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In Which Shadowjack Watches Sailor Moon S (you are thread No. 6)


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I don't think it's ever explained exactly what Queen Serenity's current state is. She shows up several times to mangle continui...er...deliver powerups, but it's never explicitly stated whether this is just your usual 'parent from beyond the grave' intervention or something she did with the Crystal.
I hope the current state of Queen Serenity's voice actress, Mika Doi, is ok. She's from Sendai.


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I hope the current state of Queen Serenity's voice actress, Mika Doi, is ok. She's from Sendai.

Yeah, let's hope. I saw some of that footage… not pretty.

Let's hope that all the people we don't know the names of are okay, too. :)


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There's been at least one tsunami-related death right here in Santa Cruz. :( That was one MOTHER of a quake.
Yeah, some trio who were taking photos down by the Klamath. Two got back to shore, one didn't. And that's way the hell the other side of the world. I saw some of the Sendai footage, shit. Hell of a thing. I hope most of those buildings were evacuated, because if not… :(

We're a little off-topic for this thread, though.


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Episode #94: Protect the Pure Heart! A Three-Way Battle!

The First Really Beautiful Sunny Day of the Year
Luna: "Hey! Hey, listen! Hey! Hey! Hey, listen!"
Usagi: "Sunshine. Ice cream!"
Luna: "Everyone shouting at you again!"
Usagi: "Study is a waste of my precious adolescence!"
Luna: "This is the superior human reasoning ability? I think biologists rig their tests."
Usagi: "I wish Mamoru would sweep me away right now for a wonderful surprise date."

Enter a familiar figure upon a blue motorcycle, dramatically! The rider waves.

Usagi: "…and I wish for free ice cream to rain from the sky!" /looks up.
Luna: "…You dropped yours on my head."
Usagi: "Close enough! Yaaaaay! Mamo—"
Usagi: /stops short.
Usagi: "Wait a minute. There's a catch. There's always a catch."
Usagi: "No, it's not a disguised demon."
Usagi: "No, it's not Haruka on her blue motorcycle."
Usagi: "But there is a second rider. Nooooooooooo…"

The Catch
There's a second rider, side saddle, charcoal grey schoolgirl's uniform and a red helmet.

Usagi: "…Rei? I thought you were over him?"
Mamoru: "Huh?"

The second rider removes her helmet in slow motion, revealing that she is a beautiful red-haired girl with a fancy ponytail.

Unazuki, for it is she: "Howdy, Usagi!"
Usagi: "…Oh! Right! Motoki's hotcha sister! The one that Mamoru used to try to make me jealously leave him back when we were going through that mixed-up prophetic dreams thing. We're not doing that again, are we?"
Unazuki: "Say what?"
Mamoru: "No, no. It's a long, funny, and perfectly innocent story involving Motoki that we shall surely laugh about later. Hi, Bunny!"
Usagi: "Hi!"
Unazuki: "Hi! Prophetic dreams?"
Mamoru: "A long, not very funny, and in fact rather embarrassing story that I'd rather not talk about now."
Usagi: "Speaking of embarrassing, I now have to gush over my man's handsome new riding outfit. You'll excuse us, I'm sure."
Unazuki: "Don't mind me!"

Later, at the Cafe Where Unazuki Works
Manager: "Oi! Furuhata! Don't gossip with the customers!"
Unazuki: "C'mon boss, it's slow and I'm on break!" /puppy dog eyes.
Manager: "…All right, ten minutes."

Unazuki: /leans close to Usagi and whispers excitedly. "So, tell me. Have you and Mamoru, you know—?"
Usagi: "Why does everyone keep asking me that?! NO! No, we have NOT!"
Unazuki: "You haven't kissed yet? Oh, but you both look so much in love!"
Usagi: "…"
Unazuki: "Well, I suppose you are still a little young for that sort of thing. You're still taking your entrance exams, right?"
Usagi: "Yes. Yes, I am but a poor little schoolgirl, oppressed by exams, and with little knowledge of matters between men and women, and I totally knew we were talking about kissing all along."
Unazuki: "What else could I have been—?"
Usagi: "Entrance exams! High school! You're in high school, right? Have you kissed a boy yet?"
Unazuki: /blushing. "Er… I can't say this too loudly, I…"
Usagi: "You've kissed a girl?"
Unazuki: /shakes head. "N-no…"
Usagi: "You've kissed many boys! Men? Lots of men!"
Unazuki: /shakes head. "No, I do have a boyfriend I love…"
Usagi: "And? You…" /waves hands.
Unazuki: /looks left.
Usagi: /looks too.
Unazuki: /looks right.
Usagi: /also looks.
Unazuki: /leans in close and whispers. "And I haven't kissed him yet." /BLUSH BLUSH BLUSH giggle giggle.
Usagi: /odango falls off. "…WHY NOT?!"
Unazuki: "Because a girl's first time should be special—the perfect person at the perfect time and place! I have to save myself until that one true moment!"
Usagi: "We are talking about kissing, right?"
Unazuki: "What else—?"
Usagi: "I know I am totally inexperienced and naive, but I'm worried you might be overthinking this a bit. Seems to me the first time with your love will be special no matter when and where it is because it's the first time with your love."
Unazuki: "Nonsense! High schoolers know all about these things."
Haruka: "Ha!"

Mysteriously, rose petals blow across the table.

Usagi: /leans over to the other table and offers a handkerchief. "You've got a little on you there—"
Michiru: "Oh, thank you. We walked through a rose garden."
Usagi: "Yeah, they get everywhere, don't they?"
Unazuki: "Why was he laughing?"
Michiru: "I think it's very romantic to dream of kisses. Do you know who had the first kiss in world history? Adam and Eve."
Usagi: "I thought it was Izanagi and Izanami."
Michiru: "…"
Usagi: "Or Gaia and Uranus, possibly, which is creepy if you think about it."
Haruka: ?
Usagi: "Actually, so're the other ones."
Michiru: "…You've lost me."
Usagi: "I've lost myself! What were we—?"
Unazuki: "Kisses."
Haruka: "There are many kinds. The kiss on the back of the hand of someone you look up to."
Usagi: "Had it done."
Haruka: "A kiss of friendship on someone's forehead."
Usagi: "Done it, both ways."
Haruka: "A kiss on the palm of one's hand to wish for something."
Usagi: "That works? And don't forget the best kind."
Haruka: ?

Michiru: /laughs. "In 15th-century Italy, it was said that if a young couple kissed, they had to get married."
Usagi: "Strict!"
Michiru: "It shows how important it is. A first kiss… you want to cherish it." /gazes passionately across the table at Haruka.
Haruka: /is checking watch. "Whoops, we're gonna be late. Better go. Nice to see you two."

Haruka and Michiru depart.

Unazuki: "…You saw how she was looking at him. Boys can be so clueless, can't they?"
Usagi: "Yes, but what's that got to do with those two?"
Unazuki: "…"
Unazuki: "Anyway! Why don't you come over to my place later?"
Usagi: "I've got a steady boyfriend, thank you!"
Unazuki: "Not kissing, silly, cake."
Usagi: /ears prick up. "Cake?"
Unazuki: "Cake! Lots of cake! Bring your friends! It'll be fun!"
Usagi: "Let's get this straight: you are inviting your brother's best friend's girlfriend's friends, whom you have never met, over to your place to help eat you out of house and home."
Unazuki: "I made a New Year's Resolution to be more spontaneous."
Usagi: "I AM SO THERE!"

Unazuki: /has to go back to work now.
Usagi: /sings the Cake song. ♫ Cake cake cake cake cake! Cake cake cake! Caaaaaaake cakey-cake cake, cake cake, caaaaaake! Cake cake cake! Cake—♫
Usagi: /realizes everyone is staring at her.
Usagi: /crawls away and hides. "I am so immature…"

Michiru: "I envy their innocence. We don't have the luxury of falling in love… right now."
Haruka: "It's dangerous. Pure-hearted girls like that are walking targets for a Daimon on the make."
Michiru: "…You're right, of course, but you did just kill the mood."
Haruka: /huh? "Wha?"

The Lab
The Professor: "Miss K! You've been screwing up a lot lately, haven't you?"
Kaolinite: "Er… yes?"
The Professor: /airily. "No matter! Experiment is built upon failure! We shall press on!"
Kaolinite: /phew.
The Professor: "What is the new subject?"
Kaolinite: "A pure-hearted girl who dreams of a perfect first kiss. She's a walking target for a Daimon on the make."
The Professor: "Excellent! …Hmm, a kiss, eh? I haven't done such a thing in years…"
Kaolinite: "Yes, I know."
Kaolinite: /heh heh heh.
Kaolinite: /sigh.
The Professor: "I dedicate this next Daimon to those foolish, carefree days! Let's try another silly one today."

Furuhata Residence
Unazuki's room is very pink.

Unazuki: /cleans up the room to make it ready for guests and cake.
Unazuki: "Oh, my cute little elephant-shaped vacuum cleaner. You're the only one to whom I can truly tell everything."
Unazuki: "What do you think, vacuum cleaner? Maybe Usagi's right. Have I been a little too obsessed with this kissing?"
Unazuki: "Naaaaah. My intentions are pure. What could possibly go wrong?"

Disturbingly Creepy Transformation Sequence!
OSOJI! A green-skinned, pointy-eared mecha-musume based upon a gray vacuum cleaner. She has pink glamrock face paint, an electric plug for a tail, and an elephant helmet whose airhose connects directly to her nipples.

Unazuki: /struck dumb and quite un-pinked by the realization that there are fetishes for everything.
Omoji: /deploys Dark Star Assault Cleavage!

Unazuki's soul has been stolen!

Omoji: /crashes through the window and away!

But Before It Can Even Leave the Rooftop…
Omoji: ?!
Haruka: "Guided by a new era, Sailor Uranus acts with elegance!"
Michiru: "Likewise, Sailor Neptune acts with grace!"
Haruka: "Hey, we got it off this time! High-five!"
Michiru: "Woo!"
Omoji: /scowls. "But you won't get it off me!"

Omoji casts Osoji Hurricane!
Omoji throws wind at Uranus and Neptune.
Uranus dodges!
Neptune dodges!
Uranus casts World Shaking!
Uranus throws geophysics at Omoji!
Omoji parries!
Collateral damage: +$20,000.
Omoji drops Unazuki's Soul!
Uranus attempts to grab Unazuki's Soul on the move!
Checking Dexterity… CRITICAL FUMBLE! It flies away from her!
Omoji attempts to grab Unazuki's Soul on the move!
Checking Dexterity… CRITICAL FUMBLE! It flies away from her!

Michiru: "Halt! Stop! Cease!"

Everybody runs down to the street level to grab the soul first. None of them saw the soul land in the back of a passing pickup truck.

Michiru: "…"
Haruka: "…"
Omoji: "…"
Michiru: "…Where'd it go?"
Haruka: "I thought the Daimon had it."
Omoji: "I thought you had it."
Dog: "Don't look at me, I just got here."
Michiru: "Uh-oh."

Meanwhile, Upstairs, Outside the Door
Rei: "I have a hunch this plan won't work out."
Ami: "Why ever not? One can study anywhere, and a high school student can give us first-hand advice."
Rei: "'Why not?' she asks."
Mina: "Cake!"
Mako: "Cake?"
Usagi: "Cake cake!"
Rei: "That's why."
Mako: "I hope she didn't clean up for her guests. I'd love the chance to clean up for that cutey Motoki again."
Rei: "Usagi, amiga, you seem to be having a little trouble with that doorbell. You push in the button on the front and it makes noise."
Usagi: "I have been! Nobody's coming. Which is odd because the front door has been left… open."

Two Seconds Later
Hostile entry drill proceeds without enemy resistance.

Rei: "¡Clear up!"
Mina: "Clear down!"
Ami: "We've got a civilian down over here!"
Mina: /takes one look with a practiced eye. "Looks soul-drained to me!"
Artemis: "Agreed!"
Usagi: "Damn it, everyone I make friends with gets eaten by demons or has super powers!"
Mina: "No time for that! AFTER THAT DAIMON!"
Mako: "…Where?"
Mina: "Out the… broken window, and then, then… um… crap."
Mako: "This isn't quite our usual situation, is it?"
Ami: "Help me get the patient into her bed, and then we can work on a plan."

Old Tom: "Fine weather today."
Old Ben: "Yep."
Old Tom: "Looks to be fine weather tomorrow, too."
Old Ben: "Yep."
Old Tom: "Yep."
Old Ben: "Looks like a demon lady with a vacuum cleaner coming along, there."
Old Tom: "Reckon it's more of a metal detector type gadget."
Old Ben: "That may be."
Old Ben: "No, ma'am."
Old Tom: "Can't say as I have."
Omoji: /runs off.
Old Ben: "Don't see that every day."
Old Tom: "Nope."
Old Ben: "Wonder if them Sailor Senshi will get involved."
Old Tom: "I'd reckon so."

Furuhata Residence
Ami: /tricorder action! "I'm sorry, guys, I can pick up the a general area, but I can't get a precise fix, and I think it's drifting around, too."
Rei: "You did your best. We'll just have to split up and search on foot."
Usagi: /can haz sarcasm. "Yeah, come on, gang! Let's split up and search Tokyo for clues!"
Ami: "To be precise, a 60 square kilometer section of Tokyo."
Rei: "Yeah, much easier, Usagi."


Unazuki: /wakes up!
Usagi: "…That didn't happen before!"
Unazuki: /looks around with blank staring eyes.
Usagi: "Are you okay, Unazuki?"
Unazuki: /lunges for Mako. "Kiss me!"
Mako: ?!
Usagi: !?
Ami: ?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?
Unazuki: "Kiss me! Kiss me! Kiss me!"
Mako: "Er… no thanks!" /pries Unazuki off.
Unazuki: /lunges for Usagi.
Usagi: "Wh-wh-what about your perfect first kiss and all?!"
Unazuki: "I don't care who! I want to kiss! Kiss me! Kiss me!"
Usagi: "Help!"

They finally get Unazuki back onto the bed, with modesty preserved.

Unazuki: /thrashes like a woman possessed. "Kiss me! Kiss me! KISS ME! KISS ME!"
Ami: "She's become impure because her pure heart was stolen!"
Mina: "I think it's more like she's trying to fill the void in her heart with her last obsession, or something like that."
Ami: "I was talking about Mako."
Mako: "What?! She's strong! I had to bruise her just prying her off!"
Ami: "Uh-huh."
Mina: "Look, I'll kiss her, if you like. You know, just to see. If it helps."
Rei: "¡ENOUGH!" /prayer strip action!

Unazuki suddenly becomes quiet.

Rei: "I have bound the evil spirits, but I must remain behind to maintain the seal. ¡Hurry, find her soul!"
Usagi: "So, wait. If we hadn't gotten your heart back in time, what would you have done?"
Rei: "¡OUT! ¡GO!"

And so…
Usagi: "And here I am, lost on a street corner in Tokyo. Hey, anyone seen a soul?"
Random Passerby #17: "A what?"
Usagi: "Little crystal doohicky, about so big, glowing red."
Random Passerby #17: "No?"
Usagi: "Thank you!"
Ami (via gizmophone): "Ami to Usagi! I've found it! You're the closest; we'll catch up to you."
Usagi: "Great! It's…" /reads the display on her gizmophone. "…only two miles away in a straight line."
Rei (via gizmophone): "¿Uh, guys? Unazuki's not looking so good over here. She's all pale, and, uh, not breathing as much as she could be. ¿Hurry, please?"
Usagi: "My kingdom for a horse!"
Mamoru: "Hey, baby, need a lift?" /revs motorcycle engine.
Usagi: "Mamo! How'd you know?!"
Mamoru: "Magic!"
Usagi: "It's a date!" /hops on the bike.
Mamoru: "A date?"
Usagi: "A hot date! Follow that soul!"

Just Before Sunset, They Find Themselves At…
Usagi: "This must be the biggest junkyard in Tokyo. How are we supposed to find it in all of that?"

A magical explosion goes off in the junkyard, and white-clad figures leap away from it across the stacks.

Mamoru: "Just a hunch…"
Usagi: "How did the competition wind up all the way out here? Someone musta screwed up!"
Haruka (from far away): "Did not!"

  • Usagi into:
    • Sailor Moon: 43
    • Second Stage Sailor Moon: 30
    • Cosmic Class Sailor Moon: 4
    • Princess Serenity: 1
    • Disguise Form: 9
  • Ami into:
    • Sailor Mercury: 15
    • Second Stage Sailor Mercury: 13
  • Rei into:
    • Sailor Mars: 13
    • Second Stage Sailor Mars: 12
  • Makoto into:
    • Sailor Jupiter: 8
    • Second Stage Sailor Jupiter: 12
  • Minako into:
    • Sailor Venus: 7
    • Second Stage Sailor Venus: 14
  • Mamoru into:
    • Tuxedo Mask: 2
    • Second Stage Tuxedo Mask: 1
  • Luna-P into Something-or-Other: 10

Usagi: "Okay, your turn."
Mamoru: "I'm fine. You go on ahead."
Usagi: "Look, you've seen me transform lots of times. It's nothing to be embarrassed about."
Mamoru: "I'll just go over here…"
Usagi: "Aw." :(

Battle Already In Progress!

Uranus punches Omoji!
Omoji blocks!
Neptune punches Omoji!
Omoji blocks!
Omoji throws wind at Uranus and Neptune!
Neptune dodges!
Uranus dodges!
Uranus punches Omoji!
Omoji blocks!
Neptune punches Omoji!
Omoji blocks!
Omoji throws wind at Uranus and Neptune!
Neptune dodges!
Uranus dodges!
Uranus punches Omoji!
Omoji blocks!
Neptune punches Omoji!
Omoji blocks!
Omoji throws wind at Uranus and Neptune!
Neptune dodges!
Uranus dodges!
Uranus punches Omoji!
Omoji blocks!
Neptune punches Omoji!
Omoji blocks!
Omoji throws wind at Uranus and Neptune!
Neptune dodges!
Uranus dodges!

Haruka: "This isn't getting us anywhere."
Michiru: "I told you we should've levelled up some more…"
Omoji: "Go away, little fleas! It's mine, all mine, you'll never have it!"
Usagi: "THAT'S RIGHT!"

Sailor Moon bursts in, dramatically!

Usagi: "Since you kids can't stop fighting over it, none of you gets it! I'm turning this junkyard around and returning the soul crystal to the store, right now! Because I'm your Sailor and I said so, that's why!"
Omoji: "Oh, for pity's sake, another one?"

Omoji wields Electric Cord Tail.
Omoji lassos Usagi!
Usagi is flung far away…
Omoji casts Gust of Wind!
Omoji throws dust bags at Uranus and Neptune!
Dust bags EXPLODE!
Uranus dodges!
Neptune dodges!
Usagi lands…
…on her face.

Usagi: "…owie…"

Several minutes more of kung fu fighting between Neptune & Uranus and Omoji. While the stalemate drags on, Usagi takes the opportunity to use her healing potions and perform stretching exercises. Mamoru sits back and waits.

Usagi: "Okay! Ready!"

Enter Tuxedo Mask, dramatically, armed with +4 blessed throwing roses!

MAMORU > AGGRESS > Targeted Attack
Mamoru throws a rose at Omoji!
Omoji is hit!
Omoji is stunned!
Omoji drops Unazuki's Soul!

Usagi: /starts her disco moves.
Mamoru: /poses atop a discarded toy horse. "A crystal of pure heart does not fit someone with a soiled heart! Return the crystal now, or be buried along with this scrap metal! Sailor Moon, show it the power of JUSTICE!"
Usagi: /finishes exactly on time.

Omoji no longer seems stunned.
USAGI > ADVANCED RITUALISM > Moon Spiral Heart Attack
Usagi throws love at Omoji.
Omoji is hit!
Omoji is obliterated!

Omoji: "…lovely…" /dies.
Usagi: "That monster really sucked." :D
Mamoru: "…"
Haruka: "The crystal! Where's the crystal?!"
Michiru: "THERE! THERE!"

Sailors Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter burst in, at a leisurely pace.

Mina: "Yo!"
Usagi: "What kept you?!"
Mina: "Had to stop for ice cream. Want some?"
Usagi: "…If this is some sort of moral lesson about tardiness—"
Mina: "What? You won, didn't you?"
Mako: "We'd have gotten here on time if someone not naming names had asked for directions instead of messing with her little gadget."
Ami: "As if we'd have been any help, anyway!"
Usagi: "YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN A LOT OF HELP THIS TIME! And we don't have TIME for any of this! A LIFE is at stake! BACK TO THE APARTMENT!"

A Little Ways Away
Michiru: "…"
Haruka: "…"
Michiru: "…I wonder…"
Haruka: "Hmm?"
Michiru: "…I wonder if they'll save the girl."
Haruka: "Probably."
Michiru: "…"
Haruka: "…"
Michiru: "I'm kind of glad it wasn't a Talisman."
Haruka: "Hey! We agreed we had to do this. I mean, you told me a couple of weeks ago—"
Michiru: "I know, I know. It's just… you know. Thinking."
Haruka: "Thinking?"
Michiru: "There's a lot we don't know."
Haruka: "Yeah."
Haruka: "Yeah, like who the heck are they, anyway? We've got similar outfits, why aren't they helping us in this?"
Michiru: "…Yeah."
Haruka: "Yeah."
Michiru: "…"
Haruka: "…"

Back to the Apartment!
Usagi: "All right, like, nobody look."
Mamoru: "My back is turned."
Usagi: /quickly shoves the soul crystal under Unazuki's shirt.

Unazuki is restored!
Unazuki sleeps peacefully…

Usagi: "Phew."
Mako: "Thank goodness. Now she won't obsessively try to kiss everyone in sight!"
Mina: "Yeah, you should only kiss the person you love best, right?" /winks at Mako.
Ami: "…"
Usagi: "Yeah, like! Yeah! Like, there's this legend, from Italy, and it said when you kiss someone, like, a real kiss, you have to get married, because, because that's how important it is! Yeah!"
Mina: "Hmm. Is that per kiss? Does that mean you have to marry Mamoru multiple times? Do we count Tuxedo Mask separately? Does that make you a polygamist?"
Usagi: "I'm not sure what 'polygamist' means…"
Ami: /claps hands. "So! Enough chit-chat! Shall we begin, ladies?"
Usagi: "Kissing?!"
Ami: "Studying!"
Mako: "Somehow, Ami, being in a sick person's bedroom is not helping me to focus…"

Usagi Sneaks Out to the Veranda
Mamoru: "Hi."
Usagi: "Hi."
Mamoru: "Ami's becoming a little holy terror, isn't she?"
Usagi: "She dictates because she loves."
Mamoru: "We managed to get through the whole routine today before the monster hit back. We must be improving."
Usagi: "I'm glad we managed to save Unazuki's dream, screwy as it is."
Mamoru: "Nothing screwy about a kiss, is there?" /moves a little closer.
Usagi: "Not at all!" /moves closer still.
Mamoru: "I'm glad to hear that." /moves very close.
Usagi: "Do you remember our first kiss?"
Mamoru: "…"
Mamoru: "Which first kiss?"
Usagi: "Um… the first kiss in this life."
Mamoru: "…"
Mamoru: "Which first kiss in this life?"
Usagi: "Um… the first kiss in this life as Usagi and Mamoru."
Mamoru: "…"
Mamoru: "Which first—?"
Usagi: "GOD! Why is my life so complicated? At the ball! The fancy ball! We danced! I was drunk!"
Mamoru: "Oh, thank God! You do remember that time." :eek:
Usagi: "Oho! Feeling guilty about that one, were you?" :D
Mamoru: "Well, I didn't realize you were drunk…"

Denouement: The Lab
Kaolinite: "Perhaps, sir, we could stop deploying the silly ones."
The Professor: "Proper testing frequently involves PROCEDURES that may seem pointless, even MAD, to the layman. Rest assured that I have SOUND SCIENTIFIC REASONING for everything I do! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Denouement: Furuhata Residence
Unazuki's Parents: "…Who are all you people, and what are you doing in my daughter's room?"
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Great cartoon, I especially love the Tuxedo Mask Missile to the Head moment :)

Unazuki craving kisses is kind of creepy.

The chase is a great idea, it makes the action sequence a lot cooler.


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I gotta wonder just what kind of side effects can result from having your heart crystal land in a garbage truck, get taken to the dump, and in general spend a significant amount of in filth before being returned to your body.
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Re: Episode #94: Protect the Pure Heart! A Three-Way Battle!

Usagi: "Do you remember our first kiss?"
Mamoru: "…"
Mamoru: "Which first kiss?"
Usagi: "Um… the first kiss in this life."
Mamoru: "…"
Mamoru: "Which first kiss in this life?"
Usagi: "Um… the first kiss in this life as Usagi and Mamoru."
Mamoru: "…"
Mamoru: "Which first—?"
Amy: (holds the phone) "First the queen, now the princess. Get about, don't you?"
The Doctor: "Which princess?"
Amy: (into the phone) "Which princess?" ... (to the Doctor) "The moon one."
The Doctor: "Which moon one?"
Amy: (into the phone) "Which moon one?"
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