[inexplicable necro] How to make love in LARP?

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Re: How to make love in LARP?

LARP can be an Artform.
Ah, ya let the old fart get you. Geezer has prolly never LARPed; and in my limited experience on RPG.net, he's rarely helpful and often a troll (e.g he was one of the folks who made me abandon participating on the TT Open forum).
Re: How to make love in LARP?

Not really, my comment was meant more in a balanced manner, meant to stave off the "Is it art" arguement. Namely by acknowledging that it *can be* but wasn't in this instance.

OG is occasionally interesting in the TT forum for a historical prospective, but his gaming style and mine are unlikely to coincide. Beyond that, I don't care one way or the other about his posts.


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Re: How to make love in LARP?

I agree, *some* larp is art, not all (but this a different debate). I don't know enough about the larp in question to comment on whether it is art or not.

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Re: How to make love in LARP?

Of course LARP is an artform to an extent, just like tabletop role-playing is. (As a Swedish game writer quipped years ago, "If it's not an art, then what is it? A sport?") But this in itself doesn't really mean anything. Just the fact that something is 'art' doesn't necessarily mean it's good art.

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Re: How to make love in LARP?

As the experience described in this thread is rather traumatic, I'd just like to contribute a positive note.

I attended my first outdoor fantasy LARP this week-end, a light-hearted affair, more of less medieval but where pretty much anything goes, from kimonos to top-hats.

During diplomatic negatiations at 3AM, we arranged the wedding of my duke and the eastern emperor's daughter. The organizers rolled with it and the last event of the LARP on Sunday at noon was the wedding itself.

It was entirely improvised but involved kissing (first at 00:40, I'm the dude with the fan in the back). So we checked later on with the players and, just like their characters, they had never seen each other before the wedding (there were 380 players and they were in two different factions). She just said "lift my veil" and he kissed her. Everyone agreed that most of us would have asked explicitly OOC first, and that we were lucky it was one of those "consenting adults" moments that sometimes just works out. And it made for a great end scene!
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