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In Which Shadowjack Watches Sailor Moon S (you are thread No. 6)


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Chalk me in for Star Blazers/Battle of the Planets being my first anime as well. You can hold KTVU 2 (along with the late Bob Wilkins) for exposing me to Star Blazers (along with Johnny Sokko, Space Giants, etc.) and KBHK 44 for exposing me to Battle of the Planets on a daily basis during my childhood.


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Didn't we have this discussion already some months ago ?

Anyway, I started watching TV as a young 'un just with the start of the "anime flood" - French TV networks apparently got tons of anime series on the cheap, and broadcast them in mass, sometimes without even checking the age ratings (the most infamous case being Fist of the North Star, where the dub VAs rebelled and turned in a gag dub so that it'd be slightly more suitable for kids).

This introduced me to the like of Dragonball Z, Ranma 1/2, Saint Seiya, tons of sports anime (Captain Tsubasa, Attacker You!, etc.)... and of course Sailor Moon, which was by far my favourite.

(Years later, the first series I actually hunted down fansubs for and watched from start to finish in Japanese would be... Sailor Moon S. Ah, the golden days of RealVideo 30-MB files ! I even stored them on Zip disks !)

We're going to need a new thread soon, aren't we ? Wow, barely 9 episodes (+ 2 illustrated recaps) in this one...

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Just a reminder: This thread ends on post 1000 (ie, seven posts from mine) so maybe we can start a new thread for the "when I started in anime" stuff because Shadowjack is going to have to start a new thread for his next update anyway at this rate.

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