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In Which Shadowjack Watches Sailor Moon S (you are thread No. 6)


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The Gargoyles was pretty good about that too (at least until the last season where they started beating the viewer over the head with the Wheel of Morality).

Of course, the last season they also threw out the multi-episode plotlines too.
Gargoyles was 90s, by which time that kind of thing was largely on the way out (Batman:TAS didn't really have any either).

With the notable exception of the Animaniacs and the Wheel of Morality :)


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Gargoyles was 90s, by which time that kind of thing was largely on the way out (Batman:TAS didn't really have any either).

With the notable exception of the Animaniacs and the Wheel of Morality :)
Yeah, but that was a good version of it. :D

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I don't think this has been posted before, but it's been a long series of threads and it's entirely possible that someone else has. Or I may have and then forgotten.

Anyway, flashing back to the end of the first season, here's my favorite Sailor Moon AMV of all time: Guardian4's One More Night to Live, the final battle at D-Point set to Wayfarer by Nightwish.


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Episode #95: Leave It To the Moon for Love Aid

Usagi: "The pure love of the boy named Umino tastes slightly like a lemon. Confess your feelings, you fried shrimp. And don't forget the julienne cabbage on the side. I won't forgive you for stealing such a delicious-sounding pure heart of a boy!"
Naru: "…Are you just hungry, or should I be worried?"
Usagi: "What I want to know is, if this is Love Aid, where's Bob Geldof?"

Today's Experiment
The Professor is very intent upon his work.

Kaolinite: /tentatively. "…Professor? I have found a new possibility for—"
The Professor: /testily holds up his latest Daimon egg. "Do you realize just how much of my genius goes into just one of these hand-crafted wonders of modern science? They are an order of magnitude above even the most delicate Fabergé egg! And yet no amount of genius can make a standard Daimon stand up to these 'Sailor Senshi'. We are throwing my genius down the drain, Miss K., like so much cheap ammunition! I cannot abide unnecessary waste."
Kaolinite: "Perhaps if you developed an anti-Sailor weapon of some sort?"
The Professor: "I do have some promising ideas on the table… but genius takes time! And under these limited conditions—"
Kaolinite: "I know you have it in you, Darling I MEAN Professor, ha ha! Um. Perhaps if you adapted an existing design—? No, no, silly of me. We do not accept half-rate measures, do we?"
The Professor: "Of course not! But now that you mention it… hmm."
Kaolinite: "For now, I shall escort the next Daimon personally."
The Professor: /tosses her the next Daimon Egg. "EXCELLENT! I… wait a minute, I thought that's what you were doing—?"
Kaolinite: "I did not want to influence the control group."
The Professor: "Oh, of course! Excellent dedication to form. Carry on, Miss K., carry on!"
Kaolinite: "My form is one of my best assets." ninja-leaps out of the room, and her labcoat.

Azabu-Juuban Junior High, Lunch Break
Usagi: "Umino? Why have you called me into this dark shadowy alley-way? And when did our school have dark shadowy alley-ways, anyway?"
Umino: "I need your help, and you're the only girl I know!"
Usagi: "…"
Umino: "The only girl I know who's not Naru! Naru's been acting strange lately, nervous, avoiding me! She's hiding something from me! Every day I make her favorite lunch, fried shrimp, and she won't even eat it any more! YOU'VE GOT TO HELP ME!"
Usagi: "Every day?"
Umino: "The shrimp isn't the issue, here!"
Usagi: "Well, I'd probably avoid you if you pressed the same meal on me every single day, even if it was my—"
Umino: "OH GOD I've driven her away with the weight of my obsession, she's seeing another man, she's—"
Usagi: "Umino, breathe! Breathe! Count to ten!"
Umino: /gasp gasp.
Usagi: "It's probably just some 'Gift of the Magi' thing. You guys got a birthday or anniversary or anything coming up? No? Look, I'll ask, okay?"

After School
Usagi: "It's funny, but when I was younger, school seemed to eat up huge chunks of my day. Now it just seems to fly by like it's not even there."
Naru: "I know the feeling. Sometimes I feel like I'm not even there."

Awkward Zone Achieved.

Usagi: "…Can I apologize? I have to apologize."
Naru: /relieved. "OH THANK YOU I was afraid I'd screwed us up."
Usagi: "No! No, it was all me. I should have—"
Naru: "No, it's okay, I—"
Usagi: "No, really, I—"
Naru: "Please, you—"
Usagi: "Really—"
Naru: "I—"
Usagi: "…"
Naru: "…"
Usagi: "Still friends?"
Naru: "Still friends!"
They shake hands.

Awkward Zone Escaped.

Usagi: "I'd take your offer of help, but my, er, other friends are getting worked right now and I'm not sure, um…"
Naru: "…that a mere mortal could do anything but cheerlead?"
Usagi: "Zackly."
Naru: "To be honest, I've been enjoying the quiet. I haven't been abducted in weeks."
Usagi: "Good times, good times… Speaking of which: What's up with you and Umino?"
Naru: "Oh no, you've noticed, too? How strange he's been acting lately? He's been nervous, avoiding me, hiding something from me! Every day Umino makes my favorite lunch, fried shrimp, and I can't even eat it any more! YOU'VE GOT TO HELP ME!"
Usagi: "…"
Naru: "OH GOD I've driven him away with the weight of my obsession, he's seeing another woman, he's—"
Usagi: /laughs. "Umino Gurio is not seeing another woman. Come on, there's no way that other girls would ever, um…"
Naru: "…"
Usagi: "…would ever, um…"
Naru: /glare.
Usagi: "…that other girls would ever have the keen perception and depth of empathy to look past his surface appearance and see the true, passionate soul that lies within?"
Naru: "In other words, you think he's a schlub and that I have weird taste."
Usagi: "…maybe?"
Naru: "WELL EXCUUUUUUUSE ME." /storms off.
Usagi: "…arrrgh!"

The Doctor Is IN
Usagi: "And that's when I realized I should come to you, because you're the sanest person I know, and I know you like sappy romantic endings as much as I do."
Rei: "¡For once, you did the right thing! ¡Leave it to Rei Hino, the Psychic Love Counselor!"
Usagi: "Should I deposit five cents in the can?"
Rei: "This is pro bono. It's easy: We just need to get them to confirm their feelings for each other. And have I got the solution…" /unrolls a poster with a dramatic flourish.
Usagi: "A new city park? 'Lover's Park, Grand Opening… Affection Contest'?"
Rei: "¡The winners light a flame of love in a heart-shaped monument! Obviously, embarrassing public declarations of one's innermost feelings are the best solution. I love this country."
Usagi: "WAIT A MINUTE! New construction with no announcement or fanfare except a single event open to the public… This thing is suspiciously free and 'perfectly safe', isn't it?"
Rei: "You know me better than that. I already checked: there's a cover charge. Proceeds go to known charities."
Usagi: "Phew! Well, I can front a few yen for the cause of love! Oo, maybe I could bring Mamoru, and—"
Rei: "¿And completely steal the spotlight away from your friend whom we're trying to help?"
Usagi: "…I hadn't thought of it that way. See? That's why I came to you! Rei Hino: Love Genius!"
Rei: "I know, I know. Anyway, tickets are limited, so you'd better hurry."

And So, A Short Time Later
The long staircase leading up to Lover's Park.

Umino: /runs like a nerd.
Naru: /runs like a girl.
Usagi: /sprightly springing. "Come on, guys, keep up! We've gotta hurry!"
Umino: "When… gasp… did… wheeze… she get… pant… so fast?"
Naru: "…and she… gasp… says she's… wheeze… the slow one…"

Usagi: "SOLD OUT?! APPLICATIONS CLOSED?! Arrrrrrrrrgh." /sinks to her knees in dismay.
Naru: "…You wanted to get tickets for you and Mamoru?"
Usagi: "No! I wanted to get tickets for you two!"
Umino: "…"
Naru: "…"
Umino and Naru: /simultaneously. "Actually…"

It transpires that both Umino and Naru had already got tickets and wanted it to be a surprise.

Usagi: "Totally called it."
Naru: "So THAT'S why you were so nervous!"
Umino: "And that's why YOU were so nervous!"
Naru: "I… I wasn't nervous!"
Umino: "Gosh, with the way you were blushing and all, I—"
Naru: "I wasn't blushing! I was just, um, concerned. Yes. And I'm still mad at you, Usagi!"
Usagi: "No, you're not!"
Naru: "No, I'm not."
Usagi: /blinks. "…Wait, maybe it is mind-control."
Umino: "Huh?"
Usagi: "Anyway, glad that's all settled! Nothing can possibly go wrong now!"

That Night
One guess where the next Daimon egg goes to seed.

Haruka: "…I sense an evil presence in this park."
Michiru: "We'll be ready, tomorrow."

We finally see Umino's place: small and plain, but neat. The main decoration in his room is an 8 x 10 of Naru. Umino tries to get a good night's sleep, but he's all nervous and ends up staying awake most of the night.

Usagi (on the telephone): "So it'll be totally romantical and stuff and that's why you mustn't come! Stay far, far away! Okay?"
Mamoru (on the telephone): "Uh… okay?"
Usagi (on the telephone): "Great! I won't see you then, then. Love you, good night!"
Mamoru: "Good night…?"

Lover's Park, The Big Day
Umino: /eeble eeble gabber foo.
Usagi: "…Okay, there's a coffee cart over there, maybe that'll help him."
Naru: "Thanks."
Usagi: "…and now that they're gone, what are you guys doing here?!"
Rei: "¡Cheerleading, of course!"
Mako: "Sounded like fun!"
Mina: "I'm wherever there is romance!"
Usagi: "You were all thinking 'Naru Osaka' + 'public event' = 'monster attack', weren't you?"
Ami: /blushing furiously. "What? Nawwww. No. Pssh. No. Of course not. No!"
Mina: "I'm also wherever there are monsters! …A sadder commentary upon the world we live in I cannot imagine."
Mako: "Perhaps you could romance the monsters?"
Mina: "…There's a thought."
Usagi: "Ami, please don't use my friends as pawns in your dark designs."
Ami: "I'll be good."
Mina: /spots someone else in the crowd. "Hello. Take a look, you guys!"
Usagi: "Haruka and Michiru! With Haruka rockin' the Miami Vice look. Don't tell me they're entering the contest, too?"
Mina: "OH MY GOSH! Two girls entering the true love confession contest together?! IMPOSSIBLE!"
Mako: "…"
Ami: "…"
Usagi: /sotto voce. "So, uh, were you trying to help…?"
Mina: /whispers. "I finally had to go off myself, and by then they were all sold out! I bet some jerk-ass couple bought two tickets!"
Usagi: /scans the crowd again.
Rei: "¿Looking for someone?"
Usagi: "Just wondering if anyone else I know decided to drop by."
Detective Not-Appearing-In-This-Film: "Howdy!"
Usagi: "Gah!"
Detective Not-Appearing-In-This-Film: "Don't worry, it's just that my kid nephew's in this thing. Gotta show a little family support."
Usagi: "Phew. Er, good luck?"
Detective Not-Appearing-In-This-Film: "She's a sweet kid. Anyone know the busty redhead hiding behind that tree over there? Looks like your kind of thing."
Mina: "I noticed her ages ago, but I think she's just stalking someone on stage."

M.C.: "Ladies and gentleman ARE YOU READY TO LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE?!!!!"
Usagi: "Woooooo!!!"
Mako: "Go for it, Naru!"
Rei: "¡Yeah, Umino! ¡Don't be shy!"

Everybody looks at Mina.

Ami: "…I take it you found an answer to your question from the end of Episode #92?"
Mina (singing Cole Porter): ♫ Experiment! Make it your motto, day and night. Experiment! And it will lead you to… ♫

The First Challenge!
It's that game where the ladies stand behind a wall and stick their hands out, and the man has to guess which one is his lady's hand. Haruka is the first draw.

Usagi: "I'm telling you, Mina, she's taken."
Mina: "She's not taken."
Usagi: "She's taken."
Mina: "She said I had a chance."
Haruka: /walks straight for Michiru's hand.
Ami: "Whoa. She just knew."
Mina: "Ooooooooh… darn!"


M.C.: "You've chosen? Then: scream out your lover's name!"
Haruka: /sternly. "I beg your pardon?"
M.C.: "Er… could you please say her name out loud?"
Haruka: "That's a little degrading, isn't it?"
M.C.: "Come on, please? I'm begging you. There's a script, you see, and, er…"
Michiru: /rubs Haruka's hand.
Haruka: "Oh, all right."
Haruka: "…"
Haruka: /monotone. "'Michiru.'"
M.C.: "…"


Next victim is Umino.

Umino: "Aha! It's this one, I know it."
Umino: "But she's got the band-aid she had on her hand—"
Naru (from behind another part of the wall): "—six months ago!"
Umino: /d'oh!
Naru: (On the other hand, at least he remembered…)
M.C.: "How does it feel to have failed so miserably, sir?"
Umino: /bemoans and bewails. "Not half as bad as she must feel!"


Haruka: "He's getting so worked up over a silly game."
Michiru: "It's not just a game for him, though. I admire that he can become so serious about her."
Haruka: /is not entirely sure how she feels about the direction of this conversation.

The Games Continue
All those game show and party games: three-legged race, karaoke, etc. Haruka and Michiru sweep the competition, but…

Haruka: /smiles. "Okay, you got me. The boy in the glasses is really giving it his all."
Michiru: "Be nice if that couple won, wouldn't it?" ;)

The Final Game
Audience response time! The boy in each couple is to make a love confession, and the audience applause determines the winner. Once again, Haruka is first up.

Haruka: "I quit."
M.C.: "WHAT?!"
Michiru: "No, no, we're not breaking up, silly."
Haruka: "We're dropping out. We only joined this thing for fun, but it looks like we're going to win, and that wouldn't be fair to the people taking it seriously. We out, y'all."


Usagi: "Dude, she sounds like a total asshole when she says that."
Mina: "Yeah, isn't it HAWT?"
Rei: "¿Why does that seem familiar? Hmm…"
Haruka: /feels a little guilty.
Haruka: /turns back to the mike. "True love should win this game, folks! LOVE IS EVERYTHING!" /throws horns. "Thank you! Peace!"


Haruka: /takes Michiru's arm and departs the stage.
Michiru: (Mine is the best! Mine is the best!)

M.C.: "Oooookay. Okay! Next?"

Couple #2:
Young Not-Appearing-In-This-Film: "Baby, my love for you is outta sight!"
The Girlfriend, a young woman of size and poor vision: "DARLING!" /hugs the wrong man.

Couple #3:
Bodybuilder: "Baby, love is a battlefield!"
Babe: /big hammer. WHAM. "I'm leaving you."

Umino: /a minute or two of Jerry Lewis-style confusion, until he finally winds up before Naru on his knees.
Umino: "Naru, you're always bright, just like the sun. I'm always being such a klutz, and I might not be worthy of someone like you, Naru. Why do you continue to see someone like me? Maybe it's just a whim of God. But when I think that… I'm happy just to be seeing your smile, Naru. For Naru's angelic smile, and to protect your beautiful smile, I…"
Umino: /stands up, boldly. "I, Umino Gurio, would die!"
Naru: /smitten all over again.


M.C.: /manly tears. "WHAT DO YOU THINK, FOLKS?!"


M.C.: "By unanimous vote, this couple is the winner! Both of you, light the flame of love!"
Naru and Umino stride forward together.
Naru: /has a sudden premonition and hesitates at the last moment.
Umino: "What is it, my—?"

Disturbingly Saucy Transformation Sequence!
DIE HEART! A white-skinned, pointy-eared dancer in black tights and heels, with a Jägermonster hat, red glamrock hair, and an orange bustier, and a general heart-shaped-objects theme.

The crowd flees in utter panic. "Monsters! Monsters!"

Naru: "Umino, run!"
Umino: "Naru, run!"
Naru: "You run first!"
Umino: "I'll run after you run!"
Die Heart: /reaches into her chest. [sic]
Die Heart: /Dark Assault Beauty Mark!
Usagi: "Hey, no fair! That one's G-rated!"
Umino: /daring last-moment SAVE!

The Daimon begins to drain Umino…

Mako: "Wait, that isn't what she kept him around for?"
Rei: "Not really."
Usagi: "Does this mean that the droid-monster's control buttons are on her chest?"
Ami: "Aren't yours?" /blushes. "Sorry, I said it without thinking!"
Usagi: "…That's between me and Mamoru."
Mina: "I think that's the idea!" :D

  • Usagi into:
    • Sailor Moon: 43
    • Second Stage Sailor Moon: 30
    • Cosmic Class Sailor Moon: 5
    • Princess Serenity: 1
    • Disguise Form: 9
  • Ami into:
    • Sailor Mercury: 15
    • Second Stage Sailor Mercury: 14
  • Rei into:
    • Sailor Mars: 13
    • Second Stage Sailor Mars: 13
  • Makoto into:
    • Sailor Jupiter: 8
    • Second Stage Sailor Jupiter: 13
  • Minako into:
    • Sailor Venus: 7
    • Second Stage Sailor Venus: 15
  • Mamoru into:
    • Tuxedo Mask: 2
    • Second Stage Tuxedo Mask: 1
  • Luna-P into Something-or-Other: 10

Battle Is Joined!
Die Heart: /rummages around in Umino's chest for the soul crystal.
Usagi: "Oi! Hands off!"
Naru: "GO GET 'ER, SAILOR MOON!" :mad:
Usagi: "I don't really want to stop the show, but I thought you might like to know, that we're gonna get real mad, unless you unhand that lad! So let me introduce to you, the one and only Sailors here—"
Rei: "Mars!"
Ami: "Mercury!"
Mina: "Venus!"
Mako: "Jupiter!"
Usagi: "—and Saiiiiiilor Moon! Just call us Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Vigilance Association!"

Kaolinite enters behind the team.

Kaolinite: "What would you think if I sang out of tune?"
Usagi: "Well, we'd stand up and walk out on y—waaaaaait a minute."
Kaolinite: "Little girls should behave like little girls, and leave Beatles songs to a more mature generation." /snaps fingers.
Die Heart: /reaches into her chest.

Lights! Music!
Enter five gorgeous hunks of impeccably dressed beefcake.

Die Heart: "Let's dancing!"
Hunk #1: "Let's dancing!"
Usagi: /smitten. "…Sure, what the hell. Let's dancing!"
Rei: /smitten. "¿Was that English?"
Mina: /smitten. "Who cares?"
Ami: /smitten. "Obviously, these men have been magically created to push all our buttons. But somehow, even knowing that, I don't care. I wonder if this is how Mako feels when she goes off?"
Mako: /smitten. "Oh, wow, he dances just like…"

Soon, every Sailor is dance very splendidly and enjoyably also.

Rei: "¡I get to dance with Togusa! ¡Glee!"
Usagi: "I know I've got a steady boyfriend, Mister, but maybe after this, would you like to—?"

All the dancing men transform into ghastly grinning ghouls who grapple the girls with greasy grips.

Usagi: "—JIGGAWHUH?!"
Mina: "When I didn't discount romancing monsters, I was really thinking of the slinky ones—"

All the dancing ghouls electrocute the Sailors!

Mina: "…some guys just can't handle rejection… owie…"
Kaolinite: /laughs, then signals to Die Heart.
Die Heart: /returns to Umino.
Naru: /Little Miss Badass. "Don't you dare!"
Die Heart: /bitch slap!

Heralded by rose petals, enter Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, dramatically.

Usagi: "Tuxedo Ma—! Oh, right, I gave him the day off."
Haruka: "Guided by a new era, Sailor Uranus fights with elegance!"
Michiru: "Likewise, Sailor Neptune fights with grace!"
Kaolinite: /snaps fingers. "Daimon! Add two more dance partners."
Haruka: "I can find my own, thank you!"

Sailor Uranus casts World Shaking!
Sailor Uranus throws geophysical forces at Die Heart.
Die Heart is hit!
Die Heart is hurt.
Die Heart is shaken.
Die Heart loses control of its magic.
The dancing ghouls disappear!
Usagi is freed!
Mina is freed!
Rei is freed!
Ami is freed!
Mako is freed!

Haruka: "This is no time for distractions!"
Usagi: "Right! …Does this mean we're allies on this one?"
Michiru: "Let's just say we have the same enemy."
Kaolinite: "You poor fools. No matter how many you defeat, we can always make more Daimon eggs!" /is totally bluffing.
Haruka: /isn't. "Then we'll just have to take out the source!"
Kaolinite: "Heh." /snaps fingers.

Kaolinite casts Minor Lightning.
Lightning bolts rain down from the sky!
Sailor Uranus is hit!
Sailor Uranus is hurt.
Sailor Neptune is hit!
Sailor Neptune is hurt.

Mina: /pumps fist. "YES!" /notices the others looking at her. "What?"
Ami: "Be nice!"
Kaolinite: "You'll need ten more years of training to stand against me!"
Usagi: "So you're twenty-five? Ha! Christmas cake! Christmas cake!"
Kaolinite: "Sh-shut up, punk kid! He's going to marry me any day now! You'll see!"

Kaolinite vanishes.

Usagi: "Quick! Save his soul!"
Die Heart: "Grrrrrrr. Arrrrgh."
Usagi: "Outta the way!"
Haruka: "I'm out! Could you please?"
Usagi: "No problem! Okay, team, let's get that Daimon!"
Usagi: /starts the wind up.
Mina, Rei, Mako, and Ami: "One-two-three-four, who is it we're rooting for? Five-six-seven-eight, Sailor Moon is really great! Gooooooo Sailor Moon! Whee!"

USAGI > ADVANCED RITUALISM > Moon Spiral Heart Attack
Usagi throws love at Die Heart.
Die Heart is hit!
Die Heart is obliterated!

Die Heart: "…lovely…"
Usagi: "Yippee-ay-kay-ay, motherfucker." /sighs. "Uh, you guys, what were you—?"
Mina: "We told you: cheerleading!"
Usagi: "…It's not my fault you haven't got upgrades lately!"
Rei: "¿Well, what else are we supposed to do? ¿Run in circles?"
Mako: "Maybe it is your fault, Moon. Have you tried a royal proclamation, granting us new powers?"
Usagi: "Sorry, I can't proclamate without a throne."
Mina: "There's pills for that."
Usagi: "So, Sailor Neptune, is your soul thingy the one you're looking for? It better not be."
Michiru: "It isn't." /hands it to Naru. "Take care of your boy."
Naru: "Uh… yeah."
Usagi: "Sailors, perhaps if you described what you were looking for—"
Michiru: "Gotta go." /goes.
Haruka: /gone.
Usagi: "Sigh."
Naru: /totally confused. "Aren't they with you?"

A Happy Ending
M.C.: "And a big hand please for the happy couple! All… five or six of you left out there after the monster's rampage!"
Couple #4: "Hey, we didn't get our chance!"
Umino and Naru: /deliriously happy.
Usagi: "All thanks to Rei Hino, Psychic Love Counselor! See? You're not useless!"
Rei: "Yeah, yeah…"
Ami: "They look so happy up there. I wish I could…"
Mako: "…"
Mina: "Yes? Go on, we're all friends here!"
Ami: "…Never mind."
Mina: "Frell."
Usagi: "For the avatar of the Love, you're sure batting a thousand these days."
Mina: "It must be Opposite Year."

Naru: "So what's for lunch tomorrow, my darling meatshield?"
Umino: "I'm so happy, I'm making FRIED LOBSTER!"
Naru: "…Is that any good?"
Umino: "I have no idea."
Naru: "Well, at least it's a change of pace."

Usagi: "So, your heart's set on Miss Haruka, eh?"
Mina: "Well, it seems like everyone else is playing in the girls' end of the pool, so I figured I'd just dive in."
Rei: "I'm not."
Mina: "Uh-huh, yes, dear. Besides, the differences between boys and girls are far less than you'd think. Remind me to tell you sometime about why Artemis took away my disguise pen."
Usagi: "You had a disguise pen and Artemis took it away?! Why?!"
Mina: "Well, if you insist! :D This was back when I was fighting the Dark Agency alone, see, and I couldn't figure out how to sneak onto the enemy's secret death blimp—"
Usagi: "Death blimp? What?"
Ami: "She's making it up."
Mina: "I am not."
Ami: "Why wasn't it ever in the news?"
Mina: "It was a stealth blimp."
Ami: "A stealth blimp."
Mina: "Painted pink. Anyway, so she'd been—"
Ami: "Pink."
Mina: "She was that kind of girl. Anyway, she'd been abducting pretty high school boys for fates worse than death and all that—"
Rei: "¿Which fates would those be, exactly?"
Mina: "Quiet, you'll distract me. But I couldn't get close to her landing field because the police had a warrant out for me, you see. You've got the set up, see?"
Usagi: "So there's an air field and cops all around, stopping anyone who looks like a Sailor."
Mina: "Yes, exactly!"
Ami: "And a pink death zeppelin."
Mina: "Right! And she comes down out of the airship on a swing… Don't make that face, this really happened!"
Ami: "I notice Artemis isn't around to confirm this story."
Mina: "He's busy."
Mako: "No, let her go on, this is fun."
Usagi: "It's not like it's that much weirder than anything else we do."
Rei: "Yes, but she's got that smile on her face."
Mina: "No, no, this is my truthful smile. So, I figure, what better way to get the attention of an evil sorceress who likes pretty boys, then—?"
Usagi: "You DIDN'T?!"
Mina: "Ah, man, she was all over me… until I unmasked, of course. One minute, 'Hey, babe!' with the perfect grin, you know, and then, the next minute, 'Gotcha!' Hi-larious. The look on her face. And the cops didn't have a clue until I was on my way out. 'Just another day saved by your friendly neighborhood Sailor Scout!' Heeheehee!"
Ami: "And the airship?"
Mina: "Oh, er… well, I think they brought it down, eventually. She had a harem or something up there, something like that. Peeled grapes, exotic essences, you know."
Rei: "¿Wait a minute, you say you won?"
Mina: "Oh, hell, yeah. Pretty righteous bust!"
Usagi: "So why did Artemis take the disguise pen away?"
Mina: "Oh, well, you see, afterwards, I got to wondering about that disguise, and I—"
Artemis: /bursts in. "Stop! Stop! Stop right now. Stop that. She's telling the airship story, isn't she? That's enough, young lady. We'll have none of that, now. Time to go home. That's it."

Meanwhile, Back at the Lab
Kaolinite: "Uh, we can make plenty more Daimon eggs, right?"
The Professor: "Of course! What brought this on? And where's that Talisman?"
Kaolinite: "He, uh, he didn't have one."
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Re: Episode #94: Leave It To the Moon for Love Aid

The more I evolve my alternate canon, here, the more crazily I have to write around it to suit events in the actual show. :p

Peter Svensson

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Re: Episode #94: Leave It To the Moon for Love Aid

The more I evolve my alternate canon, here, the more crazily I have to write around it to suit events in the actual show. :p
So I take it you saw the next episode preview! ;)

EDIT: And psst, you just did Episode 95.
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Re: Episode #94: Leave It To the Moon for Love Aid

So I take it you saw the next episode preview! ;)
I said before that I'd called Mina for "first crush on Haruka", but Mako was running a close second in my mind. But then she'll form a crush on just about anything on two legs that's vaguely masculine, so that's kind of an easy call.

("Ami! That store mannikin! It's posed just like… HIM!"
"Oh, for Pete's sake.")

EDIT: And psst, you just did Episode 95.
Blah! Autocomplete typo. Fixed.

Also fixed "Bog Geldof". :D
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Re: Episode #94: Leave It To the Moon for Love Aid

Don't be like that. Bog Geldof is one of the most charitable marshlands that I know of!

Why are you trying to downplay his involvement, Shadowjack? :mad:


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Re: Episode #95: Leave It To the Moon for Love Aid

Artemis: /bursts in. "Stop! Stop! Stop right now. Stop that. She's telling the airship story, isn't she? That's enough, young lady. We'll have none of that, now. Time to go home. That's it."
Aww... she was just getting to the interesting part!:p

Really though, I don't think that's a very good reason for confiscating her pen. Maybe if she started making a habit of it, sure, but if there's one thing years of reading webcomics has taught me it's that when somebody suddenly changes their sex it's normal for them to at least be a little curious at first.
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