more sensible than that astrology nonsense. Observe! I have upgraded the Dark Crystal. Now I can transform any human I please into a hideous raving monster, which isn't much of a difference, ho ho! Because if there's one thing Earth needs, it's more hideous raving monsters."
Zoisite /kisses his framed picture of him and Kunzite, then sets off on his mission.

• NARU'S PLACE: A dog barks.
Enter Zoisite, in a swirl of rose petals. "Candygram for Naru Osaka!"
Umino /?
Zoisite /!
Zoisite: "How'd Tuxedo Mask get here before me? I have drastically underestimated the intelligence-gathering capabilities of the Earth forces! I'd better retreat…"
Exit Zoisite, in a swirl of rose petals.
Umino: "What the hell was that?!"
Naru: (from behind the door) "Who's there?"
Umino: "Umin– I mean, Tuxedo Um–"
Naru: (from behind the door) "Umino."
Umino: "For God's sake, let me in. You've got aliens or something teleporting around down here!"
Naru: (from behind the door) "Why do you think I've got the door locked and double-bolted? Not to mention other counter-measures. I'll see you tomorrow, assuming you are the real Umino."
Umino: "Please let me in. I swear, it's me!"
Naru: (from behind the door) "I'm not so easily fooled."

• THE NEXT DAY: Lo and behold, the amusement park is still there.
Usagi: "I wonder who's keeping the robot animals and things running now?"
Luna /modestly. "Fighting crime requires a source of income."
Usagi: "Good thing I have season tickets to the sentai show."
Luna: "Speaking of superheroics, what happened to the job of finding the princess that I just told you was our top priority?"
Usagi: "As if we have any leads to follow! Besides, I'm a sentimental girl, and I'm worried about my friend."
Luna: "You have no sense of duty."
Usagi: "And why are you following me, if you have so much to do?"
Luna: "I'm a sentimental cat, and I have to protect my investment."

Red Man: "In the name of the Hokkaido Tourism Board, I will punish you!"
Blue Monster: "BURU MANSUTAA!"
Little Kids: /w00t!
Naru: "Thank you for not coming in costume."
Umino: "I'm in disguise. Don't tell anyone."
Naru: "…I won't."

Zoisite: "No reason I can't mix business with pleasure. And now— ZOI!"
<< Zoisite casts Crystal Evoke! >>
Naru /just happens to duck at the right moment, and nudges Umino out of the way.
<< Red Man is hit! Red Man turns into Red Monster! >>
Little Kids: "AWESOME!"
Zoisite: "Frell."
<< Red Monster throws Moss Balls! >>
Naru /man what
Usagi /daring last-minute SAVE!
Dozens of people in the crowd are engulfed by moss balls! Mass screaming, panic, etc.
Naru: "Why me? Is my name in the Yellow Pages under 'Targets'?"
Usagi: "I dunno, Naru, maybe you smell like monster or something."
Naru: "Or something."
Blue Monster: "This isn't part of the show!"
Red Monster: "How dare you break kayfabe!" /stomp stomp stomp.
Enter Umino, dramatically, armed with fried shrimp!
Umino: "Rock paper scissors! I bid–"
Red Monster /WHAM!
Naru: "Whoa."
Usagi: "What?"
Naru: "Until this moment, I had not realized that I had a fetish for suicidal idiocy."
Usagi: "Keep your head down, dear."

Usagi into Sailor Moon: 30
Usagi into Disguise Form: 8
Ami into Sailor Mercury: 9
Rei into Sailor Mars: 6
Mamoru into Tuxedo Mask: 1
Makoto into Sailor Jupiter: 2

<< Red Monster uses Curbstomp! >>
<< Umino is down! >>
Naru: "Umino! Noooooooooooo!"
<< Red Monster throws Moss Balls! >>
<< Naru is engulfed! >>
Zoisite: "Ah… all according to plan! Now, Sailor Moon, hand over the Rainbow Crystal you have, or else I–"
Usagi: "Fuck this, I'm done."
Zoisite: "What?"
Usagi: "Moss balls. Moss balls! I am not going to fight a ten-foot Kamen Rider clone who throws river algae, to satisfy the Dark Kingdom's twisted slime bondage fetish. What's next? Monster Anpanman with killer sweet bean filling? The Amazing Glow-Stick Girl and her Leg-Warmers of Doom? No, I know, the Raving Goddess of Butt Floss. Yeah, that's it, I'm done."
Zoisite: "I know lots sillier monsters, girl. This is only a sample of my terrifyingly hilarious power."
Usagi: "Suck moss balls."
Zoisite: "Hand over the crystal, or I'll kill all those algae-coated people."
Usagi: "…Did you really say 'kill'?"
Zoisite: "Do you know how fast algae can grow under the proper conditions?"
Usagi: "The other two? They were nothing. You I will enjoy ending."
Zoisite: "Come on, fork over. I have a hot date."
Usagi /extracts the Crystal from her talent. "Fine! Here!"
Zoisite /takes the crystal. "Good girl."

• SUDDENLY! Enter Tuxedo Mask, dramatically, armed with the Compliant Rod.
<< Zoisite is disarmed! Zoisite drops Rainbow Crystal! >>
<< Zoisite casts Death Shards! >>
<< Mamoru auto-parries! >>
Usagi /grabs the Crystal and bolts.
<< Red Monster throws Moss Balls! >>
<< Usagi dodges, barely! Usagi drops Rainbow Crystal! >>
Usagi: "Frell!"
Usagi: "Handle this for me!"
Luna: "Since when I am one of your weapons?"
<< Zoisite dodges! >>
<< Zoisite casts Death Shards! >>
<< Mamoru auto-parries! >>
<< Zoisite changes forms! >>
Usagi: "I could really use some Bubble action about now."
Usagi: "Er… let's see if I strike a glancing blow with this thing."
<< Red Monster is stunned! >>
<< Red Monster reverts to Red Man! >>
<< Moss Balls destroyed! >>
Zoisite /grabs the Crystal.
<< Catguard triggered! Luna attacks Zoisite! >>
Zoisite: "OW!" /knocks Luna aside and grabs the Crystal.
Usagi: "DUDE! Give it back! Or else I'll– I'll– kill your, uh…"
<< Zoisite escapes! >>
Mamoru /snaps fingers. "Damn!"
<< Usagi has levelled up! New technique mastered! >>
<< Mamoru has levelled up! >>

Usagi: "Dang! He got the crystal."
Tuxedo Mask: "I'll get it back."
Usagi: "Thanks!"
Tuxedo Mask: "Not for you, for me."
Usagi: "Well… then… you're off my Christmas Card list!"
Tuxedo Mask /shrugs.
{Tuxedo Mask has left the scene.}
Luna: "Don't sweat it, you fought pretty well for being all on your own."
Usagi: "Thanks."

• DENOUEMENT #1: The show must go on!
Blue Monster: "Not so rough this time, okay?"
Red Man: "I have no idea what you're talking about."
Naru: "Those were amazing moves you did! With the staff and the ninja leaping and–"
Umino: "I have no idea what you're talking about."
Naru: "When you saved me!"
Umino: "Oh. Oh! Yes, yes. Well, am I not, Tuxedo Umin–"
Suddenly! A +3 blessed throwing rose interrupts the conversation. A letter is wrapped around it.
Umino /reads the letter. "…It's a Cease-and-Desist Order. It says if I keep using the 'Tuxedo Umino Mask' persona and claiming Tuxedo Mask's actions as my own, I will be knowingly infringing upon Tuxedo Mask's trademark and therefore subject to legal sanction. …Well, so much for that." /throws away the hat and cloak.
Naru: "…Have you considered learning Klingon instead? I think a little blood and thunder might suit you well."

• DENOUEMENT #2: Tsukino Residence.
Luna: "Usagi, I think we need to consider the possibility that we may at some point have to kill Tuxedo Mask."
Usagi /looks up from the locket. "What did you say?"
Luna: "Sigh. Nothing."
A dog barks.

• DENOUEMENT #3: Castlevania.
Zoisite /looking in mirror. "Do you think I'd look good with glasses?"
Kunzite /looks up from the newspaper. "Why, do you think you need them?"
Zoisite: "…I might."

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Re: Episode #32: Umino's Resolve! I'll Protect Naru.

Usagi: "Worse pay, better hours!"
Luna: "I was sent here... from the Moon!"
Usagi: "Worse pay, better fellow workers!"

• SUDDENLY! Enter Tuxedo Mask, dramatically, armed with the Compliant Rod.
• INCREDIBLY! Enter Sun Wu-k'ung, very annoyed and demanding his Rod back.



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Re: Episode #32: Umino's Resolve! I'll Protect Naru.

I'll mention I think the cat/rat episode is one of the best of the season for a variety of reasons :)


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a point in the dub's favour, they did use this ep to give naru some well deserved closure (the one with the preist was coming to terms with the big N's death, this was her finally moving on)

also, enjoy this, that was the last male youma we'll be seeing for a looong time

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This episode also highlights Usagi's growth as a sailor warrior. Compare her first few solo fights to how she handled this battle.
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